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For now we can search for colors: red, blue, green, purple and play cost such as: 1cost, 2 cost, blocker, trigger, counter, trigger & counter, banish, doubleattack … Connecting search will be "green & 8cost" or "blue & 9cost". Remember it has spaces between "&".

Search for counter: c1k (counter +1000), c2k (counter +2000) cards

Starter Decks

Release Date for Starter Decks:

  • For Japan and Asia (Japanese format): July 2022
  • For English format: Winter 2022
ST01 (Straw Hat Crew)
ST02 (Worst Generation)
ST03 (The Seven Warlords of the Sea)
ST04 (Animal Kingdom Pirates)
ST05 One Piece Film Red (Aug 8)
ST06 (Navy)

Booster Sets

OP-01 (JP: Jul 2022)
OP-02 (JP: Nov 2022)

Promo - Bonus - Event - Selling Product Cards

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Pirate Battle (JP)
Promo (P-xx) cards

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