[EN] Giancarlo Abreu: The OP1 Red Green Luffy Deck.

Invited Author: Giancarlo Abreu
Country: Puerto Rico


My name is Giancarlo Abreu, and I’m from Puerto Rico. I started playing the One Piece TCG because I am a MASSIVE One Piece fan, and I have a knack for games (of any kind), so naturally this was a match made in heaven. I chose to play the dual colored Luffy deck, despite it not being meta, for no reason other than I absolutely love the art in the alternate art version of the card. Luffy’s outfit in the raid on Onigashima is my favorite outfit he’s worn in the series! So I figured out a way to make my deck work based on the leader and able to stand against the current meta, and I continue to make small tweaks as I discover new things during my match ups.

Playing this Deck

So this deck is primarily a board wipe with some flexibility to it in case you either get a bad match up or you just don’t draw what you want. The main stars of the deck are actually Robin and Brook, despite Zoro, Law, and Kid being there. Robin pops cards with 3000 power or less when attacking, and Brook lowers -2000 from two characters when attacking. You combine this with the leader Luffy’s skill and you have an incredibly powerful combo.

To give an example: Suppose your opponent has two rush Zoro’s on the field. You can attack to leader with Brook and lower both of them to 3000 power. Then attack leader with Robin and pop one, restand Robin with leader skill, and attack leader again and pop the other one. Or if your opponent has a 7000 power character, you can attack leader with Brook and bring it to 5000, restand Brook, attack with Brook to leader again bring it to 3000, and then attack with Robin to leader and pop it.

So not only does the deck board wipe, but it does so while attacking the leader specifically and it adds a lot of pressure to the opponent. You can also lower cards powers with Round Table or Otama. In fact, when rush Kaido comes into play, all you do is play round table, attack with Robin to leader, and he’s gone.

When playing off against a control deck, setting up your combo might be difficult, which is when you’re gonna want to change your strategy over to focusing on Zoro, Law, and Kid. The deck runs x11 2k counters, and x9 blockers, so the deck gives that Kid a significant staying power.

Purple Kaido will be your hardest match up with this deck. The best strategy is to focus on bringing 1 or two cards on the field most of the time, and spamming your leader skill to attack 3-4 times on a turn. And once the 10 coast board wipe Kaido comes in, you’re going to want to use Round Table followed by Jet Pistol, so that you can get rid of it immediately since he does not attack and remains active after coming in, therefore you can’t just target him with a big attack.

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