EB-01: Extra Booster Memorial CollectionEB-01:

Extra Booster Memorial Collection is a booster set which will feature an array of popular characters from the entirety of the series and cover various themes. The set will focus on characters who had fewer holographic cards such as Chopper, Brook, Oden and Kyros.
This set will build up on prior decks such as Dressrosa, Baroque Works and Impel down.
Leader x3
Common x28
Rare x21
Super Rare x8
Secret Rare x1
DON!! Card x1
61+1 card types
Releases for English in May 2024

Leaks: OP-06 Booster Set

One Piece card Game Booster set 6: Twin Champion.

Release date is decided on 11.25 (Sat)! : Theme: Zoro & Sanji.

The set included cards are that are perfect with the Zoro & Sanji deck released on Saturday, October 28th.

Yamato, first card revealed for OP6
Green/Yellow Leader (OP06-022)
5000 Power (Strike)
[Double Attack]
[Activate: Main] [Once Per Turn] if your opponent has 3 or less life, attach up to 2 rested DON!! to one of your characters.

This page will collect all the cards reveals for One Piece Card Game OP-06 Booster name. For now the name of this set is not available.

Release Date: estimated on end of November 2023.

ST-13 "The Three Brothers"

ST-13 "The Three Brothers" will be another Premium Starter deck featuring Luffy, Sabo & Ace along with their allies. It will have a strong synergy with cards from OP-06 "Wings of the Captain". Additionally this starter deck will feature a BONUS PACK which will include a random selection of 3 Atlernate Art Cards out of a 16 card pool from the starter deck.
Constructed Deck x1 (51 cards)
DON!! Card x10
Playsheet x1
Card Case x1
BONUS PACK x1 (3 cards)
Release Date for English: April 2024
Release Date for JP: NA

ST12 Starter Deck Zoro & Sanji

Blue Character (ST12-011)
2 Cost / 3000 Power (Strike)
Straw Hat Crew

[DON!!X1] [When Attacking] If you have 5 or less cards in your hand, this character gains +2000 power until the start of your next turn.

Roronoa Zoro
Green Character (ST12-008)
4 Cost / 6000 Power
Straw Hat Crew

[DON!!X1] [When Attacking] Rest up to 1 of your opponent's cost 6 or lower characters.

Green Character (ST12-002)
3 Cost / 2000 Power (Slash)
Shimotsuki Village
[+1000 Counter]

[Activate Main] You may rest this character: rest up to 1 of your opponent's cost 4 or lower characters.

[Trigger] Play this card.

5 Cost / 5000 Power (Strike)
East Blue
[+1000 Counter]

[On Play] Look at the top 3 cards of your deck, and place them at the top or bottom of your deck in any order.
[When Attacking] Reveal the top card of your deck, you may play up to one cost 2 character card rested. Then, return the remaining card to the top or bottom of your deck.

Roronoa Zoro & Sanji
Green/Blue Leader (ST012-001) L
4 Life / 5000 Power (Slash/Strike)
Straw Hat Crew

[DON!!X1] [When Attacking][Once Per Turn]
You may return one of your cost 2 or higher characters to its owner's hand: Set up to one of your Power 7000 or less characters as active.

Lion's Song
Green Event (ST012-016) C
2 Cost
Straw Hat Crew

Rest up to 1 of your opponent's Leaders or Cost 4 or lower characters.

Activate this card's [Main] effect

Parrage Shot
Blue Event (ST012-017) 
1 Cost
Straw Hat Crew

Give up to 1 of your Leaders or Characters +2000 power for this battle. Then, reveal the top card of your deck, play up to one cost 2 character. Then, place the remaining cards at the top or bottom of your deck.

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