[EN-OP6] Elliot Charters: 1st Place TAK Regional with Gekko Moria

Hi! My name is Elliot, I used to play competitive league of legends and world of Warcraft, and now i play card games! I have amassed 7 serials in one piece and won a 3v3 event, but this is my first 1v1 victory.

The deck is a strong midrange deck with powerful card manipulation and KO effects. It plays around tempo and uses your hand and trash as a resource, allowing strong players more lines based on the gamestate. The decklist is from SGAhIce, and it is a very standard decklist focussed on consistency. It allows you to see a good mix of cards in every game, and does not run un-necessary bricks.
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I personally play this deck for a strong board presence. I like to put my opponent on the back foot, which allows me to play more efficiently for them, and makes them play sub-optimally which puts me further ahead. By the end of the game, they generally need to make risky plays, but by this time I can set up a strong defense of blockers and counters in my hand.

Matchups in TAK Regionals (383 players)

The main decks that I navigated well this tournament were katakuri and BY Luffy. Katakuri is a deck where you want to take first vsing them, defend your life, and play around sabo. The card is insane, and I did not lose a kata game where I played sabo. Next was BY Luffy, which is a deck that needs to be starved. My plan was to spam blockers and Perona in the early game, followed by Moria to recycle cards and make a 9k body which can swing into their buffed leader naturally.
I reccomend mulliganing for Perona and Cindry going first, Brannew Absalom Borsalino and Great Eruption going second, and bonus points if you can get strong cards for your 3rd, 4th and 5th turn. When in doubt, play on curve for tempo!


Shout out to my sponsor Eternal Magic, and shout out to my friends from my 3v3 team OP07 Waiting Room. I also do coaching and patreon, so please check them out if you want to learn more from me !

[JP-OP07] Nadon: Won Flagship (7-0) with Black Yellow ST13 Luffy


Hi I am Nadon (Tanadon Teethapong) or keep calling on my X Account name Goddog as a TCG Player from Thailand . Top 4 Southeast Asia Area Final 2022 but maybe my deckchoice is not always good so I miss another qualifier and continually high standing on flagship tournaments (In Thailand Flagship is a big scale start with 64 up to 256) .

The topic today is about my black yellow Luffy (ST13) deck that I used last weekend for 2 flagships, it ended up with 12 wins 2 loss. I got 1st place in one flagship and 11th place in the another.

Saturday : 1st (178 players)

R1 : Katakuri W; R2 : BY Luffy W; R3 : Perona W; R4 : Reiju W; R5 : Nami W; R6 : RP Law W; R7 : Lucci W

Sunday : 11th Place (114 players)

R1 : Moria W; R2 : RY Sabo W; R3 : Nami L; R4 : Moria W; R5 : Nami W; R6 : Reiju L; R7 : BY Luffy W

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ST13 Luffy Leader - Deck Profile

This season (OP07 saka bans) I choose Black Yellow Luffy to play because the position of this deck is on top tier leader with slightly advantage on many matchups with 7k-9k leader power, recycling power, matching with 2 strong black card like sabo and moria, and with 8 searchers that's increase a lot of consistency for combo deck.


The spotlight for this deck for me is dependent on 3 cards 1.Luffy(St13)  2.Sabo(op04)  3.Moria and coin has two sides because you are a combo deck is mean hand filter is very important. You will need Sabo for defensive and cycle also you will need Luffy(St13) for offensive, a 2cost child Luffy, life drawing, and Moria to form a board without consuming resources so mulligan is hard if you make wrong decision you can lose even on 80:20 Matchups.

About the matchups

Talking about matchup for now environment for this ordinary leader deck;

RP Law 50:50
Lucci 80:20
Moria 75:25
Bonnie 10:90
Boa 60:40
Nami 60:40
Enel 70:30

So it is truly clear you instantly lose to Bonnie that's why both Kuzan is here.

I will explain my idea 3 10cost Kuzan and 4 4cost Kuzan instead of a pair of Ace.

Why Ace ?

The answer is, in many matchups you can win without Ace *If you can remember all of pattern gameplay and do everything correct*. He would help you a lot on offensive play + lethal turn, I do not cut him because he's useless but why you need to play a deck that facing Bonnie and go home while you did good for other matchups.

Kuzan does not help a lot like flip tables for 90:10 in the Bonnie matchup but it can make you have a window to win.

The plan is play 4cost Kuzan as much as you can and quickly play 10cost Kuzan on 10Dons while 4cost Kuzan can KO 9cost Zoro if you can stay alive till here = you win. Egghead Luffy(OP07) will solve everything with 9 cost bullets. This game plan also affects when you can stay on 3-4 life while you have 10Dons.

About matchup agina with kuzanpair list

RP Law 45:55
Lucci 80:20
Moria 70:30
Bonnie 70:30
Boa 50:50
Nami 50:50
Enel 60:40

The ratio is a bit decreasing on some matchups but you do not have the worst matchup now.

**Disclaimer** Consinstancy while being lower than normal list and is not guarantee to beat Bonnie. You are still losing to her if you do not draw and deploy at the right time.
Basically, you will play Luffy(St13) on a turn of 5 Dons and 6 Dons, so Garp, 2 brothers, and Luffy(St13) will be the keep standard.
In the Bonnie Match up will be EggHead Luffy, Both Kuzan, and Moria.

I'm glad to see people are so interested in my deck. Hope this helps you a little. And continue enjoying our favorite One Piece card game.

Leaks OP-08: Two Legends (2)

Charlotte Oven
Purple Character / (OP08-067) UC
5 Cost / 6000 Power (Special)
Big Mom Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[When Attacking] DON!!-1: KO up to 1 of your opponent's cost 3 or lower characters.

Who's Who
Black Character / (OP08-091) C
5 Cost / 5000 Power (Slash)
Animal Kingdom Pirates
[Counter +2000]

[On Play] You may discard one card from your hand: KO up to 1 of your opponent's cost 3 or lower characters.

[Trigger] KO up to 1 of your opponent's cost 3 or lower characters.

Kaido and Linlin Parallel arts.

Black Character / (OP08-079)
9 Cost / 9000 Power (Strike)
Animal Kingdom Pirates

[Activate Main] [Once Per Turn]
You may discard one card from your hand: if this character was played this turn, place up to 1 of your opponent's 7 cost or lower characters in the trash. Then, your opponent discards 1 card from their hand.

Page One (OP08-092) R
5 Cost / 5000 Power (Strike)
Animal Kingdom Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Play up to 1 4 cost or lower "Ulti" from your trash

Charlotte Brulee (OP08-066) UC
4 Cost / 1000 Power (Special)
Big Mom Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On KO] Add up to 1 DON!! from your DON!! deck rested.

Nami (OP08-106) SR
5 Cost / 5000 Power (Special)
Egghead / Strawhat Crew
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] You may trash 1 card with a <Trigger> from your hand: KO up to one of your opponents characters with a cost of 5 or less. Then, if your hand has 3 or less cards in it, draw 1 card.

<Trigger> Activate this card’s [On Play] Ability

You Can’t Take Our King This Early On (op08-054)
Whitebeard Pirates

[Counter] Give your leader or up to one of your characters +3000 power for this battle. Then, reveal the top card of your deck and play up to one cost 3 or less character with {Whitebeard Pirates} included in its types. Place the remaining on the top or bottom of your deck.

Cloven Hoof (Roseo)
2 Cost Red Event / OP08-018 R
Animal / Drum Kingdom / Strawhat Crew

[Activate Main] Give up to three of your characters +1000 Power for the turn. And then, give up to one opponent's character -2000 Power for the turn.

[Trigger] Give up to one of your opponents leaders or characters -3000 Power during this turn.

Hakai Ocean Sovereignty
6 Cost Purple Event / OP08-077
Four Emperors / Animal Kingdom Pirates / Big Mom Pirates

[Main] Don!!-2: If your leader’s type has {Animal Kingdom Pirates} or {Big Mom Pirates} in it, KO up to two of your opponents cost 6 or lower characters.

Shakuyaku (OP08-046) R
5 Cost / 6000 Power (wisdom)
Amazon Lily
[Counter +1000]

[During Your Turn] [Once Per Turn] When a character leaves play from one of your effects, if your opponent has 5 or more cards in hand, they place 1 card from their hand on the bottom of their deck. Then, rest this character.

Red Character / (OP08-008) R
5 Cost / 6000 Power (Slash)
Drum Kingdom
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Give up to one of your opponents characters -1000 Power for the turn.
[1x Don!!][Activate Main][Once per turn] You may take the top card of your life and add it to your hand: This character gains <Rush> for the turn.

Silvers Rayleigh (OP08-118) Sec
8 Cost / 8000 Power (Slash)
Former Roger Pirates

[On play] Choose up to two of your opponents characters, Until the end of your opponents next turn, give one character -3000 power, and the other -2000 power. After this, KO up to one of your opponents characters with a power of 3000 or lower.

Kaido and Linlin OP08-119 SEC
10 Cost / 12000 Power (Strike/Special)
Four Emperors / Animal Kingdom Pirates / Big Mom Pirates

[When attacking] -10 Don!!: KO all other characters. Then, put up to one card from the top of your deck on your life pile and trash up to one card from the top of your opponent’s life pile.

Jewelry Bonney(OP08-105) SR
3 Cost / 4000 Power (Special)
Egghead / Bonney Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[Don!! 1x][Your Turn][Once Per Turn] When your opponent loses a life, draw two cards and discard one card from your hand.

[Trigger] Draw 2 cards and discard one card from your hand

Charlotte Pudding  OP08-67 R
3 Cost / 4000 Power (Wisdom)
Big Mom Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[During your turn] [Once Per Turn] When your Don!! is returned to your Don!! deck, set up to one Don!! from your Don!! deck onto your field as rested.

Dr Hiriluk (OP08-016) R
3 Cost / 0 Power (Wisdom)
Drum Kingdom
[Counter +2000]

[Activate Main] You may rest this character: If your leader is [Tony Tony Chopper] give all of your [Tony Tony Chopper] characters +2000 power for the rest of the turn

S-Snake (OP08-112) SR
5 Cost / 6000 Power (Special)
Egghead / Seraphim
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Up to 1 of your opponent's Characters with a cost of 6 or less other than [Monkey.D.Luffy] cannot attack until the end of your opponent's next turn.

[Trigger] Activate this card's [On Play] effect.

Thank you… For Loving me!!! OP08-053 R
1 Cost
Whitebeard Pirates

[Main] If your leader’s type includes {Whitebeard Pirates} in it, look at the top 3 cards of your deck, reveal up to one card with {Whitebeard Pirates} included in its types, or [Monkey D. Luffy] and put it into your hand. Then, place the rest of the cards on the top or bottom of your deck in any order.

<Trigger> Draw 1 card.

Wapol (OP08-014) R
6 Cost/ 6000 Power (Strike)
Drum Kingdom
[Counter +1000]

[Don!!x1] [When Attacking]
One of your opponents characters -2000 power for this turn, then this character gains +2000 power until the end of your opponents next turn.

Scratchman Apoo(OP08-087) UC
4 Cost/ 5000 Power (Ranged)
Animal Kingdom Pirates/ On Air Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[Activate Main] [Once Per Turn] Give up to one of your opponents characters cost -1 for this turn.

Namule OP08-050 C
Cost 3 / Power 2000 (Strike)
Fish-man / Whitebeard Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Draw two cards, then return two cards from your hand to the top or bottom of the deck in the order of your choice.

Charlotte Linlin OP08-69 SR
9 Cost / 9000 Power (Special)
Former Rocks Pirates / Big Mom Pirates

[On Play] Don!! -1, trash 1 card from your hand: Add up to 1 card from the top of your deck to the top of your life. Then, place up to one of your opponents characters with a cost of 6 or less to the top or bottom of its owner’s life face up.

Tony Tony Chopper (OP08-007) SR
3 Cost/ 5000 Power (Strike)
Animals / Drum Kingdom / Straw Hat Crew

[During your turn] [On Play] / [When Attacking]
Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, and from among them play up to one {Animal} type character with a power of 4000 or less as rested. Then, place the rest of the cards on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Carrot OP08-023 SR
5 cost / 6000 power (special)
[Counter +1000]

[On Play]/[When Attacking] Up to one of your opponents rested cost 7 or less characters do not become active during its owner’s next refresh phase.

Black Maria and Ace parallel arts.
6 leaders Parallel Arts.

Green Stage / OP08-039 R
3 Cost

[Activate Main] You may rest this stage: If your leader has the {Minks} type, set up to one of your Don!! as active.

[End of your turn] Set up to one of your {Minks} type characters as active.

Edward Newgate Alternative art.

South Bird OP08-100 UC
1 Cost / 2000 Power (Wisdom)
Animals / Jaya / Sky Island
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Look at the top 7 cards of your deck and play up to one [Upper Yard] from among them. Then, place the rest of the cards on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Wanda OP08-034 R
1 Cost / 2000 Power (Slash)
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Look at 5 cards from the top of your deck; reveal up to 1 {Minks} type card other than [Wanda] and add it to your hand. Then, place the rest at the bottom of your deck in any order.

It’s to die for ♡!
Purple Event / OP08-076 UC
3 Cost
The Four Emperors / Big Mom Pirates

[Main] Add up to 1 DON!! card from your DON!! deck and set it as active. Then, if your opponent has a Character with 6000 power or more in play, add up to 1 DON!! card from your DON!! deck and set it as active.

[Trigger] Add up to 1 DON!! card from your DON!! deck and set it as active.

[EN-OP6] Joshua: GY Yamato Fortress (Part 3): Game-Plan Guidelines Against Yellow Leaders, Reiju and Law

Joshua made top-16 in Oceania Regional on Mar 23 with Green Yellow Yamato, he wrote an article for deck profile and matchups. Link to the article is here.

In part 2, he shared with us his game plan and strategies against OP-06 top-tier leaders like Sakazuki and Moria.

In this last article (part 3) is game-plan against leaders Katakuri, GY Yamato, Red Purple Law, Enel and Reiju.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

GAME PLAN against Katakuri

This is honestly a pretty easy matchup. Unless you get super unlucky and aren't able to find your kids and supporting blockers this is a really tough deck for the kat player to beat. Pretty much as long as you focus on not getting run over too quickly before you drop your Kid you should be good. Hitting op06 most Kat decks have cut out the 8 drop sec Katakuri which was the only way they could win, by just putting our kid into our life. The one thing to do for this matchup is just be mindful of their triggers, use o nami where we can and once you have them at 3 life a lot of the time its better to just not swing face and to just swing board until you get your kid down.

Another thing you really have to get down in this matchup is to be able to know when to take life and when to counter. We actually want to make sure to be at 0 by the time we drop a kid so if they drop the 10 mum we are giving them as little value as possible. They spend 10 don just to give themselves a life, we dont lose anything and they also can't attack our kid for much since they spent all their don. Maybe only a swing with the 7 mum which is just countered by a 1k. Other than 10 mum they don't really have big bodies to swing at our kid. Whenever they do put down the 10 mum we also can just use our next turn to build up even more little blockers so when they attach Don to their smaller units to hit Kid it's even harder to break through. So unless they are randomly running the 8 drop sec katakuri or run you over before you can get to your kid turn it should be a pretty free matchup. We still as always want to go second, while a lot of the time the Kat player doesn't mind going first for their pudding first play and 7 mum on curve, it does mean they can't drop 10 mum on curve. Honestly neither 7 or 10 mum even matter to us, especially if we are already at 0 life when either of them drop as they will get no value.

Another thing to mention and this will go for all yellow decks, is that you may need to counter out a bit more early on. This is mainly due to their triggers and how they can play out units for free. This is partly why once we get that first leader swing in it can be better to just swing at board or build up ours rather than going at lead more. O nami is super super valuable against yellow so this is the exception to this as if you have an o nami on your 6 don turn using her to add banish to lead then swinging 9 is really good. Forces out at least three cards and if they somehow don't have the counter they lose cards they could have in hand and most importantly for us potential triggers that would make our game harder than it needs to be.

Another small tip, this is also just in general against all yellow decks, is to actually sometimes counter out of there first or second swing if they swing only a 5 or 6. This is because it only takes one of our cards and it stops potential triggers like Kikunojo and other cards like that that require your life to be at 3 or less to play out. Not a huge thing, like if they swing 7 or more it's generally not worth countering and just taking the life to increase your hand, but it can be useful in certain situations

The last and one of the most important things is be super aware of when your opponent is looking at their life and putting cards on the bottom. You can lose games by thinking you have calculated lethal only to be hit with a Bege trigger or a blocker out of life or even a 0 cost event or amaru trigger that gives them another life. Plan around this and don't forget about when they do this. Same if they use a Hiyori to manipulate their life, just be mindful there's probably a trigger coming your way. If you think its probably a trigger to either gain another life or bege/blocker you can still swing for lead knowing this just make sure your setting aside some don to add an extra blocker or leaving up 2 for a punk gibson. Essentially setting yourself up for one more opponent's turn before definitely winning on your next.

Mulligan – Kid, rosinante, any of the searchers, Onami, Hody

Going second – as with the other matchups, going first against kata just means we need to be a little more mindful of letting too many swings through since we cant play Kid on curve. It shouldn't matter too much though, also remember they will be able to play big mum on curve. Once again and this doesn't just apply to going first but using Gedatsu to pop things is also a great play on 5 don. O nami can be super nice too on your 7 don turn since you have even more don to play with before the kid turn, so as long as you know you can't die during there next turn use that nami banish on lead and swing for 10k double attack. Super powerful. Once again you can do all this no matter if you're going first or second it just that certain plays just flow better on certain curves. Just dependent on the match

Turn 1 (2 don) – play searcher, if you already have a kid in hand it's pretty safe to just start grabbing 2ks and blockers. If you dont its obviously gonna be priority number 1 to search out the kid

Turn 2 (4 don) – either attach all to lead and swing or attach 2 or 3 to play out another searcher or use the one u played turn 1 if they didn’t KO it. We definitely do want to build our hand so the more 2ks we can find the better

Turn 3 (6 don) – As you may start to see this turn before we drop the kid is a flexible one depending on that current game state. I really like using o nami here and just attaching the rest to lead and swinging, forcing them to use the counter in hand. But if you don't have that you can always play out an early blocker, more searchers or a Gedatsu if it makes sense to play out. I don't mind using Gedatsu to take out a pero even if they get the top 3 searches off it. While they do build their hand, yes having less attacks to deal with on board is worth it a lot of the time. But as always, really read the board and game state when deciding what to play here.

Turn 4 (8 don) – Mainly just playing down kid and rosinate/other blocker. I actually tend to not swing 5 at lead with our yamato on this one just so they don't have more cards in hand and potentially more characters on board off the triggers they get if they take it. It just means it makes it even easier to keep our kid on board. If you feel as though they will counter out of it though then getting a card out of there hand is also nice. But generally i like to just play the kid and blocker and pass

Turn 5 (10 don) – from here it's pretty rinse and repeat till you win. Sometimes the games can go a little longer if they keep playing blockers or healing their life, but once our kid is down we have almost guaranteed the win, just gotta be patient and play smart. Try to take out bigger bodies if you can't immediately go lethal. If you can, of course go for it with a combination of leader swing, kid swing and Hody rush. But if you cant i would definitely focus on trying to clear there big bodies as that's the only way they can beat you if by using them to chip away at kid. Sometimes I like to even play down the Hody with the intent on resting the big bodies like 7 and 10 drop big mums just to try to clear them. If you can't then that means they have probably used a lot of counters out of hand and next turn will be easier to win the game. Just be mindful to keep replacing your blockers when they get taken out and don't forget about your punk gibson either, leaving 2 don up for that is nice. You should always have at least 2 even 3 blockers up until you can secure the win. It's just a repeat of this until you can bring home the win.

As long as you find what you need, this matchup isn't too difficult. Just make sure you don't get run over before you drop the kid and you should be set. If they do end up having the sec katakuri, if you're able to find this out early definitely plan around this and try to have 2 kids in hand. If you don't have 2 of them by the 8 or 9 don turn it might not even be worth playing it out. If you don't find out they have it till they drop it on you… well then hope for the best that you can survive that turn and try to get it back to your hand from life and just play it out the next turn. Overall though it shouldn't give you to much trouble just make sure to practice it a lot in the sim, just like with any matchup 

Thats the big 3 decks covered as this is what you will face most of the time and to not have this article be any longer then it already is ill only briefly touch on a few others. I can go into more detail on these ones over on my twitter if enough people want it.

GAME PLAN against Green Yellow Yamato (mirror match)

This might actually be the easiest matchup, regardless of what type it is (sky island or Wano). Lottery the only way they can win is by running you over before you get your kid down or forcing you to have a low hand size by your Kid's turn. They can also get super lucky with their triggers to either heal life in their last lives or just getting tons of bodies on board. But that's very rare and as long as you draw well and have your late game sorted it's a pretty easy game. Just follow the basic game plan and you shouldn't have many issues.

GAME PLAN against Red Purple Law

This one is actually the matchup I feel I still am trying to figure out. As it only gets stronger going into EB-01 I really am trying to figure out a solid game plan going into it. At the moment my general plan is to try and starve them to slowly whittle down their resources. Law is a very resource dependent deck so that's why at least at the moment this is my train of thought. So using your sugars and Izo to rest whatever they play to try to clear it or force counter is nice early on, especially that shura blocker he will cause you lots of trouble so i try to clear him right away. Gedatsu is also amazing in this matchup and I have started to try mulligan for him. Since we are starving them they will always be at 4 life and since the majority of the bodies they play are 4 cost of less we can keep clearing them with Gedatsu.

Another reason we want to try to whittle down their resources early on is so we are in a better position to play kid. Because they have so much cost reduction in gordon, raise max and Otama it's pretty easy to just play 1 or 2 of them to just instantly bottom deck the kid. It's still a work in progress and i dont think it's fully figured out yet. Law was one of my only losses, it was still a close game but my opponent was very skilled and felt in control the whole match. I will keep working on this and try to work out a good strategy against it.

GAME PLAN against Reiju

While I didn't face any during the regionals I have still played it a bunch on the sim and a few times at locals. Its slightly favored on our side but they can very much draw well and overwhelm you pretty easy. Forcing out as much of their 2ks out early is really good for going for lethal later. Since they draw a ridiculous amount anyway I don't really mind swinging big into their life, they're just going to draw a bunch the next turn anyway. Try getting a kid into your starting hand so you can focus on using your searchers to get lots of 2ks to defend him. Since they're always down on don a lot of the time they can't swing very big into kid, so having plenty of counters in hand basically guarantees he will stick.

One small tip i have found is to actually leave there 7 cost rusher on the board most of the time. Because his on play can -2000 power to a character we don't want them constantly recycling it into our kid every turn. All it takes is the 7 cost plus the 5 cost that can ko a 2 or less to get rid of one of our blockers to turn the tide against you. Generally though if you can get counter out of there hand as much as you can and establish a solid board with kid and plenty of counter, you should be good most of the time

GAME PLAN against Enel

Now enel can actually be really bad for us. Since they usually run 4 of the sec 8 cost katakuri they will just keep putting our kids into life. So my biggest tip here is to have a minimum of 2 kids in your hand by the 8 or 9 don turn, even 3 is actually nice. Because out of the sec Kat it's actually a pretty good matchup. Since they're going to be low on life they usually have to play a big body like Kat or Yamato to heal then they can't really swing too big into Kid. So as long as you're able to have a few kids ready to go it should be okay. But of course if they find all their Kats it will be hard no denying that. But even if they do keep doing that once you're that late into the game their hand size is often low and full of bricks so you can even just go for a game with leader, kid and a rush Hody. Honestly though Enel isn't that good in the current op06 meta so you probably won't even face him much. I didn't get any Enel in my run.

Deck’s Strengths and Weaknesses

This deck is super strong as a defensive late game deck. Most decks outside of black will have a very hard time removing him. It's also just super versatile with its green yellow mix and the leader abilities. Thats whats so great about yamato as a leader really is you can have success with it no matter what build you use. But the fortress build is definitely the strongest in my opinion.

Now its weakness is quite clear in its matchups against black. Their heavy removal destroys what our entire deck is built around, so that's obviously gonna set us back no matter what we do. But again coming back to the versatility of yamato, with a few deck changes we can tech some things in to deal with mainly the sakazuki matchup but it also carries over a bit to decks like moria and Perona. Now it's still a weakness yes and we would much rather dodge the Saka matchup but we have ways of winning it. If you can get that fortress going though it's almost impossible to get through.

[EN-OP6] Leon and Whitebeard: TAK Oceania Regional Winner

Hello everyone, I'm Leon Chan from Melbourne, Australia. I started OPTCG since OP01 release and have topped 6 major tournaments so far including the recent Oceania Championship Finals and OP06 TAK Regional, both with Whitebeard.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

Deck's Strategy

Whitebeard is an old deck with pretty much zero support in recent sets, so I will just go over some of the important tips that people might overlook.
Early game: I keep my opening hand if I see a searcher (Naimi/ Izo) and a rush Luffy. You want to play your Nami on turn 1 and search for a rush Luffy. If you have rush Luffy in hand already, play Izo instead to search for Ace or Edward Newgate. Playing the 2k Sanji on 2/3 dons is acceptable if you don't have a searcher. Losing a 2k counter is fine, remember that Whitebeard takes a life every turn so it is just as important to finish the game as soon as possible.
Mid game: When your opponent starts attacking your leader, you will need to decide on your game plan of whether to take life. This decision largely depends on what cards you have in your hand.
A lot of 1k counters – Defend early if your opponent is swinging 6k at you, because you will be in trouble if your opponent starts attacking you above 6k when your life reaches zero
A lot of counter events – Make sure you don't reach zero life too soon or else you won't have active dons available after you played your character down
9c Edward Newgate – Defending your life early allows you to lock your life at 1-2  
Late game: One common mistake that people make is they reserve the incorrect amount of active dons for their counter event cards in hand. Always calculate how much damage your opponent will do and reserve the correct amount of resources that you need. You may also want to think 1-2 turns ahead if you don't think your opponent will "all-in" you this turn and should plan accordingly.
Another common mistake is that people think it is always valuable to play out your searchers, but you have to ask yourself what exactly do you need to search for. Being just a 1k counter in hand is perfectly fine. There is no difference between 1k and 2k counters when your opponent is just going to attack you with 6k.
Saving these 1-2 dons allows you to attack for 7k instead of 6k which can be game changing.
These are only some of the things that Whitebeard players should watch out for. Although Whitebeard is a relatively simple deck, there's still a lot more that you can do to gain advantage as a Whitebeard player.
– Being a 6k leader is really strong on decks that rely on 5k characters
– The deck is very consistent with the amount of draws and searchers
– A lot people don't know how to play against Whitebeard optimally
– Simple to pilot
– Despite how consistent this deck is, you can still brick with a bunch of 0 counter characters and counter events.
– Very predictable for your opponent

Matchups in Regional

In this regional, I played against 5 Moria, 1 Sakazuki, 1 Katakuri, 1 Reiju, and 1 red purple Law.
Moria is supposed to be a bad matchup for Whitebeard as they can drain our hand with Perona and spam us with 6k attacks. Although it is tempting to clear their 5k characters on the board, a lot of times it is better to just ignore them.
B/B Sakazuki in my opinion is a 50/50 matchup if the Sakazuki player knows how to play against Whitebeard. 7-cost Bosalino allows them to clear our 5-cost character easily while establishing a 8k body, so playing rush Sanji on the 6-dons turn is important to play around that.
Katakuri used to be our best match up due to the amount of blockers that we could play. However, the addition of Amaru makes our blockers useless and therefore this can be a challenging match up depending on Katakuri's triggers. Most Katakuri lists play only 2-3 Amaru so dropping 2 blocker Marco on a single turn should be safe. Moreover, no one runs Thunder Bolt anymore so leaving Katakuri on 2 life is a viable play against Amaru.
Reiju is a very challenging matchup due to the amount of 2k counters and draw power they have. 7-cost Ichiji also puts a lot of pressure on us and can clear our characters very easily. If they can play Judge while having at least 2 lifes, it is pretty much over for us. So please rush their life to make sure they don't have time to play Judge. Ace also is very important to respond to their Ichiji.
R/P Law should not be too difficult for a 6k leader as they do not have a lot of dons to work with. Playing 9-cost Edward Newgate and bumping your leader to 8k should seal the game.


Shout out to all my TCG friends in Australia, all my opponents during the event, and Palms Off Gaming for providing me with top quality deck boxes and sleeves. I will most likely put out an in depth Whitebeard guide soon so please look forward to that. :>

[EN-OP6] Joshua: GY Yamato Fortress (Part 2): Game-Plan Guidelines Against Sakazuki and Moria

Joshua made top-16 in Oceania Regional on Mar 23 with Green Yellow Yamato, he wrote an article for deck profile and matchups. Link to the article is here.

In this article, he will share with us his game plan and strategies against OP-06 top-tier leaders like Sakazuki and Moria. The last article (part 3) is game-plan against leaders Katakuri, GY Yamato, Red Purple Law and Reiju.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks


This is a very interesting matchup as we basically fully abandon the fortress plan I have just layed out and go full agro. The reason for this is our kid will 90% of the time just simply be removed as soon as we play it out so it's just a waste of resources to play for it. Instead we will go as agro as we can, this is where the Izo and especially the sugars come in so handy to just constantly be resting there 4 cost blockers early on to just keep swinging at life. This is actually why I opted for sugars in the deck over more big bodies like 10 drop Doffy. Which is what this deck traditionally runs. But I found the sugars to be much more useful for this matchup and occasionally a few others. It's also just another 1k counter that's searchable so no downside really. Our little blockers are also mostly useless in this matchup so I would always just keep them for the counter in your hand.

Basically we are turning this match into a big 50/50 which is kinda the only option. This may be controversial but I actually like going second against Saka as we can often play out 2 cost sugars or Izo on that third turn to still swing for 9 or 8 after swinging for 9 on the second turn also. Same with using o nami on the third or fourth turn to still swing in for 9+. Then we really want to try to have at least 1 Hody in our hand for that lethality. It's super important as it can rest those pesky 5 cost sabo blockers which our sugars and Izos can't. Saka has a lot of bricks so if you can force out counters each turn hopefully by the time you're at your 8 9 10 don turns they don't have many resources left.

I won both my Saka match ups in OCE Regional doing this sort of play-style and both times my opponents just didn't have the counters in their hands and were just full of bricks. Another thing I tend to do, which is something I'm still not 100% on as of now, is actually countering a lot of the low early swings. Since we aren't playing with our Kid or blockers once they build up their board you won't really have much to protect yourself. So using our blockers or Gedatsu as 1k counters early on I have found to be pretty good. Occasionally this has backfired if i end up needing the card from life later on but as long as your initial hand and draws are decent I think it's fine.

Mulligan for – Sugar, Izo, Onami, Hody jones, Baby 5

We actually don't want to see our kid at all as it just clogs our hand. Same with bonnie searcher honestly as it can just bottom deck cards we need. If you really have no other play using bonnie to get 2ks or even a punk gibson is still nice though. But our main focus is having those characters that can rest the blockers. I really do think going second is better but the turn by turn below should still be relatively the same even going first.

 Going second

Turn 1 (2 don)  – if you have a searcher just play it out, ideally baby 5 to try to find sugar if you don't have any. Any 2k are also helpful.

Turn 2 (4 don) – usually just swing at face for 9. Whether they take or counter, it's good for you. Generally they will just take it but if they counter out that's honestly better cause it reduces their hand size a lot really early on. Good players will usually just take it though.

Turn 3 (6 don) – depending on what they play, ideally use sugar to rest a borsalina or rebecca blocker they play out and then just just attach the rest of don to yamato and swing 9k at lead. Izo here is also fine. It's just that it costs an extra don so our swing won't be as big, plus it's a 2k as well that could be useful later on. If they didn't play out any blocker, use Onami if you have it to add banish to you leader swing and this will basically guarantee at least 3 cards out of hand. Otherwise if u dont have Onami and they didn't play a blocker just attach all Don to lead and swing or attach 4 to lead and save 2 for a searcher to try to get more counters or Sugar.

Turn 4 (8 don) – This is a pretty flexible turn depending on the board state, hand size and what life there is. If you are confident you can go for the game by playing out a Hody to rest two blockers and attack with lead and attaching the 2 rested Don to Hody then go for it. But unless you're like 90% sure you can win by doing this it's probably better to set up to do this the following turn. So instead you should be trying to get rid of at least 1 blocker, whether that be by resting it and swinging into it or if that's just swinging big at lead and forcing them to either block it or use a ton of counter from hand. Either one is good for you. Other than that, playing out more searchers to get cards is a good option. You could even throw down 2 or 3 blockers just to slow them down and make them use resources on their next turn. This is also where leaving 2+ don up for a punk gibson or even 2 of them if you have both is super useful too. Not only can you counter some attacks but being able to rest any of their 4 cost blockers. If your opponent is good they will probably know you have a punch gibson if you leave up 2 don. So often they will just end up using their 4 cost blockers to swing since they know it will get rested anyway. However we can actually use this to our advantage and leave up 2 don at the end of your turn anyway even if you don't have a punk gibson. This bluff has actually worked more than you think. The last thing you could do and it's quite the last resort, but if you really have nothing else and have a kid in hand you just play this out with a blocker. This at least forces them to use quite a lot of resources to get rid of it. But any of the above i have found has been a better use of the Don we have.

Turn 5 (10 don) – This turn is where you can hopefully go for the game. Because if you can’t make the following turns it's gonna be pretty tough too. The general plan would be to now play out Hody to rest 2 blockers, attach the last 3 don to lead swing 8 then swing 10 with Hody by attaching the 2 rested don to him. Now if they still have 2 life and your 8k leader swing doesn't go through it can be tricky. Or if they have 3 or more blockers it's equally hard. So in these situations it's really up to you to read the board and you and your opponents hands to figure out the best plan. You could just use this turn with the goal in mind to just clear their board a little and make them use up counters so you can win the next turn, if you can survive till then that is.

If you're going first it's still very much the same plan, just slightly tweaked when you can do certain things because of the different amounts of don per turn. A small thing I'd like to add that's nice for being on the odd curve is if they counter out of your first 8k swing then the following turn when you're at 5 don u can play Gedatsu to take out any 4 cost they have. You can of course do this on the even curve too but i find by your 6 don turn they have most likely taken the life. I will say though if you get a good chance to play Gedatsu u should still do it even to just take out a small unit like tashigi or brannew. Having another body to swing with is super handy, granted it isn't instantly removed.

This is still very much just a try to run them over 50/50 playstyle, but that's honestly the best course of action with the deck we are running. I don't think it's perfect and I'm still working on small things I can do to make this a little more consistent but it won me plenty of games. 

GAME PLAN against Gecko Moria

*After writing this up I have played a bunch more into Moria and I think I have found a much more effective way to win this one, involving trying to go first actually. A lot of what I have written below still applies but there's definitely a bunch of stuff I have now changed, so I will try to write up a new one and post it over on my twitter at some point. I need to get this article out for the good people over at one piece top decks though so just gonna go with what i have here for now.*

On paper this sounds like a favorable matchup as our Kid is really effective at stopping all the 5k swings their board often has. However we mustn't forget Moria has access to those same removal cards that sakazuki has too, things like ice age, great eruption, hound blaze, Rob lucci etc are still a concern. If we are able to make our kid stick for a turn or 2 though it should be pretty easy to snowball it from there and win. We really just need to focus on getting the kid down with the Rosinate blocker. It's super important that this is the combo because that blocker really restricts what they can do to remove Kid. Now they can get around the kid with leader effect into playing down the Absolum to ko the rosinate as its only a 2 cost. So having a few rosinates in hand is really nice so if you can still make the kid stick even after the rosinante is ko'd we can still play another the next turn. But what's super powerful about the Kid Rosinate combo is that 8 cost moria into ice age + rob lucci (or just ice age rob lucci by itself) is that Rosinate can basically tank the “second " card removed from rob lucci's effect. It essentially sacks itself twice as this effect happens at the same time. So this either makes your opponent have to have Absolum to ko rosinate first or if they don't know how Rosinate works they may end up just waiting all that Don to just ko rosinate. One more thing i'd like to add is you cannot let the 4 cost Kuzan that -4 cost on attack stay on board. This will basically guarantee your kid will get removed if you play it into the Kuzan. So just keep this in mind and consider other options if it's in play when u go to play kid. This is also why I like to actually have two kids in hand in this matchup. For that Kuzan scenario but also just in general they still have ways to remove kid so being able to play a second one after they just spent so much to remove the first is really nice

Other than that we still are going with our basic strategy. Playing out searchers early to build hand size, using Onamis or Sugars in the middle turns to force counters, rest blockers or banish their life. Then taking life till we are at 0 or 1 when we play kid and using Hody jones to go for lethal by resting the blockers. A small note on Hody is it can sometimes be good to rest there 8 drop moria (granted you don't think you can currently win the game on that turn) and try swing that with the rested don plus the kid that's hopefully still on board. Getting rid of their only really big body they play is really good for keeping your kid going. I'd only do this if their hand size is pretty low though as if they have lots of cards it will be easy to counter this. 

This is a matchup where while you still want to be down to that 0 or 1 life by the time the kid comes out you definitely want to be countering out a few of the swings early as Moria builds up the board pretty quick and if your not careful all those 5k bodies can really run through your life too early. One more super important thing is to be really mindful of their trash and what cards have been played and what haven't. With this it's also important to understand what you might be sending to the trash if you are ever swinging at their board. Just as a quick example if they have an Absolum on board and they have none in trash it actually is probably best to just leave it as putting it in there trash with a ko will just come back to hurt you later as that's there main card to just get rid of your rosinate pretty easy. There's many other cases too, like with dr hogback but you get the point.

Mulligan – Kid, baby 5, bonnie, Hody jones, rosinate.

As with any matchup outside of sakazuki we really want Kid in our starting and searchers. Like I said earlier I like having 2 kids in hand for this matchup so having a bonnie searcher is really good to try to find another. You don't need rosinate in your starting hand but it's nice to guarantee it, though baby 5 should be able to find it pretty easy. As with every matchup we want to go second to drop kid on curve but it's especially nice in this match up as Moria can't drop there 8 cost moria on curve

Going second – Same thing as with most matchups, going first doesn't change what we are trying to do, just when we do things and slightly different calculations on don. Not being able to play kid on curve does mean we need to be a bit more defensive earlier. Whether that's through countering out a little more and putting up a few blockers earlier. As i pointed out in the saka matchup being on the odd curve also means you can make use a little easier of Gedaustu. So once again if they counter out of your first swing that means you're able to ko one of their 5 cost of less characters. Just be mindful of what your sending to the trash

[EN-OP6] Kyle with Moria: 1st Place at the Santa Clara Regional!

Hi I’m Kyle and I started playing towards the end of set 2. Since then I’ve gotten 6th at the first Pasadena Regionals, 2nd at Fort Worth Regionals in set 4, 2nd at the Los Angelas Regional 3v3, and 1st at the recent Santa Clara Regionals.

Deck Strategy

Gecko Moria’s strategy is to flood the board with bodies that have amazing effects.

-Early Game you would like to play Cindry on 1 don or Brannew on 2 Don. On 3 Don you really want to play Perona because it doesn’t put any cards back in the deck for it’s effect and it stops them from gaining card advantage through taking life.

-Mid Game you would like to remove bodies by using an event card like Great Eruption or Ice Age and Absolom or Rob Lucci. If you don’t have 8c Moria in hand you want to try and add it back with Hogback and you want to trash Rob Lucci with Leader effect to set up 8c Moria.

-Late Game is all about 8 drop Moria. You want to use event cards and Geko to play Rob Lucci + Helmeppo to keep board advantage.

– Good Combos would be Brannew + Lead effect on 5 Don to maximize mill and board presence. Lead effect + Sabo on 8 Don in the mirror to make their Moria awkward since they can’t pop anything. Playing two 4 drops on 7 don with leader ability to gain tempo. If you are able to make one of these 4 drops Borsalino or Kuzan this will apply extra pressure while gaining extra value.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

Matchups in Santa Clara Regionals

-R1 Perona: Go second and try not to give them too many cards and starve you of your life. Also try to hoard 8c to match their 10c Doffys.

-R2 Kata: Mulligan for Perona and set up Kuzan before 7mom turn. Borsalino is also big in the early game.

-R3 Gekko: Go 2nd and Look for Borsalino and Perona.

-R4 Reiju: Mulligan for Ice age and play for 8c Moria. Don’t take too many lives in case they Pudding you and don’t prioritize summoning Perona.

-R5: Kata

-R6: Kata

-R7 Enel: Perona is the only thing you wanna do in the early game. Later in the game it’s just about Ice age and 8c Moria.

-R8: Gecko

-R9: Gecko

Tips: The biggest tip I can give is to play for resource management. Black has the most broken value cards so we just want to out value our opponent till they have no more resources.

Moria Leader Guideline: Game Plan against Meta Deck

Against Sakazuki you really need to find more 8c Morias than they do. Because your leader can recur him from the trash while they can’t you should hopefully have more at your disposal than they do. Black matchups are all about resources so you want to try and not drop to less cards in hand than they do. Because you are a 5 health leader you should take hits to life as they provide card advantage.

-In the mirror match : 4c Borsalino and Sabo are huge because they prevent your board from being KO’d. It’s also similar to Sakazuki where you don’t want to drop to less cards and hoard your 8c Morias.

-An important combo in both match-ups is when the opponent drops their Moria. You use a 1 don minuser (great eruption or tsuru) on Moria, Ice Age the Moria, then drop your 8c and play Lucci and Helmeppo. Helmeppo to minus the 4c they played off of Moria and Lucci to pop both.

For yellow match ups I mulligan for Perona because Enel and Katakuri end up with large hands over the course of the game. You also want to set up Kuzans to counter their big drops and hoard ice ages. Moria on curve is really huge but Sabo is also really important to keep yourself alive from any reject/amaru plays.

For R/P Law the only thing that matters is minusers (especially great eruption) and poppers because their board is their life. Usually you will only resolve one Moria in this match up so make sure to have 1 but ditch the others.

-Deck's Strengths: I think the deck’s biggest strength is that he is a 5 life leader that runs twelve 2K counters making him one of the hardest leaders to kill. This gives him a strong match up vs Red and Yellow leaders that pray on 4 health leaders. The deck’s second biggest strength is being a leader that can consistently dig for 8c Gecko.

Deck's Weaknesses: I think this deck doesn’t have many weaknesses besides being at the mercy of your mill sometimes. I choose Geko for Santa Clara cause I believes it has little to no bad matchups.


I want to give a shoutout to my sponsor ProjectCCG in Alhambra CA. My friends Dylan, Nicky, Adam, and Jackie for supporting me and giving me amazing practice. Also shoutout to CoreTCG for hosting the event and OP Top Decks for having me.

[EN-OP6] Joshua: GY Yamato Fortress, Top-16 OCE Regional

Hello everyone my name is Joshua Jeffery and I only recently started getting into properly playing the OPTCG. It's been a very fun experience learning this game over the last few months and if you put in the effort you can definitely start to see results quite quickly. This most recent placement of mine that I will be discussing today is my best to date, 14th in the online Oceania regionals. While I still think I have a long way to go and are by no means at a pro level yet, I still hope you will find some useful information in this article. 

Yamato Leader

Fortress Yamato, It plays exactly how it sounds really. But being able to get all your pieces set up and knowing when to play cards, counter, take life etc will really affect the outcome of your games. It's still something i'd like to get better at. 

The basic idea around this deck is to use that juicy double attack on the Yamato leader to reduce our opponent's life so that we can play 8 cost Kid on curve and be able to attach the 2 rested Don from our leader's other ability once we have our opponent at 3 or less life. Which incidentally is what will happen no matter what granted you get one swing through regardless of if it's a 4 or 5 life leader you are facing. With our supporting little blockers, searchers and some great cards such as banish Onami and our late game lethal in Hody Jones in the mix this deck is overall just super fun to play and is quite adaptable to whatever your playing into.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks


So the general gameplan is early turns try to use your searchers to find key pieces. If you don't get a Kid in your starting hand you want to at least have the Bonney searcher so you can still find one. Then we want to be swinging at the opponent's leader to try to get at least one hit through. Against certain decks, which I will go into later, using our Sugars and Izo to rest 4 cost or lower blockers to get swings through is also viable (we actually drop the whole fortress plan entirely sometimes but I will go into this further at the matchups part).

As we get to our 8 drop Kid turn we can be using Onami to double attack banish, Gedatsu to KO some on the board if we are starving them or even throw down a blocker and or another searcher or two if the situation suits it.

By the time we get to our 8 or 9 don turn we ideally want a big hand and be able to attach that rested Don to Kid. So as long as you have the hand to defend the Kid, having your life all the way down to 0 or 1 is actually ideal because that's where you will be getting more cards. So then we can play our Kid down, use the card effect to rest the kid and play out a cheap blocker, ideally Rosinante which is a disgusting combo and honestly will do most of the heavy lifting in winning you games. If you didn't know the Rosinante blocker has an effect on it where if one of your rested characters were to be KOed (Kid) you can trash Rosinate instead.

Outside of the few direct KO and bottom deck cards that can just take Rosinate off the board this is an extremely powerful combo, because even if your opponent uses something like Amaru to rest your Rosinate you can still use the cards effect. 

So by now you should have an established board with one or more blockers along with your essentially now 8k leader Kid. With your hopefully large hand full of 2k counters to make sure kid stays alive; if he makes it to the next turn your in a really good spot. This is where we go for lethal with Hody Jones. The over MVP of the deck. This card is actually so good and has won me so many games do not sleep on it. Being able to just play it out to rest 2 characters and or don is actually insane and taking your own life if you even had any left is fine too since it just adds more cards to hand and we have a kid on board. One small  note is to not forget you are able to rest don with Hody also. This is so so useful against decks like Whitebeard and Zoro that run lots of counter events, so don't forget you can do this, especially against those decks.

So ideally by this point using a combo of Hody Jones resting blockers and/or don you should be able to swing for lethal. If they still have 2 lives and a low hand size you can try swing for 8 with Yamato after using 7 Don to rest any blockers with Yamato. Or if not just swing Yamato first then play the Hody for 7 Don, then attach those 2 rested don to Kid to try swing 10k for lethal and to make sure if they survive this onslaught the kid ability is still active as he has don on him.

 That's a very basic outline but as we all know one piece games can change on the fly and its never as easy as just mindlessly “following the plan”. Certain matchups actually can change what our entire deck is built around to the complete opposite. I will go into detail now on how to handle and adapt to the current meta leaders in the game and you will see what I mean.

Matchups in OCE Regional

R1: RP Law – Win

I'm still not 100% confident playing against this Leader yet so this game was probably a little closer than it needed to be (I will have another article for Yamato Fortress guideline where I write details about game plan to each popular leader in OP6 meta). But I stuck to resting their stuff early on to get the counter out of hand and was able to pull off the win with a Hody resting blockers along with the leader swing. Low key the kid might even be good to use as bait almost because he used an Otama and Gordon to remove it then during my turn when I got the win he said if he kept the Otama he would have been able to counter out so there you go. Going to keep working on that matchup.

R2: Moria – loss

This was a rough one. I just couldn't get the cards I needed and had no way to remove his Kuzan. So it just kept getting rid of my Kid and my board. It was close by the end and quite a grindy matchup but he just had the slight upper hand the whole time, felt like I was always slightly behind. Again a matchup I want to work on more and one I have already begun to find a better way to beat and am already more confident in it.

R3: Sakazuki – win

This one wasn't too hard, just mulligan for a good hand with an Izo and Sugar in it and top decked a Hody 2 turns later so everything was set. My opponent did get pretty unlucky early on with bricks in hand as both my turn 2 and 3 swings landed so by 4th turn he was already at 0 life. All it took was playing out the Izo and sugar that turn to rest two blockers swing with lead, forcing the counters out. Then the following turn they didn't have the answers for my rush hody swing at life

R4: Katakuri – win

Again a pretty simple match just followed the basic plan and got my Kid down on curve and had everything I needed to defend him and slowly grind out the game till i won. Now funnily enough this player actually was running the 8 cost sec Katakuri so that could have been scary but he didn't find it and I checked after and he was only running it as a 1 of so wouldn't have been that much of an issue anyway

R5: Yamato (sky island) – win

I mean this matchup just isn't fair if i'm being honest. As I stated in the yamato mirror matchup, as long as you don't get run over and have enough counters by the time you drop your kid you basically can't lose. That's exactly what happened. I just had my kid down, kept protecting it, playing out an extra blocker each turn until they had nothing left and going for the game was free.

R6: Whitebeard – win

This was a really interesting one because I was not expecting to face this at all. I have played against enough on the sim to understand how it goes on a basic level so that was good. Honestly though its really not that bad if you can get at least one double attack through by the time you go for your game winning turn they will be at zero life. Hody is the undoubted MVP on this matchup, being able to rest don against white beard is so so powerful.

The turn prior to my winning turn I had the Kid down with a Monet blocker (the one that can rest a 4 cost of less on block). He has a Marco blocker on board and the Nami searcher. He played down the 7 cost ace that gives -3000 power and has rush, so he did that to my kid and attacked it first. So I just used the blocker to get out of the attack and rest his Marco blocker. Then just countered out of the leader swing onto kid. He then left up 2 don and passed. He had no life by this point so it was basically over from there. I just played the hody to rest the don and swung at lead with everyone and he didn't have enough counter. Now to be fair his small mistake in letting me rest his blocker did help me win but honestly I still think i would have won even by only resting 1 don and blocker. So for this match up really keep in mind don there leaving up and use hody to rest it. 

R7: Sakazuki – win

This was a much closer game then the first Saka match, coming right down to a couple counter difference. My opponent was clearly a very good Saka player and it definitely showed here. I went with the usual game plan against saka but this player had much more counter and blockers this time round. I also didn't get as many Sugars and Izo as I wanted. So instead I was swinging with some don at lead forcing them to use blockers or counter out and using the rest of the don on a lot of my searchers to build up my 2ks, which is a big reason for the win. It was very grindy and came right down to his turn when we basically had to swing with everything and hope he could win on that turn as he wouldn't be able to survive the next one.

Now the interesting part about this was that he assumed i had a hody to rest his blockers which i actually didn't so this win may also be partly due to his small judgment error. Nonetheless he swung with everything he had on board including the blockers and I just had enough 2ks and life to get out of it and just swung all in at lead next turn. So that's another good tip for saka, if you can't keep resting blockers to swing life try to use up your searchers and get lots of counters for the late game.

R8: RP Law – loss

Very similar to the first RP law I faced and won but this one just didn't go in my favor as much. Also my opponent was very good, he came 8th overall. Skilled RP law players are scary lol. But yeah I went with a similar plan and it was working but i just simply didn't have the cards I needed to get over the line this time. Still very close though, I basically was forced to go for a hody to rest the 2 blockers and swing 8 with leader to hopefully take their last 2 life and swing 10 with hody for game. But he just had that one extra 2k that got him out of the leader swing and it was over from there. It was actually a card he considered playing the turn before but decided against it and it won him the game. So still close but i have to work on a more solid plan for that pesky law.

R9: Yamato (wano) – win

This is basically the same as the other Yamato game its pretty much a free win. This player was running sanji blockers which really heeded by progress and actually got one as a trigger on his last life that saved him for one more turn. But at the end of the day it's the same story, they dont have big bodies outside of Hody to swing at your kid and you will have the counters and blockers to deal with whatever they throw at you. It's just more a time thing and slowly getting there resources down until they have nothing left.

Tips or Hints

I feel I have shared most tips throughout the various sections so I will use this to briefly talk about playing and improving at this game as a whole. Believe it or not I only started fully playing this game 2 months ago. But I think I used my time and practice effectively to be able to pull an amazing result so soon. There are so many incredibly talented people at this game who make invaluable resources for you to get better at the game. Use these, watch plenty of youtube videos, if you can afford to spend a bit of money on patriots from qualified players. It truly will drastically help you improve, at a pretty quick rate might I add. I mean even the goats over at one piece top decks. I checked this website daily and still do to keep up with the meta in the east as well as seeing now ways to improve current decks, as well as reading through similar articles to this one to help with more specific things. 

Make sure you are going to as many locals as you can also. Playing in person is really different to just playing on the sim. It's small things but remembering to actually do every action is crucial, there are little things you can forget because you're used to the sim auto doing it. Speaking of the sim, make sure you're also grinding this out. Its an incredible resource to just constantly get games against all types of decks and skill levels. Lastly use the tcg matchmaking discord to get some ranked sim practice in. People will generally try a bit harder in these and use meta decks so it's a bit better practices.


If you have somehow made it to the end after reading all that I do appreciate it and I truly hope you learned at least something from this. Once again I dont think I'm even close to being at a top level, I have so much further to go. But thats thats the beauty of this game its just so damn fun and addicting to play and get better at. So i just want to say if you have any amount of competitive drive and enjoy playing the game go for it. You will see results if you put the effort in

I don't have too many shoutouts for right now as I'm still fairly new to the scene but my local area in Canberra has been amazing so far so shout out to any of the Canberra locals. It's been super fun to play and improve at the locals.

I plan on posting more about yamato fortress and just opctg in general on my twitter so please go follow it @Redzoptcg (https://twitter.com/Redzoptcg)  if you have any interest and any questions at all feel free to jump over there also and ask away

Finally i'd like to thank One Piece Top Decks for giving me the opportunity to write this i very much enjoyed it and make sure you keep supporting these guys they do so much for the community.

Leaks OP-08: Two Legends

Chopper and Carrot Alternative art, the classic style.

Charlotte Katakuri (OP08-063) R
6 Cost / 7000 Power (Strike)
Big Mom Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] You may flip the top card of your Life facedown: Add up to 1 DON!! card from your DON!! deck and set it as active.

Charlotte Opera
Yellow Character / OP08-102 UC
6 Cost / 6000 Power (Special)
Big Mom Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] You may trash 1 card from your hand: KO up to one of your opponents characters with a cost equal to or less than your own life total.

Black Maria (OP08-074) SR
3 Cost / 2000 Power (Special)
Animal Kingdom Pirates
[Counter +2000]

[Activate: Main] [Once Per Turn] If you have no other [Black Maria], add up to 5 DON!! cards from your DON!! deck rested. Then at the end of your turn, return DON!! cards from your field to the DON!! deck until the number of DON!! cards on your field is equal to the number on your opponent's field.

King (OP08-060) R
7 Cost / 8000 Power (Special)
Animal Kingdom Pirates

[On Play] DON!!-1: If your opponent has 5 or more DON!! cards on their field, this Character gains <Rush> until the end of the turn.

Yellow SR, 5 Cost, 6000 power.

Edward Newgate (OP08-043) SR
10 Cost / 12000 Power (Special)
Whitebeard Pirates

[On Play] If your Leader's type includes "Whitebeard Pirates" and you have 2 or less Life cards, until the end of your opponent's next turn all of your opponent's Characters cannot attack unless they first discard 2 cards from their hand.

Thatch (OP08-045) UC
4 Cost / 5000 Power (Slash)
Whitebeard Pirates
[Counter +1000]

If this character were to be KO.ed, or removed from play by your opponents effect, you may place this character into the trash, and then draw one card instead.

Jinbei (OP08-085) UC
5 Cost/ 6000 Power
Fishman/ Strawhat Pirates

[Donx1][When attacking] If you have a character with a cost of 8 or more, KO up to one of your opponent's characters with a cost of 4 or less

Pekoms OP08-029 C
4 Cost / 6000 Power (Strike)
Minks / Big Mom Pirates

When this character is active, your cost 3 or less {Minks} type characters other than [Pekoms] cannot be KO’d by effects.

Montblanc Norland (OP08-109) R
5 Cost/ 6000 Power (Slash)
Jaya / Botanist
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] If your leader has the <Shandoran Warrior> type and you have a "Kalgara" character in play, add up to 1 card from the top of your deck to the top of your life.

Wiper (OP08-110) R
4 Cost/ 5000 Power (Wisdom)
Sky Island / Shandoran Warrior
[Counter +2000]

[On Play] Look at the top 4 cards of your deck, reveal up to 1 {Upper Yard} and then add it to your hand. Then, put the remaining cards to the bottom of the deck in any order and play up to 1 {Upper Yard} from your hand.

20 Doctors
Red Character (OP08-003) C
2 Cost/ 2000 Power (Wisdom)
Drum Kingdom
[Counter +1000]


Electrical Luna (OP08-036) R
3 Cost

[Main] All of your opponent’s rested characters with a cost of 7 or less do not become active during your opponent’s next refresh phase.

[Trigger] Rest up to one of your opponent’s characters.

Dr. Kureha
Red Character (OP08-015) R
1 Cost/ 2000 Power (Wisdom)
Drum Kingdom
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] Look at the top 4 cards of your deck, choose a {Tony Tony Chopper} or a card with the {Drum Kingdom} type except for Dr. Kureha and reveal it then add it to your hand. Then, put the remaining to the bottom of the deck in any order.

Green Character / OP08-030 R
4 Cost / 5000 Power (Slash)
[Counter +1000]

[When KO’d] Choose 1:
•Rest up to one of your opponents Don!!
•KO up to one of your opponent’s rested cost 6 or lower characters.

Yellow Character / OP08-107 C
1 Cost / 2000 Power (Special)
Big Mom Pirates/Homies
[Counter +1000]

[Activate main] You may rest this character: Give up to one of your [Charlotte Pudding] +2000 power for the turn.

Charlotte Custard
Yellow Character / OP08-103 UC
2 Cost / 3000 Power (Slash)
Big Mom Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[Activate main][Once Per Turn] You may add the top card of life to your hand: Give up to one of your characters +1000 power until the end of your opponents next turn.

Blue character / (OP08-047) R
6 Cost / 7000 Power (Strike)
Whitebeard Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On Play] You may return one of your characters other than this card to your hand: Return up to one cost 6 or lower character to the original owners hand

Kalgara (OP08-098)
Yellow Leader
5 Life / 5000 Power (Slash)
Jaya/ Sky Island / Shandorian Warriors
[Don!!x1] [When attacking] Put a character with the {Shandorian Warriors} type from your hand into play that has a cost equal to or less than the number of Don!! you control. Then, if you played a card, put the top card of your life into your hand.

Charlotte Pudding (OP08-058)
Purple Yellow Leader
4 Life / 5000 Power (Wisdom)
Big Mom Pirates

[When attacking] You may turn the top 2 life cards of your life face up: Add up to one Don!! card from your Don!! deck as rested

Black Character (OP08-080) R
1 Cost/ 2000 Power
Animal Kingdom Pirates

On Play: Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, choose a <Animal Kingdom Pirates> except for Queen and add it to your hand, put the remaining to the bottom of the deck in any order.

The participants prize for May "exchange meeting" will be Koala and new leader Sakazuki

Red character / (P-069)
1 cost / 1000 Power (Strike)
Revolutionary Army
[Counter +1000]

[Activate Main] [Once per turn] Give your leader or up to one of your characters up to one rested don!!.

Portgas D Ace
Blue character / (OP08-052) R
5 cost / 6000 Power (Special)
Whitebeard Pirates
[Counter +1000]

[On play] Reveal the top 1 card of your deck, you may put into play up to 1 character with the type [Whitebeard Pirates] and a cost of 4 or less. After this, return the remaining cards to the top or bottom of the deck.

Black character (OP08-0?) SR
7 cost/ 8000 Power (Slash)
Animal Kingdom Pirates

This character has +4 cost
[Activate Main] You may rest this card: Draw one card and trash one card from your hand. Then KO up to one of your opponents cost 3 or lower characters.

King (OP08-057)
Purple Black Leader
4 Life / 5000 Power (special)
Animal Kingdom Pirates

[Activate:Main] [Once per Turn] Don!!-2 (you may return the specified number of Don!! to your Don!! deck)
Choose one:
•If your hand is 5 or less cards, draw 1 card.
•Give up to one of your opponents characters -2 cost this turn.

Ryuma (P-072)
Green Character
4 cost / 6000 Power (Slash)

[On Play/On KO] Rest up to one of your opponents cost 4 or less characters.

The Ryuma promo is included in the official guidebook for " #MONSTERS 103 Jo Hiryu Samurai Goku", an original work by Eiichiro Oda.

Saikyo Jump Magazine issues for May, "Strongest 3 Brothers Pack" using newly drawn illustrations (have to order). 

Luffy P-075
Black character
7 cost/ 7000 Power (Strike)
Supernova / Strawhat Crew

[On Play] Give your leader or one of your characters up to one rested Don!!

[When attacking] If you have a cost 8 or greater character in play, draw one card then discard one card from your hand.

Ace (P-074)
Blue Character
3 cost / 4000 Power (special)
Whitebeard Pirates
Counter +1000

[Activate:Main] You may return this character to its owner’s hand: Look at the top 5 cards of your deck, then place them in any order on the top or bottom of your deck.

Sabo (P-073)
Yellow Character
5 cost / 5000 Power (special)
Dressrosa / Revolutionary Army
Counter +2000

[Activate:Main] [Once Per Turn] You may put the top or bottom of your life cards into your hand: This turn give this character +1000 power.

Marco (OP08-002)
Red Blue Leader
4 Life / 5000 Power (special)
Whitebeard Pirates

[Don!!x1] [Activate:Main] [Once per Turn] Draw one card, then place one card from your hand on the top or bottom of your deck. Then give up to one of your opponents characters -2000 for this turn.

Tony Tony Chopper (OP08-001)

Red/Green Leader
4 Life / 5000 Power (Strike)
Animal / Drum Kingdom / Straw Hat Crew

[Activate:Main] [Once per Turn] Put up to 1 rested DON!! each on up to 3 of your [Animal] or [Drum Kingdom] type characters.

Carrot (OP08-021)
Green Leader
5 Life / 5000 Power (special)

[Activate:Main] [Once per Turn] If you have a character with the {Minks} type in play, rest up to one of your opponents cost 5 or less characters.

2 Legends Pack & Box Design

One Piece Card Game Booster OP-08 Two Legends product information:

Release Date: 25 May 2024

Total 125 types + 1

・Leader card: 6 types
・Common: 45 types
・Uncommon: 30 types
・Rare: 26 types
・Super rare: 10 types.

・Secret rare: 2 types
・Special: 6 types
・Don!! Card: 1 type

Leaders: Chopper, Carrots Red, Marco, King, Pudding and Nami (This is from some leaks, UNCONFIRMED)

[JP] Ives: Black Rob Lucci Deck

 Greetings, I'm Ives Rementina from the Philippines. I've immersed myself in OPTCG since August 27, 2023, drawing from my experience in card games like Pokemon and Hearthstone. Over the past six months, I've achieved notable success in OPTCG, regularly clinching the championship title in local tournaments, maintaining a steady presence in the top 8 of flagship events, and reaching the finals once in a flagship tournament.

Deck Choice

I opted to experiment with Rob Lucci because I believe he possesses the capability to effectively counter numerous meta decks. Additionally, I'm eager to test his potential, as I frequently rotate through different leaders in flagship events.

My strategy with this deck revolves around exerting maximum control over the board and managing my discard pile meticulously. Given the stringent restrictions on CP cards, it's crucial to optimize their effects. Moreover, I anticipate that my Moria 8 combo will function seamlessly, contingent upon the state of my discard pile.

Click into the image for decklist in One Piece Top Decks

Deck's Weakness: The sole vulnerability of this deck lies in facing BY Luffy, primarily due to its ability to utilize the Sabo blocker effectively and potentially loop it, along with the threat posed by Nami.


In my initial matches with this deck, I faced a series of all-control black decks, comprising opponents like Sakazuki, Moria, and Perona. Emerging victorious from these encounters, I opted to stick with the same deck for the following day. In my most recent tournament, I was matched against adversaries such as Bonney, Katakuri, Sakazuki, and RP Law. Employing a consistent strategy centered around board control and careful management of my discard pile, I approached each matchup with specific tactics:

For Sakazuki, my focus is on maintaining control of the board and keeping my hand size below six for a possible Pudding shuffle. If my discard pile allows, winning the Moria 8 contest through Spandine becomes feasible. Alternatively, in situations where I lack reducing cost cards to deal with Moria, I rely on Stussy for a solution.

Facing Perona, the strategy revolves around controlling the board and securing victory in the Moria 8 contest through Spandine. Additionally, countering Doffy 10 spam with Stussy proves effective.

Against Moria, the emphasis remains on board control and winning the Moria 8 contest through Spandine. Once the opponent struggles to counter my board presence, I employ plays like Rebecca and Sabo as blockers to safeguard against K.O. effects.

Regarding Bonney, I maintain a strategic advantage and exercise caution during the Bonney 5 rest play, always ensuring I have alternative plays for the subsequent turn. Threats such as Zoro 9 and Doffy are effectively addressed using Stussy.

In the Katakuri matchup, the disadvantage arises from characters with K.O. death effects like Perospero and Kikonojo. Although challenging to deal with unless I have Brook 6, countering Big Mom 10 with Stussy remains a viable option.

As for RP Law, my opponent conceded the game. However, my typical plan for overcoming RP Law involves leveraging characters like Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Sabo 8 to secure victory.

When comparing this leader to Black Blue Sakazuki, Sakazuki stands out for its greater consistency and access to bottom effects. On the other hand, Rob Lucci lacks a filtering skill like Sakazuki, and its CP cards are subject to stricter restrictions than Navy. However, if you possess the appropriate cards in your hand and discard pile, Rob Lucci's combo holds significant value and proves rewarding.

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