[JP/OP08] Ricco revived Purple Luffy, won its first Flagship in OP08 format.


Hi, it's me Ricco from Team Tapu Brothers Indonesia. Tournament report and short article about Puffy.

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

Key Card Puffy Deck:

1. Magellan – we want this card for every match up. Very good card if we paired to meet Lucci deck. Return 1 don, can destroy opponent's tempo.

2. Paulie – value card for ramp and KO opponent's character.

3. Kid 7 – MVP on my decklist. Always need kid 7 on every game. Make our leader bigger 1k power.

4. Law Bloker – discard 2 opponent's cards randomly is very annoying. We can throw their boss to trash, bury their plan.

Meta OP 08:

Not a big update if you compare with OP07. In my opinion.

Tier 0: 1. RP Law

Tier 1:

1. Rob Lucci OP07
2. BY Luffy

Tier 2:

1. Bonney
2. Kalgara
3. Boa
4. Carrot
5. Moria
6. Puffy
7. Etc.

How Puffy works:

– Pick 2nd = we want Magelan or Kid blocker asap.
– Always take life on 2nd turn, 3rd turn.
Except we play 2nd, and Paulie on time, we no need to take life (next turn already max don capacity)
– We need 2k counters to survive 🙂
– Play combo Ulti + Page one, only for match up Vs Enel and Lucci.
– Kid 7 give + 1k power to our leader. So 7k atk isn't hard to guard. We need only 2k counter.
– Play two character better than 9c Kaido  on time. But you must check the situation if you clear board with Kaido, maybe Kaido on time will be a perfect decision. Because if you play Kaido, you cannot spam board next turn (our Don become 4 or 5, next will be 6 or 7)
– Double Magellan on a turn will destroy our opponent's plans.
T1 = Don 2
T2 = Don 4 + ramp 1 + play something
T3 = Don 7 play Paulie + ramp 1
T4 = Don 10 , Magellan + Magellan.

Curve/Play turn by turn.
Going 1st:
Turn 1=
don 1, go

Turn 2=
don 3
swing leader 5k
ramp 1 by leader
Play vanilla 6k

Turn 3=
Don 6
Ramp 1 by leader, don total 7
Play kid 7, minus 1 don

Turn 4=
Don 8
U can paulie, ramp 1, don 9.
Kid atk don minus 1, total don 8 (its okay next will be 10)
If urgent (eg: u must clear opponent's kid blocker) ramp1 by leader, and play kaido to clear board instead play paulie.

Turn 5=
Don 10
U can play many combination 5cost card.
Kid/magellan/queen/double magellan/double queen.

Going 2nd:
Turn 1=
don 2, go

Turn 2=
don 4
swing leader 5k
ramp 1 by leader
Play magellan/kid blocker

Turn 3=
Don 6/7
Ramp 1 by leader, total don 7/8
Play kid 7/paulie

Turn 4=
Don 8
U can paulie, ramp 1, don 9.
Kid atk don minus 1, total don 8 (its okay next will be 10)
If urgent (eg: u must clear opponent's kid blocker) ramp1 by leader, and play kaido to clear board instead play paulie.

Turn 5=
Don 10
U can play many combination 5cost card.
Kid/magellan/queen/double magellan/double queen.

Matchups and how to play

RP Law:
1. Mulligan until u got paulie.
2. No paulie hard to stabilize Law's board.
3. Kid 7 will save the day, so many 5k atker, so they must attach don to their atker.

1. Keep magellan, u need early magellan.
2. Ulti + Page One its okay on this match up.
3. U must win as soon as possible, late game on this match up will be nightmare.

BY Luffy:
1. Magellan & Law are key cards to win this match
2. No atk if no law on our hand
3. Always pick 2nd
4. Hold your opponent life on 2 or 3.
5+. U can attack if u already have 2 big bodies. (Eg kid7 or kaido).
6. Very tricky match, always open attack with 5k,if they take damage (let say, their life become 2), swing again with 5k or 6k no attach don. (Your last blow must be on zero life and big. So they must throw many cards to guard.
7. If they start combo 9k leader, just use 2 or 3 lines to punch depends on how many sabo blocker on their field. Thats why i said before,we need 2 big bodies character. (I can explain this clearly on this article, but u can PM or chat directly 😁)

1. Guard all cheap atk 6k or 7k.
2. Kaido is ultimate answer to clear board.
3. Number of blocker is important (u cannot guard all their giant attaker)

[EN/EB01] Eric Quintana: Top-16 CartaMagica Treasure Cup with YB Luffy(ST13)


Hello, my name is Eric Quintana and i recently topped the Carta Magica Treasure Cup piloting B/Y Luffy. I Started Playing OP01 and have been fortunate enough to top multiple events and earn six serial cards throughout my carrier. In the Article, I will try to persuade you to start playing B/Y Luffy, if not to at least add it to your list of possible decks to play in Eb-01.

Carta Treasure Cup

R1 Sakazuki Match: Win     Dice roll: Won

R2 Sakazuki Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R3 Katakuri Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R4 Enel Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R5 RP Law Match: Loss     Dice roll: Loss

R6 Enel Match: Win     Dice roll: Won

R7 Katakuri Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R8 Gecko Moria Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

R9 Gecko Moria Match: Win     Dice roll: Loss

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

EB-01 Strategy

B/Y Luffy is a deck that has one of the best late games out of any deck this meta. Becoming a 9k leader and cheating out big characters is a recipe for success. However, thanks to that great late game our deck is built to not have much of an early game and if we fail to see our combo pieces the game can end without us doing much. Thankfully, we have 8 searchers, 4 flambé,  and both 5 cost Sabo and Luffy to let us draw cards. These cards give us the consistency we need to get to our late game combo of moria plus leader effect.

How a usual game will go (this applies to going first or second):

T1 – Play Garp or Event to search your Top 5 Cards. My priority order (Blocker Sabo, Big Luffy,  Baby Sabo, Big Ace, Baby ace, Baby luffy) The list changes depending on what we have in hand but this is the general view i have.

T2– Play any searchers you have and place the rest of the don on your leader and attack your opponent. (This is our weakest turn during the game)

T3– If we have 3 or more life I will swing with my leader then play yellow luffy and activate its effect trashing a life and drawing a card. If we are at 2 or less life i will play blocker sabo and wall to get to later stages of the game.

T4– This turn is usually play Blocker sabo and swing with lead.

T5– This is our combo turn. we are usually at 1-2 life depending on if our opponent attacked us. This turn we use Flambé to get to 0 life place 2 don on our leader activate his effect then play babies corresponding to the big characters we placed in our life. this makes us a 9k leader and sets us up to play moria next turn.

T6+ – we do our standard Moria plus leader ability to place massive pressure on our opponents and eventually win the game.

Key concepts for playing the deck:

Keep Flampé and Makino in hand to be used as combo pieces in later turns.

You want to lose your first life by either your opponent attacking you or by Big Luffy effect.

Sabo is key in slowing your opponents down to let you reach late game

When attacking you want to attack face because small bodies have a hard time attacking us when we are a 9k leader

Lets address the elephant in the room, Sakazuki. This Deck in my opinion is Luffy's hardest Matchup. This is due to Sakazuki's ability to efficiently bottom deck our cards while playing big characters. However, we do have a strategy that can let us win against this powerhouse of a deck and that is to become a 9k leader while having 1 or more blockers plus 1 life. It may seem like a hard board state to reach but with hiyori and ivankov you can reach that board state fairly easily.

Cards needed 

1 Hiyori/Ivankov, 3 Big Characters (Sabo,Luffy,Ace) with 1 being in hand and 2 babies (Sabo, Luffy,Ace). The combo should be done at 1 life and should be done at you 8 or 9 DON turn.

1st- Play Hiyori/Ivankov and use their effect replacing your life with any big character (Sabo, Luffy, Ace).

2nd- Play the corresponding baby from your hand and activate it's effect playing the bigger version from your life.

3rd- Attach 2 Don to your Luffy leader and activate it's effect discarding 1 card and placing 2 big characters from your grave into your life.

4th- Play a baby from your hand that corresponds with your top life (usually Sabo) and voilà you become a 9k leader with 1 life.

This play can be followed up with Moria plus luffy leader on effect to make the same board state of 9k leader with 1 life. Now most players wont leave you at 1 life but you can use either Makino or Flambé to set up the combo.

This strategy is also how we get around RP Law bottoming our blocker and going for game with Shuraiya. 


My thoughts on OP-07 are not fully fleshed out since I have been focusing in the EB-01 meta so i'll keep it brief. We have a lot to look forward to deck building wise with the addition of the new OP07 Luffy.

Luffy being able to K.O a 4 cost or less and draw a card lets us become a more of a control deck and with cards like Kuzan and Ice Age we can increase our range of targets. This opens up a new avenue where we don't need to rely on Ace to close out games as we can use Luffy to get rid of threats plus mitigate the card loss from our leader effect. 


Overall, BY Luffy is a good deck that will get better in the future. The deck allows players to showcase their skill by navigating their life and combo prowess. Furthermore, being a deck with a strong standard play in moria and leader effect that nets you ten plus don usually makes for a good deck.

I would like to shout out everyone who has helped me from the 956 to everyone in my testing groups. you can catch me on stream playing everyday from 4-7 pm cdt on https://www.twitch.tv/quint7 and follow me on https://twitter.com/QuintOPTCG. Thank you for reading.

[JP/OP07] 3 Flagships, 14 Wins – 1 Lost with Yellow Black Luffy (ST13)


Hi! I’m @ItsEnigmaaa on twitter from Malaysia, and I recently piloted a Black Yellow Luffy deck, winning 2 straight flagships and losing in the finals of the 3rd. I was previously an Enel player for the past 5 months, but kept losing to Lucci, so decided to switch to BY Luffy and was able to go 14-1 from my first flagship with it! The deck I used and original twitter post can be found below. Also, shoutout to my small TCG team CB9, I was originally a Yu-Gi-Oh player, but got dragged into One Piece by them and haven’t looked back since.

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

The post gained a lot of traction from players in the west still in EB01 format, and fellow players in the east for running raitei and only 1 kid ace. Thank you for your interest! This article will explain BY Luffy’s position in the 07 meta, my personal construction and how to play each matchup. At the time of these tournaments, these were also the last flagships in 07, so I think of this as the solved construction I would run, at least in Malaysia meta. It’s a long article, but I hope to cover a lot. 

BY Luffy position in OP7

BY Luffy’s strengths can be broken down into:

  1. Make your opponents midgame characters useless. Once you start your engine, any character that your opponent played below 9k power in early turns is just a card they never get back.
  2. Fill board quickly with high power characters
  3. Loop Sabo to prevent board removal

A 10 don Moria turn from BY Luffy is the strongest turn in the game.

The top decks in the 07 environment are RP Law, BY Luffy and Lucci, followed by t2 decks Enel, Bonnie and Perona. The 07 meta is a bit rock-paper-scissors ish, where every deck has one extremely hard matchup. However, for BY luffy I think the matchups are:

VS RP Law 50-50

VS Lucci/Moria 75-25 favoured

VS Enel 50-50(depending on build)

VS Bonnie 30-70 unfavoured

VS Perona 50-50

Once you start your engine against RP Law, all their characters have to invest at least 2 Don to hit you, making their turns suboptimal. Lucci/Moria decks just lose because their deck cannot remove anything due to Sabo. Enel is a deck that never has extra Don to swing you because they have to play a big character, and you can avoid KO effects from Perona while all your characters are 5cost.

The only tough matchup is Bonnie because of 9c Zoro, but as Bonnie struggles against RP Law and black decks, the deck isn’t very popular. This makes BY Luffy one of the best decks in 07, having at least a 50/50 matchup into everything, and the power floor of the deck is so high that rogue decks don’t threaten you.


The decklist is pretty standard across all BY Luffy builds, the only new additions are

  1. 5c Rocket Luffy
  2. 3c Ivankoff
  3. 2c Raitei
  4. 10c Kuzan
  5. Lastly, 2 adult ace and 1 kid ace

I’ll explain when these cards are used in which matchup in the matchup section below as well, but to put it briefly:

5c Rocket Luffy – RP Law counter. KO shuraiya and bon clay. Also KOs Rebecca in black decks, and allows you to draw 1 and sustain engine

3c Ivankoff – RP Law counter. 4k base so the opponent must Gordon to remove it. Against RP Law we want to Moria bring back Ivankoff standing, and only transform 1 kid to become 7k base and 1 life

2c Raitei – RP Law and BY mirror. It’s my favourite card in the deck. The don management matches up perfectly for starting your engine in turn 4: Against RP law 2don raitei, 2don leader ability, 2 don play a kid. Against mirror, 2don raitei KO their 5c Luffy and play a 5 drop.

10c Kuzan – Enel and Bonnie counter. The general strategy playing against BY luffy is to not touch their life and build board, forcing them to drop cards from hand like Hiyori and kids to start the engine. Against slow decks that go wide and don’t touch your life early, you have time to drop 10c Kuzan, which also makes 9c characters like zoro and Yamato in KO range of rocket luffy. This slot is usually Kuzan or Ice Age, but I prefer Kuzan as its stronger into Ener and the Mirror, reusable, and having to ice age zoro 2 turns in a row makes it so that you have to drop 4 cards from your hand instead of playing Moria.

As you can see, a lot of the tech cards are for RP Law haha, but it’s currently one of the most common and strongest decks of the format. Lastly, regarding Ace ratios, I just never need Ace. Adult ace is a counterless card, and when I think about when I want to play Ace over another adult, there is none. We will always drop sabo + 5c 8k luffy on t3+t4, and we have to start the engine on t5, so there is no space for Ace. It can be useful as a surprise lethal, but good players will always be aware anyway, so I only want to see it late game after I finish playing all my Morias, at which point if you played 2-3 moria, you will probably win anyway. 3 copies because I only need to see 1 Ace by turn 8. Finally, the most important part in One Piece, how to play each matchup. 

I try to go second in all games as I run 10 kuzan, and starting engine on t4 is nicer if you can follow up with moria t5.

Matchups and how to play

BY Luffy is a timer deck. You will always be starting your engine on t4 and t5 against good players, and every moria turn late game is basically a -2 cards from hand (Play Moria, leader ability discard 1). As such, when playing for and against BY Luffy, every late game turn is basically a -1 to hand(draw for turn).

You can do the math pretty easily on how many cards you will have when you start your engine: Start engine on turn 5, you have 5 cards starting hand + 4 cards from life + 4 cards from draw phase – 2 cards from 5 drops = 11 cards, which you will have to use another 4 (kids + makino) to start your engine. This means starting from t5, you will only have 7/8 cards in hand for the rest of the game, and you can expect to lose 1 each turn after. You will lose the game if you cannot kill your opponent by then. Thankfully, because all your characters are 8k and below, you don’t have to guard rested characters.

VS RP Law:

Mulligan for 5c 8k luffy, 5c Sabo, kid luffy. Against RP Law, 5c 8k luffy is the only character that sticks around due to 8k base. The RP Law player will try to poke you with leader to 2 life while setting up a wide board, and then go for lethal when we are 2 life and haven’t started engine. We want to just survive the initial 3 turns while taking as much of their life as possible, and then start engine on turn 4. The general turn progress is:

2 don play garp->4 don leader 5k garp 6k->6 don leader 6k play 5c luffy to trash life->8 don start engine->10 don moria bring back ivankoff and rocket luffy to KO shuraiya/bon clay

Key thing to note here is that you only need to be 7k base against RP law, since investing 2 don for card in hand is awkward for RP law if they use their leader ability multiple times early. Going 9k + sabo is also risky as they can just bot deck the sabo with Gordon. The ideal late game is to play Moria, bring back Ivankoff standing and a kid luffy, then transform into rocket luffy to KO shuraiya/bon clay and keep smacking face. The toughest part is dodging the turn 4 lethal from rp law without losing too many cards, but once you have rocket luffy in rotation and can play moria late game, they don’t have a way to efficiently remove 9k base and you will outvalue them with rocket luffy.

VS Mirror:

Mulligan for 5c 8k luffy, Moria and sabo. Go 2nd, because I play 10kuzan. I won’t touch my opponent’s life early, and will only start hitting with leader if I can threaten lethal. Against BY Luffy, you want to force them to start their engine by dropping cards like flampe and kids. Never put a BY player to 0 life for free. Unfortunately, the matchup is quite dependent on who draws more Moria, but its important to create chances early game by threatening lethal: if you have 3 attacks and opp has 2 life, start with 5k leader swing and see if your opponent wants to save cards in hand or drop more cards but start their engine.

In the mirror, know when to swing and when to let characters die. Basically, I never swing unless I can get 3 cards out of my opponents hand by threatening lethal, and in the late game, when both you and your opponent become 9k base, cards like 8k luffy lose value. I don’t mind having my characters like 8k luffy die because late game they’re useless. Your ideal moria targets are sabo and rocket luffy, so that you can get a blocker + draw 1, this makes it so that your net card loss a turn is 0. Please use rocket luffy first, then sabo after so you can throw usless cards drawn with luffy. 

I considered playing 5c Sabo from ST13, as you can KO your opponent’s 5c 8k luffy on curve, but Raitei is too good into RP Law, and you can always Raitei+5 drop on turn 4, so Sabo was cut from the list.

VS Lucci/Moria

Go second. Mulligan criteria is just 5 sabo. This matchup is straightforward. The only way you lose this matchup is if they can set up 2 9ks(issho and moria) in the early game, and then just 4c Rebecca-5c Sabo blocker loop you while punching 9k twice every turn. If they only have 1 9k attacker a turn, then you will automatically win by drawing moria since you lose net 0 cards each turn: remember, rocket luffy draw 1 + draw phase draw 1 – leader ability discard 1 – play moria 1 card = net 0 card loss. As long as you can start your engine before 2 9ks show up, you have a 90% chance to win. Just punch life until they die. If you have a chance to play 5c luffy or 5c sabo on turn 3, please play sabo first, so that you can at least have 2 characters on board if you cannot draw a second sabo. This makes it harder for the black player to KO both characters in one turn. 

VS Enel

Mulligan criteria is 10kuzan, 5luffy, moria. Enel’s wincon is to delay the game enough to set up enough big bodies to go for lethal. Enel players won’t touch your life and play katakuri to put your 5drops into life before swinging to botdeck them. The reason for this is because once by Luffy starts their engine, only 9c yamato and 10c ace are able to touch the leader, and the enel player will fall behind if they only have 2 attacks each turn vs you that can just smack 5k base leader. This slower gameplay gives you time to play 10c Kuzan, which allows you to rocket luffy KO everything except 10c ace. 

A common boardstate is:

The Enel player has just played 10c ace and is 2 life. Start with luffy attack leader 8k. If the enel player blocks, I will go 11k leader swing into a Yamato or ace, and then 9k leader with moria. If they eat the initial 8k, swing moria 9k to leader, then 11k to leader if they didn’t block, or 11k to character if Enel guarded. The beauty is that enel will always have to drop at least 6k a turn when against by luffy. It seems obvious, but please remember Enel’s ability. You will naturally win by outtrading Enel.

VS Bonnie

This is the worst matchup for BY luffy. Basically, I want to pressure them early on as much as possible by attacking life. After dropping the first sabo on turn 3, I will never have a chance to swing with my leader again without losing my sabo, so the attacks before the first 5 drop are your only chance at hitting Bonnie. After that, I will stop hitting, and will drop rocket luffy on the turn before 9c zoro, so that I can drop 10c kuzan the next turn and ko zoro. This is the only way to beat Bonnie. Good Bonnie players will have to guess between ice age and kuzan on your build, but dropping a rocket luffy before your 10 don turn is like publicly announcing ‘I’m playing 10c Kuzan’. Dropping rocket luffy before the zoro turn forces your opponent to either hody jones and clear kuzan, or attack you and put you to 0, forcing you to start engine and not play kuzan. This is the most important turn for BY luffy. If you can survive this turn and drop 10c kuzan, you have a chance. As you can rocket luffy KO everything in bonnie’s deck while recovering resources. 

I also always want to have 2 sabos in rotation. Its obvious that 1 sabo will get rested whenever my leader attacks, so remember to have 2 on board.

Thank you for reading this far! It’s a long article, but I wanted to cover the different matchups. If you enjoyed reading, please follow me on Twitter (https://x.com/ItsEnigmaaa) where I regularly post flagship results. 

[EN/EB01] Short Article: ST13 Ace Wano Deck (yellow)

Author: Francisco José (Spain)

Deck Introduction

This version of B/Y Ace is primarily focused on exploiting the leader's ability with cards that have strong effects in exchange for taking a life, such as Flampe and Shimotsuki, and the capability of healing lives with Hiyori and Viola.

Game Plan

3 Dejiro and 4 Momonosuke (click into the image for completed decklist)

Early Game: First of all, you always want to go first since your main combo, which I will explain later, requires you to have 9/10 Don. The main cards you are looking for on mulligan are C3 Yamato (only if you go first), Flampe, Viola, and Hiyori. You want to be as aggressive as possible, trying to apply pressure with C3 Yamato, Shimotsuki, and attacking strongly with the Leader.

Mid Game: At this point in the game, you should try to set up a favorable board to apply pressure while preparing one of your main combos. Try to play as many characters as you can and keep attacking the enemy leader. Since you are playing B/Y Ace, many opponents will expect you to play Pudding, so they might start using counters to avoid overfilling their hands.

Late Game: If the game drags on, you will probably end up losing against any meta deck, so you need to start thinking about finishing the game. To accomplish this, you have one of your tech cards, Gun Modoki. With this card, you can do very unexpected strong attacks with characters like Denjiro, C7 Yamato, and Kin'emon.

MVPs and Main Combos

The most important set of cards in the deck are the trio of Hiyori, Momonosuke, and Viola. Gun Modoki is another key card, as it is one of your main win conditions when the game becomes difficult to close out. Here are the 2 main combos the deck is based on:

  1. On your turn with 9/10 Don while having a Wano character on the board (Hiyori is the best target), use Ace's ability to put a C5 card in your life > Play Momonosuke to add that Wano character on top of your life > Play Viola to flip those 2 cards face down so they no longer go to the trash. This way, you will have healed 2 lives and have 2 blockers in play.

  2. "Free" Gun Modoki: Add 1 character to your lives with Ace's ability + Onami on one of your Wano characters. The best target for this combo is Kin'emon since you can pay 1 Don and life to reactivate the character and, in the best case, trash 4 lives (this has only happened to me once since I've been playing this deck), but you can do it with any other Wano character to trash 2 lives.


Most matchups are played similarly, as you always want to set up the board to perform the leader’s ability + Momonosuke + Viola combo while wearing down your rival. However, there are a couple of specific matchups to consider:

●  Moria: Contrary to what it may seem, this matchup isn’t too bad since it usually gives you time to set up your board, and you have cards like Denjiro that are very effective against black leaders. Play as aggressively as possible, completely ignoring the board.

●  Enel: This is an unfavorable matchup, but one you can win thanks to the surprise of Gun Modoki. Try to leave your opponent at 2 lives whenever possible to take them off at once. Even if they have only 1 life and you think you can finish him, put Gun Modoki on the character that is going to attack so if the trigger (like Amaru or You're the One Who Should Disappear) comes out, they will lose that life instantly.

●  R/P Law: This is possibly the worst matchup you have. It is one of the few cases where you should focus on attacking the enemy characters whenever possible before targeting the enemy leader.

●  B/Y Luffy: Focus on setting up the board and attacking only when you see the best opportunity to win. I’m thinking about adding 2 Gravity Blade Raging Tiger to improve this and other matchups, as it provides a tool to remove 2 blockers from the board easily.


Deck Strengths:

●  The element of surprise, as no one expects this version of the deck, which can lead to many unexpected victories.

●  The ability to heal two lives at once.

●  A very fun deck to play.

Deck Weaknesses:

●  Inconsistency, you are highly dependent on Hiyori and Viola to make the deck work, and there is no reliable way to search for them. Additionally, you might end up not hitting a C5 character with Ace's ability when needed.

●  Bad matchup against the best deck in the format (R/P Law).

[EN-OP6] Gianluca: 1st Place Milan Regional with Green Uta

Hi everyone! I'm Gianluca Mercuriali, I'm from Italy and I'm happy to be here 🙂
I began playing OP card game when it first was born with OP01 Format. My first deck was Purple Kaido and I didn't gain any valuable wins in local tournaments.
In OP02 Format I played Purple Magellan and also in this case I didn't gain any big win.
But with OP03 Format I played Yellow Katakuri and I positioned myself among the first places in local tournaments and I participated in my first regional tournament in Bologna, Italy last summer and I ranked top 128.
In OP04 Format I started winning more and more frequently during several local tournaments and started finally getting the hang of it. My deck was Green Purple Doflamingo, Film version.
Regarding Meta OP05 I didn't feel confident with it and got quite demotivated playing with Purple Luffy. In this timeframe I played very little, due to personal reasons especially with university, to the point that I didn't even participate at local tournaments but I was focusing more on studying the Green Uta deck, since it used the same archetype of Green Purple Doflamingo.
In the current OP06 I completely fell in love with Green Uta, since I find it extremely fun to play with. With the release of ST-12 that powered the deck with the introduction of Mihawk character that  makes this deck very versatile.

Why Green Uta

I decided to choose this deck for the regional tournament since I find it a very strong deck, even if very underrated by many. It can beat Sakazuki and Moria through the use of Mihawk character that is recognized as a Key card of the deck against them. At the same time, against every other deck the Key cards are Nami, Luffy Blocker and Kid Cost 8.
I prepared by playing with friends that played almost every deck and my deck always played well with each of them.

Matchups in Milan Regional

Deck's Strengths and Weakness

The strength of this deck is certainly the fact that the Leader effect is Draw 1 Film Card and that you can play two ways depending on the Leader enemy.
You can slow down the matchup with Luffy and Kid or speed it up with Mihawk character and Brook.
The weaknesses, even if only a few, if you need both Mihawk and Kid cost 8 and you cannot search for them.

Mulligan and Tips

I don't mulligan for depending if I'm first or second, I focus more on my opponent. If he is Sakazuki or Moria, I muligate for Mihawk. For all the other leaders, I muligate for Kid cost 8.
For EB-01 format this deck takes a consistent power-up and I suggest playing other than Sanji +2000 Counter and Blueno Blocker, but also Mihawk.


I would like to thanks every team mate that helped me to reach this great result.
I will start from Vincenzo Sannino, that tested with me playing Sakazuki and I never won with him: the best Saka player in my opinion, and also one of my best friends.
Thank you to Gionatan Parisi (The Dark Mentalist) for his magic, thanks to Lorenzo Moretti (Gecko Moro)  and Nicolas Rossini (Nick96Ross) for testing with Moria, they are best Gecko Moria players of Romagna. Thank you to Nicolas Parisi (ThisIsNick) for inspired me to play Green decks from the beginning, for coaching lessons about Uta deck (and more…). Thank you to Marco Tonetti that helped me to build correctly the deck list and for the big amount of great testing with him with Katakuri and Reiju and thank you to Andrea Mosca (MoscaCulo) for the hard test with Perona.
Thank you to my other friends that helped me to play and test, like Matteo Bianchi, Matteo Maraldi, Jacopo Santeroni and Luca Calonici (IlDuty).
Thank you for all guys from YouTube Channel Legendary Crew (link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPhOQiEn5WF0bjQ_b0x_iBA)
There you will find every deck profile of our big results and soon other guides for OP07 and more…

[EN-EB01(07)] Steven and Enel: Understanding the Game

Hey everyone, my name’s Steven Sebial from Los Angeles, California and I currently play for team Collector Legion. I’ve been hooked on One Piece since release, but after Enel came out I decided to play competitively. Since then I’ve amassed over 1000 games on him and would like to share some strategies for Eb-01 and upcoming Op-07. 

I recently won a competitive Eb-01 tournament with an 8 player top cut going 10-1 playing Enel to win a manga Sabo (5.5.24). Here’s the decklist

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

Deck’s Strategy

The goal of this deck is to apply an aggressive early to mid game, while having the tools to survive and out-tempo your opponent late. If you can get a good understanding of this concept, you should see success with Enel. 

Early Game

A good opening hand to keep is anything that can pop early plus a late game body. Generally, playing Flampe on turn 1 is a strong play because it can search out pieces, which can provide direction of the game. Rushing early is a great strategy because it’ll take the focus off your leader, and can potentially set up early lethal. An early strong play is to pop something on your 5 don turn with Sabo to force yourself to 2 life and swing 7ks with your leader and rush Ace the next turn. Overall, knowing what to mulligan for is key. 

Mid Game

When your opponent starts swinging at your leader trying to pop Enel passive, it’s pivotal knowing when to counter and what cards to pitch. A great card to pitch for leader ability is 7c Enel because you can resummon it with the 4c event, practically losing no value. Managing your passive largely depends on how much life recursion you have in hand and what you’re trying to do. If you have Yamato in hand and need the total life to KO, then countering is the right decision. In general, just pay attention to how much don you’ll have and plan accordingly. 

Late Game

This part of the game is where Enel excels the most. Being able to play out big bodies while generating value is the goal of this stage. Yamato is your strongest big body due to the fact that it draws you a card, gains life, and pops anything within range. The plan late game is to swing aggressively while either removing threats with Katakuri or forcing your opponent to counter out heavy with big hits; timing is very important. Also which cards you pitch for effects increasingly get more important the longer the match is. Sometimes you have to pitch a 2k to win the game.

Deck's Strengths

  • Triggers
  • Easy to pilot
  • Insane survivability 
  • Multiple pivot options

Deck's Weaknesses

  • A lot of non counter; event and characters
  • Wide boards; early swarm can be dangerous

Tournament Matchups

Future Sets' Cards for Enel Deck.


With the recent release of EB-01 (5.3.24), Enel gets a variety of powerful cards that add to his arsenal. Best EB Enel cards: Flampe, Shirahoshi, Kingdom Come, and Did Someone Say Kami. Flampe is a must for Enel; it’s a 2k counter that allows you to take your own life while drawing an extra card, punishing the 2 life starve strategy. Shirahoshi is a 2c blocker that sticks against yellow and black matchups. It’s a guaranteed block, because if it gets popped by an effect it’ll gain you a life. Kingdom Come is a card that pushes Enel to the next level. It clears out any big threats that we can’t reach with Katakuri. I recommend using this card for any 9c and higher bodies; 10c Linlin, 10c Kaido, and 9c Zoro. Lastly, Did Someone Say Kami is a card that makes the deck very aggressive. Early game, you can pitch 7c Enel safely because of this card and play them out when you’re looking to rush down. It gives you an idea of what to pitch for leader ability and the trigger isn’t bad if you need to cycle. Overall, EB-01 allows you to play Enel with more options with the additions of these cards. 


With OP-07 around the corner, there are 2 cards specifically that make Enel one of the best decks in format. Best O7 Enel cards: Franky and Ace. With the addition of Franky, it’s a card that generates plenty of value. It’s a 2k counter that plays itself out at 1 life and draws a card. You can also loop him with Katakuri to keep drawing cards while swinging. And finally one of the strongest new cards, 10c Ace. This card provides unconditional life gain while being able to rush your opponent for 10k when you’re at 2 life. It’s definitely a card worth adding to your deck due to the fact that it synergizes so well with our leader ability. In general, Enel players should have a great time during this set. 

Overall, Enel is a great deck with plenty of options. But at the end of the day it’s how you wanna build the deck and what works for you.


I’d like to shout out my team Collector Legion in Lawndale, CA and all my training partners: Christos Dalis, Gabriel Romero, Ruben Mendez, Toan Le, Vincent Tran, and Nathan Beltran. Without their constant support, I wouldn’t been able to grow as a player. Thank you guys truly and I look forward to training more in the future!

[EN-OP6/EB01] Josh Graham: Runner Up Mexico Regional with Sakazuki

Hi, my name is Josh Graham, and I’m one of the creators of TCG Matchmaking. I’m also a member of Team Will to Win Gaming, sponsored by Kayfabe cards and I play at Alquimia Food and Games every week with my friend Jorge Carlos Rojas who also made top 4 at this tournament.

I’ve been playing One Piece since the end of set 2, almost one year to date. I also started competing in August 2023 and won my first serial card also in Mexico City. To date I’ve won 7 serial cards (4 with Sakazuki!) and I’m very competitive. Before One Piece, I was a former Hearthstone Grandmaster and a Yu-Gi-Oh! YCS Champion so I’ve been playing card games my whole life.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

About Sakazuki Deck

I chose to play Sakazuki because it is the deck that gives you the most amount of options every turn. It gives you the ability to filter your hand and give you the right amount of counter, cost reduction and removal to be able to win just about any game.

With 8 searchers, Kuzan, Sabo, Moria and your leader you’re able to sculpt your hand to deal with any situation. I always felt like having that level of control over my options would result in giving me the results that I want.

It is a deck with almost no bad matchups and is extremely well positioned into the EB01 metagame, with good matchups against Uta, Enel, B/Y Luffy and a 50/50 matchup with R/P Law and Gecko Moría. I also felt like Katakuri would get pushed out with all of the new predators coming for his crown, and I was right so I had less to worry about.

I played the standard 8 2000 counters for Sakazuki in the EB01 metagame. All are double searchable and you’re able to recur T-Bone with Rebecca (and thus with Gecko Moria into Rebecca) meaning that you’re able to get counter when you need it and won’t draw too many when you don’t. 

I also felt with 2 Sabo was the right amount. Any more and you’d draw too many. It isn’t a card you are typically happy to play. It’s mostly a tech for Amaru but also gives you an indestructible body you can curve into 7 cost Borsalino against Gecko Moria going first. I almost played 0 considering I thought the card would be bad into the two main matchups I thought I’d play: Sakazuki mirror and R/P Law. The online ranked meta is a lot faster in adapting to the top decks than in real life, so I’m glad I played 2 Sabo as it was good into all the non-mirror, non-Law decks I played against.

Matchups in Mexico Regionals (385 players)

Sakazuki's Strengths and Weakness

Sakazuki’s main strength against the meta is how flexible the deck is in sculpting a game plan in each matchup. If I need counter, I can make a lot of counter with multiple searchers and Rebecca/Gecko Moria. If I need removal, I have multiple searchable removal cards as well as plenty of searchable cost reduction.

The deck is as powerful as you are creative with your lines of play. I’ve played Sakazuki at almost every tournament since it was released, and he doesn’t disappoint. 4 Serials, another top 16 and a top at Bandai Cardfest in Los Angeles!!! I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

Sakazuki’s main weakness is early game aggression before it can stabilize and set up the defences. It takes a lot of counter-intuitive countering to stay alive in these matchups. Understanding when to counter and take life is some of the hardest things you’ll ever need to learn in this game and Sakazuki really tests that skill due to how fragile its defences can be with only 8 2000 counters and 6 blockers.

Mulligan and Tips

When going first or second, I will mulligan for Tashigi and Brannew. These cards help us get through the early game with the right pieces as well as bodies for Hound Blaze. When going first, I use the searchers to piece together Hound Blaze and Great Eruption to give me early board control and attack my opponents hand. When going second I am searching for Kuzan as well as a Rebecca/Hina/Hound Blaze combination to bridge my mid game to Gecko Moria. I also am much less likely to keep hands without a Gecko Moria going second, unless the hand is spectacular otherwise.

Tips for anyone looking to play Sakazuki would be making sure you understand life management as well as how to pressure the opponent as Sakazuki is typically what is referred to as a Tempo deck. It tries to get ahead on board and then use removal to stay ahead. Sakazuki likes to convert those early game leads into damage so that you can close out the game with Hound Blaze. If you want a more detailed understanding of how to play Sakazuki or you just want a better understanding of how to approach One Piece, I coach evenings Monday through Thursday every week from 6pm until 12pm EST.


I’d also like to use this opportunity to shout out our discord server: TCG Match Making. You can find the link right in the OPSIM. I’d also like to shout out my main practice partner: Jorge Carlos Rojas. You have done such great things in such little time, bro. I know you will be at the top with me soon enough. Shout outs to the boys in Cross Discord. Laser Focused. 15 million members.

[JP-OP07] Shyam: Won Flagship with Black Rob Lucci CP0

Hi, my name is Shyam Gasper from Brunei and I mostly play black decks. Blue black Rebecca was my first ever black deck and since then I was a big fan of reducing costs and removing characters. Then, I moved on to playing blue black Sakazuki which was banned recently. I won a flagship in Brunei with CP0 Lucci at Gamer’s Tavern on 21/04/2024.

I chose to play CP0 Lucci because of its minus cost ability. The minus 1 cost ability might seem insignificant at first. However, we could compare CP0 Lucci with Moria as an example. To remove an eight cost character from the field with the use and ice age and 8 cost Moria (provided that the trash has the necessary cards such as 4 cost Lucci and other cost reducing cards and searchers), Moria deck would need to commit an ice age and play 8 cost Moria to summon Lucci/Absalom and Helmeppo/Tsuru from trash to successfully remove. On the other hand, CP0 Lucci would just need to commit ice age and play 8 cost Moria to summon 4 cost Lucci and Spandam searcher in combination with the leader ability to minus 1 cost to remove the 8 cost character successfully. In this scenario, Lucci is gaining extra resources in addition to removing a big cost character while Moria could only remove the big cost character. However, this scenario is purely meant to prove that CP0 Lucci is more efficient in removing characters compared to Moria and does not mean that CP0 is a better deck than Moria as Moria deck has other cards such as Perona and Hogback that carries the deck.

Card Choice

Click into the image for card list in One Piece Top Decks

Finger Pistol (4 cost Event)

This card is very good for early removal and to fill up the trash faster so that tempest kick could be used to reduce cost as soon as possible. Moreover, it is another form of removal that does not rely on reducing cost. It could KO efficiently remove any 6 cost or less characters with the help of the leader's ability and 8 cost or less characters with the help of Enies Lobby stage. In addition to that, it could be used very efficiently to remove up to 3 characters during the 10 don turns if used together with other cost reducing cards and Lucci. Another reason to use this event is against Bonnie to remove 6 cost Basil Hawkins.  

6 Cost Brook

This card is mainly to remove characters that cannot be KO or has an on KO ability such as Kikunojo and 2 cost Shirahoshi blocker for Yellow and 4 cost Borsalino for black and others. It also comes in handy against BY Luffy to remove the 8 cost Moria when their 5 cost Sabo ability is active. I believe that the longer the game goes against BY Luffy, the better the odds of winning against them as they tend to run out of resources very quickly and removing the Moria helps to prolong the game.

Flagship Matchups

Swiss Round

  1. Yellow Enel (Win)
  2. Yellow Katakuri (Win)
  3. Black CP0 Lucci (Lose)
  4. Black Yellow Luffy (Win)
  5. Red Purple Law (Lose)

Top 8 – Green Black Perona (Win)

Top 4 – Red Purple Law Rematch (Win)

Finals – Black CP0 Lucci Rematch (Win)



This is one of the easier matchups for Lucci. However, the winrate is not 100% favoring Lucci. The strategy against this deck would be to keep removing the characters they play with the help of Lucci and Kaku in the early game, and Moria and Stussy in the late game.

The key to win this matchup is to stack as many big cost characters as possible while removing theirs. I prefer going first against this matchup as I would reach 9 dons so I could combo 1 cost events that reduces costs such as Ice age and Tempest kick with 8 cost Moria to remove their 7 or 8 cost body. It is important that there are removal cards in your hand always as failing to even remove 1 big cost could make Lucci lose tempo and it would be very hard to gain back tempo.

The annoying card in this matchup could be 2 cost Shirahoshi blocker. 6 cost Brooke can be used to remove Kikunojo and the Shirahoshi blocker. There are times when Shirahoshi could be KO. However, the timing is very important. In my match during swiss, I removed the Shirahoshi blocker together with 8 cost Katakuri with the help of Moria Lucci combo to push Enel back to 2 life. Keeping Enel at 2 life is good as, if their Ace is played next turn, he would not gain rush and playing Yamato in this case would not be so worth it as they do not get to heal. This leaves them with 2 options, one is to play Flampe and take life and follow up with Raigo to kill Moria or play Katakuri to either heal or remove Moria. In both of these scenarios, they only get to remove 1 character and the other characters summoned by moria ability would be still on board. This matchup is about slowly gaining board advantage and reducing their cards in hand. Stussy is usually saved up to remove the 10 cost Ace.


This is a very easy matchup for Lucci. The strategy is simply to build your board early game with Lucci and Kaku while removing the opponent’s characters and swing all your characters to your opponent's life with 7 k attacks. Stussy would be saved up for removing 10 cost Big mom. It is very important to pressure the opponent by keep swinging to their life while removing their characters with our own characters such as Lucci and Kaku to build our board.

CP0 Lucci (Mirror)

It is important to go first against this matchup and it is preferred to see 5 cost Sabo and 8 cost Moria in the starting hand. Early game would be used to filter our hand using 4 cost Khalifa to filter through the deck for Moria and other key pieces. The reason for going first is so that the opponent has the first Moria turn so that the opponent’s Moria could be cleared by our Moria with the use of Ice age or Tempest kick with stage and leader ability. It is also important to time 5 cost Sabo right before the opponent's Moria turn. In my match during the swiss round, both of us failed to get our Moria in our hand. And the opponent caught me off guard with 8 cost Issho and I lost my only big cost in hand which was Stussy. The Issho play by my opponent changed the tempo of the game for my opponent and then they cycled Sabo one after another which completely shifted the tide. 

However, we met again in the finals and I stuck to the same strategy while being careful of getting Issho ‘ed. This time we both got Moria in hand. But I drew more Moria than my opponent which was the deciding factor of that round. In short, Sabo, Moria and 6 cost Brooke are the key pieces for this matchup. Brooke could also be used to remove 4 cost Borsalino blocker if needed.

BY Luffy

This is the toughest matchup for Lucci due to their ability to abuse 5 cost Sabo ability, but it is not like 0% chance to win. The main strategy is to not swing into the leader ever as this would make the opponent commit cards like Charlotte Flampe, Hiyori and Makino, which are 2 k counters for the deck. 

There is also a slight chance they might not have sufficient numbers of those cards in their hand to reach 0 life early as they are not searchable. It is also necessary to call at least 2 big bodies such as Moria or Stussy (preferably Moria) as these will help us to call rebecca blockers as well which helps to grab either 2 k counter or 6 cost Brooke from trash for next turn. This combo is necessary to prolong the game as much as possible as the rebecca blocker could tank the big attack from the leader. The 6 cost Brooke will be used to remove the opponent’s Moria most of the time to help clear some attackers and prolong the game. 

The main goal is to reduce the hand size as fast as possible and build our board of big cost characters before going for the kill. In the early game, if the opponent summons a 5 cost Ace and rush or if they have an early 7k base leader, we could swing 5k with the leader into one of those to use leader ability and fill the trash. This is very important to see key pieces like Rebecca and Brooke in trash to make sure the Moria summon would be worth it. This is just a basic plan and it might not always go according to plan. However, our goal must always be to reduce their hand size as fast as we can.

RP Law

This is a 50-50 matchup for Lucci. The main strategy against this deck is to control the board as much as possible with 5 cost Kaku and 4 cost Lucci. It is also necessary to get value when using Lucci for removal and the stage plays an important role in this matchup. I have also noticed that taking too much early damage against them is very dangerous as this would mean the rush Killer will be coming early. It is also preferred to go first against them.

GB Perona

This is a very easy matchup for Lucci. The strategy against this deck is to just control the opponent’s field as much as possible. The only threat in their deck would be 9 cost Zoro. Therefore, save up some form of removal such as Stussy or others just for him.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Lucci is a very good control deck that could be as good as Blue Black Sakazuki without the bottom decking tech. However, the only drawback is that the deck really needs Moria to function well. Hence, it is necessary to rely on cards such as Khalifa and Sabo to draw into him. Overall, it is a very fun deck to pilot and has a very good potential to be a good contender in OP-07 meta.

I would like to thank my friends Paul, Daniel, Jojo, Dane, Hadi, Ami, Badzli, Wazif, Azhar, Jacol and Neek for helping me playtesting the deck.

[EN-OP6] Elliot Charters: 1st Place TAK Regional with Gekko Moria

Hi! My name is Elliot, I used to play competitive league of legends and world of Warcraft, and now i play card games! I have amassed 7 serials in one piece and won a 3v3 event, but this is my first 1v1 victory.

The deck is a strong midrange deck with powerful card manipulation and KO effects. It plays around tempo and uses your hand and trash as a resource, allowing strong players more lines based on the gamestate. The decklist is from SGAhIce, and it is a very standard decklist focussed on consistency. It allows you to see a good mix of cards in every game, and does not run un-necessary bricks.
Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

I personally play this deck for a strong board presence. I like to put my opponent on the back foot, which allows me to play more efficiently for them, and makes them play sub-optimally which puts me further ahead. By the end of the game, they generally need to make risky plays, but by this time I can set up a strong defense of blockers and counters in my hand.

Matchups in TAK Regionals (383 players)

The main decks that I navigated well this tournament were katakuri and BY Luffy. Katakuri is a deck where you want to take first vsing them, defend your life, and play around sabo. The card is insane, and I did not lose a kata game where I played sabo. Next was BY Luffy, which is a deck that needs to be starved. My plan was to spam blockers and Perona in the early game, followed by Moria to recycle cards and make a 9k body which can swing into their buffed leader naturally.
I reccomend mulliganing for Perona and Cindry going first, Brannew Absalom Borsalino and Great Eruption going second, and bonus points if you can get strong cards for your 3rd, 4th and 5th turn. When in doubt, play on curve for tempo!


Shout out to my sponsor Eternal Magic, and shout out to my friends from my 3v3 team OP07 Waiting Room. I also do coaching and patreon, so please check them out if you want to learn more from me !

[JP-OP07] Nadon: Won Flagship (7-0) with Black Yellow ST13 Luffy


Hi I am Nadon (Tanadon Teethapong) or keep calling on my X Account name Goddog as a TCG Player from Thailand . Top 4 Southeast Asia Area Final 2022 but maybe my deckchoice is not always good so I miss another qualifier and continually high standing on flagship tournaments (In Thailand Flagship is a big scale start with 64 up to 256) .

The topic today is about my black yellow Luffy (ST13) deck that I used last weekend for 2 flagships, it ended up with 12 wins 2 loss. I got 1st place in one flagship and 11th place in the another.

Saturday : 1st (178 players)

R1 : Katakuri W; R2 : BY Luffy W; R3 : Perona W; R4 : Reiju W; R5 : Nami W; R6 : RP Law W; R7 : Lucci W

Sunday : 11th Place (114 players)

R1 : Moria W; R2 : RY Sabo W; R3 : Nami L; R4 : Moria W; R5 : Nami W; R6 : Reiju L; R7 : BY Luffy W

Click into the Image for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks

ST13 Luffy Leader - Deck Profile

This season (OP07 saka bans) I choose Black Yellow Luffy to play because the position of this deck is on top tier leader with slightly advantage on many matchups with 7k-9k leader power, recycling power, matching with 2 strong black card like sabo and moria, and with 8 searchers that's increase a lot of consistency for combo deck.


The spotlight for this deck for me is dependent on 3 cards 1.Luffy(St13)  2.Sabo(op04)  3.Moria and coin has two sides because you are a combo deck is mean hand filter is very important. You will need Sabo for defensive and cycle also you will need Luffy(St13) for offensive, a 2cost child Luffy, life drawing, and Moria to form a board without consuming resources so mulligan is hard if you make wrong decision you can lose even on 80:20 Matchups.

About the matchups

Talking about matchup for now environment for this ordinary leader deck;

RP Law 50:50
Lucci 80:20
Moria 75:25
Bonnie 10:90
Boa 60:40
Nami 60:40
Enel 70:30

So it is truly clear you instantly lose to Bonnie that's why both Kuzan is here.

I will explain my idea 3 10cost Kuzan and 4 4cost Kuzan instead of a pair of Ace.

Why Ace ?

The answer is, in many matchups you can win without Ace *If you can remember all of pattern gameplay and do everything correct*. He would help you a lot on offensive play + lethal turn, I do not cut him because he's useless but why you need to play a deck that facing Bonnie and go home while you did good for other matchups.

Kuzan does not help a lot like flip tables for 90:10 in the Bonnie matchup but it can make you have a window to win.

The plan is play 4cost Kuzan as much as you can and quickly play 10cost Kuzan on 10Dons while 4cost Kuzan can KO 9cost Zoro if you can stay alive till here = you win. Egghead Luffy(OP07) will solve everything with 9 cost bullets. This game plan also affects when you can stay on 3-4 life while you have 10Dons.

About matchup agina with kuzanpair list

RP Law 45:55
Lucci 80:20
Moria 70:30
Bonnie 70:30
Boa 50:50
Nami 50:50
Enel 60:40

The ratio is a bit decreasing on some matchups but you do not have the worst matchup now.

**Disclaimer** Consinstancy while being lower than normal list and is not guarantee to beat Bonnie. You are still losing to her if you do not draw and deploy at the right time.
Basically, you will play Luffy(St13) on a turn of 5 Dons and 6 Dons, so Garp, 2 brothers, and Luffy(St13) will be the keep standard.
In the Bonnie Match up will be EggHead Luffy, Both Kuzan, and Moria.

I'm glad to see people are so interested in my deck. Hope this helps you a little. And continue enjoying our favorite One Piece card game.

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