Cards: ST02 Worst Generation Deck

Worst Generation (Green)

[ST02-003] Urouge

Super Rookie / Fallen Monk Pirates (Strike)

{DON!! x1} While you control 3 or more Charas, this Chara gains +2000 Power.

(Counter: +1000)

Vito (ST02-002)

Character (Cost 3 / Power 5000 / Distance) Firetank Pirates


[ST02-004] Capone Bege

Super Rookie / Fire Tank Pirates (Special)


[ST02-007] Jewelry Bonny
Cost 1 / Power 1000 (Speecial)
Supernovas / Bonny Pirates

[Activate:Main] [1] (Rest the designated number of DON!! in your Cost Area) [Rest this Character]: Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, reveal 1 {Supernovas} type card other than and add it to your hand. Place the remaining cards at the bottom of the deck in any order.

[Counter +1000]

Kopi (ST02-006)


Cost 4 / 6000

[Counter +1000]

X Drake (ST02-014)


Cost 4 / 5000

Power Marines / Supernova / Drake Pirates

[Counter +1000]

[DON!!x1] [During your Turn] While this character is rested, +1000 Power for all your Marines and Supernova Characters and Leader

Basil Hawkins Character (ST02-010)

Cost 5 / 6000 Power (Slash)

Supernova / Hawkins Pirates

[DON!!x1] [Once per turn] [During your turn] If this character battled with an opponent's character, set this character to active.

Scratchmen Apuu Character (ST03-008)

Cost 2 / 3000 (Shoot)

Supernova / On Air Pirates


[DON!!x1] [When attacking] Rest one of your opponent's DON!!

Heat Character (ST02-011)

Cost 2 / 4000 Power (Special) Kid Pirate Crew


Killer Character (ST02-005)

Cost 3 / 3000 Power (Slasher) Super Rookies / Kid Pirate Crew

[Counter +1000]

[On Play] KO up to 1 of your opponent's rested Characters with a cost of 3 or less [Trigger] Play this card

Trafelgar Law Character (ST02-009)

Cost 5 / 6000 Power (Slasher) Super Rookies / Heart Pirates

[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Set one of your rested Characters with the Super Rookies or Heart Pirates trait with a cost of 5 or less to active.

[ST01-012] Bepo

Mink Tribe / Heart Pirates

(Counter +1000)

[ST02-015] Mes

Super Rookie / Heart Pirates

[Counter] Up to 1 of your Leader/Charas gets +2000 Power for this battle. After that, untap up to 1 of your DON!!.

Trigger: Untap up to 2 of your DON!!

[ST02-013] Eustass Kid

Character, 7 Cost / Power 7000


{DON!! x1} [End of your turn] Untap this Chara. 

[ST02-001] Eustass Kid
5 Life / 5000 Power (Special)
Super Rookie / Kid Pirates

[Activate Main] (Once per Turn) (3) (Rest the indicated number of Don!! in your Cost Area) You may discard a card from your hand: Switch this Leader to Active.

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