EB-01: Extra Booster Memorial CollectionEB-01:

Yellow Character (EB01-052) SR
2 Cost / 0 Power (Special)
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Choose 1 of the following:
– Look at all of your opponent's life. Then return them in any order.
– Turn all of your life cards face down.

Black/Yellow Leader (EB01-040)
4 Life / 5000 Power (Slash)

[Activate Main] [Once Per Turn] You may turn the top card of your life face up: KO up to one of your opponent’s cost 0 characters.

Blue/Purple Leader (EB01-021)
4 Life / 5000 Power (Slash)
Impel Down

[At the end of your turn] You may return one of your cost 2 or greater {Impel Down} characters to your hand: Set up to one Don!! card from your Don!! deck as active.

Kozuki Oden
Red/Green Leader (EB01-001)
4 Life / 5000 Power (Slash)
Land of Wano / Kozuki Clan

According to the rules, your character cards with the type {Wano Country} without a counter have +1000 counter.
[DON!! X1] [When attacking] If you have a cost 5 or greater {Wano Country} character in play, this leader gets +1000 power until the start of your next turn.

News for Japan format: The product will be released on January 27, 2024! The package for ONE PIECE card game extra booster “Memorial Collection” has been released!

News for English format: Extra Booster Memorial Collection is a booster set which will feature an array of popular characters from the entirety of the series and cover various themes. The set will focus on characters who had fewer holographic cards such as Chopper, Brook, Oden and Kyros.
This set will build up on prior decks such as Dressrosa, Baroque Works and Impel down.
Leader x3
Common x28
Rare x21
Super Rare x8
Secret Rare x1
DON!! Card x1
61+1 card types
Releases for English in May 2024

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