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For now we can search for colors: red, blue, green, purple and play cost such as: 1cost, 2 cost, blocker, trigger, counter, trigger & counter, banish, doubleattack, straw hat, navy, aa (alternative art) … Connecting search will be "green & 8cost" or "blue & 9cost" or "op03 & green". Remember it has spaces between "&".

Search for counter: c1k (counter +1000), c2k (counter +2000) cards

Starter Decks

Release Date for Starter Decks:

  • For Japan and Asia (Japanese format): July 2022
  • For English format: Winter 2022
ST01 (Straw Hat Crew)
ST02 (Worst Generation)
ST03 (The Seven Warlords of the Sea)
ST04 (Animal Kingdom Pirates)
ST05 One Piece Film Red (Aug 8)
ST06 (Navy)
ST08(Luffy)JP: 25Mar23
ST09(Yamato)JP: 25Mar23

Booster Sets

OP-01 (JP: Jul 2022)
OP-02 (JP: Nov 2022)

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Pirate Battle (JP)
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