[EN-EB01(07)] Steven and Enel: Understanding the Game

Hey everyone, my name’s Steven Sebial from Los Angeles, California and I currently play for team Collector Legion. I’ve been hooked on One Piece since release, but after Enel came out I decided to play competitively. Since then I’ve amassed over 1000 games on him and would like to share some strategies for Eb-01 and upcoming Op-07. 

I recently won a competitive Eb-01 tournament with an 8 player top cut going 10-1 playing Enel to win a manga Sabo (5.5.24). Here’s the decklist

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

Deck’s Strategy

The goal of this deck is to apply an aggressive early to mid game, while having the tools to survive and out-tempo your opponent late. If you can get a good understanding of this concept, you should see success with Enel. 

Early Game

A good opening hand to keep is anything that can pop early plus a late game body. Generally, playing Flampe on turn 1 is a strong play because it can search out pieces, which can provide direction of the game. Rushing early is a great strategy because it’ll take the focus off your leader, and can potentially set up early lethal. An early strong play is to pop something on your 5 don turn with Sabo to force yourself to 2 life and swing 7ks with your leader and rush Ace the next turn. Overall, knowing what to mulligan for is key. 

Mid Game

When your opponent starts swinging at your leader trying to pop Enel passive, it’s pivotal knowing when to counter and what cards to pitch. A great card to pitch for leader ability is 7c Enel because you can resummon it with the 4c event, practically losing no value. Managing your passive largely depends on how much life recursion you have in hand and what you’re trying to do. If you have Yamato in hand and need the total life to KO, then countering is the right decision. In general, just pay attention to how much don you’ll have and plan accordingly. 

Late Game

This part of the game is where Enel excels the most. Being able to play out big bodies while generating value is the goal of this stage. Yamato is your strongest big body due to the fact that it draws you a card, gains life, and pops anything within range. The plan late game is to swing aggressively while either removing threats with Katakuri or forcing your opponent to counter out heavy with big hits; timing is very important. Also which cards you pitch for effects increasingly get more important the longer the match is. Sometimes you have to pitch a 2k to win the game.

Deck's Strengths

  • Triggers
  • Easy to pilot
  • Insane survivability 
  • Multiple pivot options

Deck's Weaknesses

  • A lot of non counter; event and characters
  • Wide boards; early swarm can be dangerous

Tournament Matchups

Future Sets' Cards for Enel Deck.


With the recent release of EB-01 (5.3.24), Enel gets a variety of powerful cards that add to his arsenal. Best EB Enel cards: Flampe, Shirahoshi, Kingdom Come, and Did Someone Say Kami. Flampe is a must for Enel; it’s a 2k counter that allows you to take your own life while drawing an extra card, punishing the 2 life starve strategy. Shirahoshi is a 2c blocker that sticks against yellow and black matchups. It’s a guaranteed block, because if it gets popped by an effect it’ll gain you a life. Kingdom Come is a card that pushes Enel to the next level. It clears out any big threats that we can’t reach with Katakuri. I recommend using this card for any 9c and higher bodies; 10c Linlin, 10c Kaido, and 9c Zoro. Lastly, Did Someone Say Kami is a card that makes the deck very aggressive. Early game, you can pitch 7c Enel safely because of this card and play them out when you’re looking to rush down. It gives you an idea of what to pitch for leader ability and the trigger isn’t bad if you need to cycle. Overall, EB-01 allows you to play Enel with more options with the additions of these cards. 


With OP-07 around the corner, there are 2 cards specifically that make Enel one of the best decks in format. Best O7 Enel cards: Franky and Ace. With the addition of Franky, it’s a card that generates plenty of value. It’s a 2k counter that plays itself out at 1 life and draws a card. You can also loop him with Katakuri to keep drawing cards while swinging. And finally one of the strongest new cards, 10c Ace. This card provides unconditional life gain while being able to rush your opponent for 10k when you’re at 2 life. It’s definitely a card worth adding to your deck due to the fact that it synergizes so well with our leader ability. In general, Enel players should have a great time during this set. 

Overall, Enel is a great deck with plenty of options. But at the end of the day it’s how you wanna build the deck and what works for you.


I’d like to shout out my team Collector Legion in Lawndale, CA and all my training partners: Christos Dalis, Gabriel Romero, Ruben Mendez, Toan Le, Vincent Tran, and Nathan Beltran. Without their constant support, I wouldn’t been able to grow as a player. Thank you guys truly and I look forward to training more in the future!

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