[EN/EB01] Short Article: ST13 Ace Wano Deck (yellow)

Author: Francisco José (Spain)

Deck Introduction

This version of B/Y Ace is primarily focused on exploiting the leader's ability with cards that have strong effects in exchange for taking a life, such as Flampe and Shimotsuki, and the capability of healing lives with Hiyori and Viola.

Game Plan

3 Dejiro and 4 Momonosuke (click into the image for completed decklist)

Early Game: First of all, you always want to go first since your main combo, which I will explain later, requires you to have 9/10 Don. The main cards you are looking for on mulligan are C3 Yamato (only if you go first), Flampe, Viola, and Hiyori. You want to be as aggressive as possible, trying to apply pressure with C3 Yamato, Shimotsuki, and attacking strongly with the Leader.

Mid Game: At this point in the game, you should try to set up a favorable board to apply pressure while preparing one of your main combos. Try to play as many characters as you can and keep attacking the enemy leader. Since you are playing B/Y Ace, many opponents will expect you to play Pudding, so they might start using counters to avoid overfilling their hands.

Late Game: If the game drags on, you will probably end up losing against any meta deck, so you need to start thinking about finishing the game. To accomplish this, you have one of your tech cards, Gun Modoki. With this card, you can do very unexpected strong attacks with characters like Denjiro, C7 Yamato, and Kin'emon.

MVPs and Main Combos

The most important set of cards in the deck are the trio of Hiyori, Momonosuke, and Viola. Gun Modoki is another key card, as it is one of your main win conditions when the game becomes difficult to close out. Here are the 2 main combos the deck is based on:

  1. On your turn with 9/10 Don while having a Wano character on the board (Hiyori is the best target), use Ace's ability to put a C5 card in your life > Play Momonosuke to add that Wano character on top of your life > Play Viola to flip those 2 cards face down so they no longer go to the trash. This way, you will have healed 2 lives and have 2 blockers in play.

  2. "Free" Gun Modoki: Add 1 character to your lives with Ace's ability + Onami on one of your Wano characters. The best target for this combo is Kin'emon since you can pay 1 Don and life to reactivate the character and, in the best case, trash 4 lives (this has only happened to me once since I've been playing this deck), but you can do it with any other Wano character to trash 2 lives.


Most matchups are played similarly, as you always want to set up the board to perform the leader’s ability + Momonosuke + Viola combo while wearing down your rival. However, there are a couple of specific matchups to consider:

●  Moria: Contrary to what it may seem, this matchup isn’t too bad since it usually gives you time to set up your board, and you have cards like Denjiro that are very effective against black leaders. Play as aggressively as possible, completely ignoring the board.

●  Enel: This is an unfavorable matchup, but one you can win thanks to the surprise of Gun Modoki. Try to leave your opponent at 2 lives whenever possible to take them off at once. Even if they have only 1 life and you think you can finish him, put Gun Modoki on the character that is going to attack so if the trigger (like Amaru or You're the One Who Should Disappear) comes out, they will lose that life instantly.

●  R/P Law: This is possibly the worst matchup you have. It is one of the few cases where you should focus on attacking the enemy characters whenever possible before targeting the enemy leader.

●  B/Y Luffy: Focus on setting up the board and attacking only when you see the best opportunity to win. I’m thinking about adding 2 Gravity Blade Raging Tiger to improve this and other matchups, as it provides a tool to remove 2 blockers from the board easily.


Deck Strengths:

●  The element of surprise, as no one expects this version of the deck, which can lead to many unexpected victories.

●  The ability to heal two lives at once.

●  A very fun deck to play.

Deck Weaknesses:

●  Inconsistency, you are highly dependent on Hiyori and Viola to make the deck work, and there is no reliable way to search for them. Additionally, you might end up not hitting a C5 character with Ace's ability when needed.

●  Bad matchup against the best deck in the format (R/P Law).

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