[DeckReview] Mono Green Kid: Tier-1 Deck in OP1 meta.


Even though we are seeing a balanced, or so called triangle OP1 meta (red, green, purple), we cannot deny that green Kid is the stronger deck  in the OP1 meta, thanks to its consistency against different decks.

In this article, we would like to introduce a green Kid deck, created by a player in Thailand. This deck took first place in a tournament of 126 players.

Unlike rush decks such as mono red Luffy, and slow late-game big hitters like the purple Kaido, this is a tempo deck specialising in board control: from essential cheap blockers to expensive big blockers, an engine that rests the opponent, and a leader that attacks twice. This entire system is more lethal than it sounds.

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Main Combo - Deck Strategy

Cheap blockers: The 1-cost ST02 Capone Gang Bege and 2-cost OP01 Killer are very important to this deck, as they help to block big attacks from without exhausting your "counter" character cards. On top of that, Killer gives draw power when you have 3 or more characters in play.

Combo rest and KO: This is what I like about this deck. OP01 Okiku's "when attacking" effect rests a character with 5 cost (or less), while OP01 Izou 3-cost to play that rests a character with 4-cost or less, and OP01 Cat Viper is a 2-cost to play to rest a 3-cost character. With our leader ST02 Kid, up to 2 rested characters can be dealt with even when we have no other characters on board, which makes this combo extremely effective and easy to pull off. As an icing on the cake, OP01 X Drake can always be played after Izou to KO your opponent's 4-cost.

These will allow us to immediately eliminate double-attack characters such as 4-cost OP01 Gekko Moria and 5-cost OP01 Yamato, and cards with a strong board presence such as 3-cost OP01 Nico Robin. In addition, resting the opponent's cheap blockers and cleaning them up using your now-dispensable low-powered characters such as Izou and Cat Viper makes good use of card efficiency. 

For utility, these resting effects run amazingly with ST02 Basil Hawkins as he can unrest himself to do another attack, and the 5-cost OP01 Trafalgar Law can be used to recycle Izou or Cat Viper's resting effects or to recover a rested ST02 Jewelry Bonnie to hand. 

The big blockers: At turn-4 or 5 onwards it becomes possible to play OP01 Eustass "Captain" Kid, which is undoubtedly the star of this deck. Because your opponent MUST attack him, they will need to charge their DON!! onto their leader/character to get to at least 8000 power, which we can block using an abundant of cheaper blockers or counter using a card or two. His "Activate:Main" effect is also wonderful with almost the rest of this deck, throwing out blockers or resters efficiently each turn. As for the blocker ST02 Eustass Kid, I don't think I enjoy the idea of having 4 copies in this deck (I would use 4 copies of blocker Law instead). However, at a 10-Don!! late game this 7-cost Kid can be run effectively with Leader Kid (7-Don!! to play blocker Kid and 3-Don!! to restand leader Kid). 

The big counters: This deck runs maximum copies of the big counters ST02 Scratchmen Apoo and OP01 Bepo which doesn't do anything much other than buffing your blocker Kids. Sometimes, Apoo can be used to stop your opponent's counter event cards. 

Multi-attack leader: Our ST02 Eustass Kid leader card can restand for 3-DON!!s, and this is very effective in a variety of situations. Against aggro decks like red Luffy, he can immediately clean up characters rested by your Cat Vipers and Izous. Against big hitters like Kaido, throw 7 DON!!s at Kid to make him 12000 big and if he is blocked or countered, use your remaining 3 DON!!s for a second big swing! Similar to "double attack", any DON!! that you put on leader Kid will have double the effectiveness, but better than "double attack" since your opponent cannot block both attacks using a single blocker or counter cards. When your opponent is without blockers, 2 big swings at your opponent's leader's life can be too lethal for any counter cards!


Overall I feel that this deck is easy to play, with many synergetic systems providing solutions for almost any situations. It has enough draw power coming from Bonnie, has a slow hand output thanks to leader Kid's 3-cost multi-attack, and a variety of blockers and resters to give you board control throughout the game. Until OP02 comes along, Eustass "Captain" Kid's attack redirecting is perhaps one of the most broken single effects in the game.

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