Destral: The Green Kinemon Wano Country Deck

Invited Author: Destral
Country: Singapore

About My Deck

The deck I used to won the recent Standard Battle is Kinemon pure Wano country, my deck's strategy is really depending on I will go first or second.

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  • If I go first I’ll call Okiku or OP2 Yamato (4 cost) and one Momonosuke. Then I won’t play anything else so by the time I’m turn 4, I’ll have Oden on the field and my win condition is just keeping Oden alive and attack the opponent's leader for life.
  • If I go second, I’ll play tempo so Oden will be like turn 6-7 play or it might not even be needed as I’ll be flooding board with Yamato and Okiku to tempo kill opponents units and just attack leader after, hence I play 4 Waterfall event cards.


The VIP are definitely Oden, 4 copies of Yamato and Okiku. These three, in my opinion, makes the deck strong. Abuse Kinemon leader skill to early rest and kill the opponent's characters with Okiku if you go second. In case you go first, just call Yamato and rest and swing units, don’t call blockers early at all to abuse combo-ing Kinemon leaders skill with Yamato and Okiku, your main object is to clear board early and get Oden out as soon as possible. Basically, the main combo in this deck is use Kinemon skill to call Yamato or Okiku, that’s the only important tech that you should be caring about, and also need to protect  Yamato and Okiku at all cost.


Rush decks like Zoro and Red/Green Law are super tough, probably hardest matchups in this meta besides purple, especially red/green Law if they high-roll your dead.  X drake is star in the deck, all you need to do against these decks are constantly killing their characters and not attack the leader to give them hand to flood board, only after killing their board then you attack leader for life slowly, basically hit all their units (ALL) and pray RG Law don’t highroll.

Purple Kaido: this match up is real tough. If they go first you are pretty much gonna lose if they have every card they need, there is no counter play as they just bomb your field. What you can do in this matchup is spam call everything and get Oden out as early as possible to attack the leader and go for game as fast as possible, protect Oden at all cost or it’s GG for you.

Black Navy is just so so matchup if they have Kuzan SR on field, you can’t call Oden down at all or it will be K.O.ed next turn, so kill Kuzan SR first before calling Oden. After haveing Oden on field, protect Oden at all cost and keep attacking the opponent's leader, they can’t guard because they have no hand (weak draw power).

Doflamingo is actually easier match up for Kinemon than Kid leader because all they can bounce are your blockers or resting characters. But in this matchup, X drake really shines hence I play 4 copies. Against blue Doffy deck I just out tempo them anything they spawn early and kill it at all cost except Pacifista blocker so by the time they summon Mihawk your board should already have around 4-5 units. At that state, you just attack the opponent's leader, don’t be afraid to take early life in this matchup you need more cards to summon the characters early.

Whitebeard: get Oden out as early as possible and and also build your field before getting Oden, protect Oden at all cost unless Whitebeard has no life.  After Oden is out just rush them, don’t bother attacking any of their units just all in their leader you need to rush them asap before they get many Whitebeard on the field.

Mirror Match: a bit coin-flippy, this matchup is all about each players 1st to 3rd turns who ever can protect Okiku and OP2 Yamato better who wins need drop all your hand to protect your cards. Basically whoever has board in this matchup will wins, hence early hand try to have OP2 Yamato, Okiku and Cat Viper in your hand and blockers.

Any other matchups should be able to win easier compare to the ones I mentioned above.

Good thing about Kinemon is going second is also decent, although I prefer going first.

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