[DeckReview] THGoddog: Won 7 times with 7-cost Kid blocker

Invited Author: THGoddog
Country: Thailand


Hello everyone, this is my first writing so I will be very happy if this article can help you more or less.
I am a player from Thailand and I started to play when Championship event was launched. I joined 5 championships end with "X-2" 5 times so I never hit the top cut( X-1 to make a cut ) . After
that I joined the local store tournaments ( Flagship/Standard ) 10 times and finished at 1st place 7 times.
You can follow me on my twitter ( @ThGoddog ) for tournament report and please feel free to ask if you have any question about decklist and strategy.

My record from 2 tournaments with no 8-cost Kid
Jakarade shop:
R1 vs RG law W
R2 vs Purple Kaido W
R3 vs Red Zoro W
R4 vs Purple Kaido W

Iplay card shop:
R1 vs BluePurple Kaido W
R2 vs Red Zoro W
R3 vs Green cost8 Kid W

Lucky that I didn't face any Blue deck and I also have never tested against this deck as well. I think it will be hardest match up because I don’t play 8-cost Kid so Blue can kick my biggest character( 7-cost Kid blocker) so Hawkins and Oikiku must be ready to deal with Blue Doflamingo.

DECK strategy

While people keep focusing on 8-cost Captain Kid and board control, I tried to play more aggressively and focus less on board state.

4-cost Drake will take position at turn-2 set up and followed up by a 5-cost untap Law ST2 for an aggressive turn with 2 7000 power attack and 1 6000 power then drop 7-cost Kid the next turn and I can still hit with 2 7000 power and 1 6000 power again if Law and Drake survive.

This deck need to go second because you need to set up the 4-cost Drake on turn-2. A great line up would be turn-1 blocker, turn-2 Drake or Okiku, then turn-3 Law or Hawkins, followed by a turn-4 drop of 7-cost Kid. On turn-5, I will use my Dons for Leader Kid, as his ability is too overpowered when compared to other leaders (except Red-Green Law), a 12000 power (with 7-Don under) making 2-hits when opponent has only 1 life left and no blockers is very lethal, or I can just attack my opponent’s character with 6000-8000 power. With his restand ability, you can do things that always surprises your opponent.

DECK structure

8x 1-cost must-haves Capone and Jewelry

4x Apuu: 2000 counter and can shutdown opponent's DON!! sometimes.

4x Cat Viper: Rest and hit with your leader during early game and also to rest oppenent's low-cost blocker, Robin, Oikiku, or some 3-cost stuffs. 

4x 2-Cost Killer: Blocker that draws a card when blocking so no reason not to run 4 in any Kid deck.

4x Okiku: Best 3-cost attacker for green ever since it was printed. You can use her for the first attack in every attacking turn to rest your opponent's characters for board state advantage or to rest blockers for consecutive wave from your leader and Hawkins. Anyway, the follow up always depend on situation.

4x Izou: Izou has more range than Cat Viper and you can reuse her by 5-cost shambles Law.

4x 4-Cost Drake: The very reason why this deck was built, 1 DON!! to boost every Supernovas by 1000 power. Drake followed-up by Untap Law makes very aggressive turns!

4x Hawkins: A big threat for any deck that needs to build up a board state like RG Law and Blue Doflamingo, and makes a nice 8-cost Kid attacker.

4x Shamble Law: A 6000 blocker he can attack in some situations and used to recover Bonney, reuse Cat Viper and Izou or swap Okiku with some blockers.

2x Untap Law: A flexible card you can use in any situation, such as to restand blocker to protect your Character or to do consecutive attacks, bringing fourth unexpected situations to surprise your opponent!

4x 7-Cost Kid: Strongest character (if blue deck doesn’t exist) free 8000 power attacker that can protect himself by untap at the end of turn. A 7000 blocker is strong enough to make for free blocks and it is a key card for wining purple Kaido matchups in late game.

2x Punk Gibson: 4000 counter and rest an opponent's 4-cost character is a very stong effect that can be set up to hit opponent's leader by resting blocker or controlling board state by rest opponent's key characters.

2x Straw Sword: Resting 1 of your opponent's characters is reason enough to run it in this deck. Combo with Hawkins or as game finisher.

* The 4 event cards in this deck can be picked up by Bonney.


In overall, when playing this aggro Kid deck you will still need to think about the board state because we don’t have cards like the unblockable Luffy (like red decks do) so you need to build up your board then start attacking after set up.

Okiku and 4-cost Drake will be effective but One Piece Card Game very much depends on your hand hence you will need to set up your game plan depending on hand and board matchup.

I urge you to test this yourself because who knows maybe I said something wrong or did not give the best advice or the deck list in this version.

And finally thanks for reading and hope you have fun with One Piece Card Game!

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