[EN/EB01] Eric Quintana: Top-16 CartaMagica Treasure Cup with YB Luffy(ST13)


Hello, my name is Eric Quintana and i recently topped the Carta Magica Treasure Cup piloting B/Y Luffy. I Started Playing OP01 and have been fortunate enough to top multiple events and earn six serial cards throughout my carrier. In the Article, I will try to persuade you to start playing B/Y Luffy, if not to at least add it to your list of possible decks to play in Eb-01.

Carta Treasure Cup

R1 Sakazuki Match: Win     Dice roll: Won

R2 Sakazuki Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R3 Katakuri Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R4 Enel Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R5 RP Law Match: Loss     Dice roll: Loss

R6 Enel Match: Win     Dice roll: Won

R7 Katakuri Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R8 Gecko Moria Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R9 Gecko Moria Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

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EB-01 Strategy

B/Y Luffy is a deck that has one of the best late games out of any deck this meta. Becoming a 9k leader and cheating out big characters is a recipe for success. However, thanks to that great late game our deck is built to not have much of an early game and if we fail to see our combo pieces the game can end without us doing much. Thankfully, we have 8 searchers, 4 flambé,  and both 5 cost Sabo and Luffy to let us draw cards. These cards give us the consistency we need to get to our late game combo of moria plus leader effect.

How a usual game will go (this applies to going first or second):

T1 – Play Garp or Event to search your Top 5 Cards. My priority order (Blocker Sabo, Big Luffy,  Baby Sabo, Big Ace, Baby ace, Baby luffy) The list changes depending on what we have in hand but this is the general view i have.

T2– Play any searchers you have and place the rest of the don on your leader and attack your opponent. (This is our weakest turn during the game)

T3– If we have 3 or more life I will swing with my leader then play yellow luffy and activate its effect trashing a life and drawing a card. If we are at 2 or less life i will play blocker sabo and wall to get to later stages of the game.

T4– This turn is usually play Blocker sabo and swing with lead.

T5– This is our combo turn. we are usually at 1-2 life depending on if our opponent attacked us. This turn we use Flambé to get to 0 life place 2 don on our leader activate his effect then play babies corresponding to the big characters we placed in our life. this makes us a 9k leader and sets us up to play moria next turn.

T6+ – we do our standard Moria plus leader ability to place massive pressure on our opponents and eventually win the game.

Key concepts for playing the deck:

Keep Flampé and Makino in hand to be used as combo pieces in later turns.

You want to lose your first life by either your opponent attacking you or by Big Luffy effect.

Sabo is key in slowing your opponents down to let you reach late game

When attacking you want to attack face because small bodies have a hard time attacking us when we are a 9k leader

Lets address the elephant in the room, Sakazuki. This Deck in my opinion is Luffy's hardest Matchup. This is due to Sakazuki's ability to efficiently bottom deck our cards while playing big characters. However, we do have a strategy that can let us win against this powerhouse of a deck and that is to become a 9k leader while having 1 or more blockers plus 1 life. It may seem like a hard board state to reach but with hiyori and ivankov you can reach that board state fairly easily.

Cards needed 

1 Hiyori/Ivankov, 3 Big Characters (Sabo,Luffy,Ace) with 1 being in hand and 2 babies (Sabo, Luffy,Ace). The combo should be done at 1 life and should be done at you 8 or 9 DON turn.

1st- Play Hiyori/Ivankov and use their effect replacing your life with any big character (Sabo, Luffy, Ace).

2nd- Play the corresponding baby from your hand and activate it's effect playing the bigger version from your life.

3rd- Attach 2 Don to your Luffy leader and activate it's effect discarding 1 card and placing 2 big characters from your grave into your life.

4th- Play a baby from your hand that corresponds with your top life (usually Sabo) and voilà you become a 9k leader with 1 life.

This play can be followed up with Moria plus luffy leader on effect to make the same board state of 9k leader with 1 life. Now most players wont leave you at 1 life but you can use either Makino or Flambé to set up the combo.

This strategy is also how we get around RP Law bottoming our blocker and going for game with Shuraiya. 


My thoughts on OP-07 are not fully fleshed out since I have been focusing in the EB-01 meta so i'll keep it brief. We have a lot to look forward to deck building wise with the addition of the new OP07 Luffy.

Luffy being able to K.O a 4 cost or less and draw a card lets us become a more of a control deck and with cards like Kuzan and Ice Age we can increase our range of targets. This opens up a new avenue where we don't need to rely on Ace to close out games as we can use Luffy to get rid of threats plus mitigate the card loss from our leader effect. 


Overall, BY Luffy is a good deck that will get better in the future. The deck allows players to showcase their skill by navigating their life and combo prowess. Furthermore, being a deck with a strong standard play in moria and leader effect that nets you ten plus don usually makes for a good deck.

I would like to shout out everyone who has helped me from the 956 to everyone in my testing groups. you can catch me on stream playing everyday from 4-7 pm cdt on https://www.twitch.tv/quint7 and follow me on https://twitter.com/QuintOPTCG. Thank you for reading.

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