[JP] 1st Place in OP SouthEastAsia Final with Kaido.

Invited Author: Meh Kah Lok (1st place of South East Asia Prelims Final)
Country: Malaysia

Meh Kah Lok of Malaysia won the One Piece Card Game South-East Asia Finals, the win grants him the title of the best One Piece Card Game player in the region and a chance to represent the SEA region in the Asian Championship in Japan.

The final was the battle of 22 players who represented their countries by winning their prelims tournaments.

About me

Ahoy, my Hearties! My name is Meh Kah Lok, or easier to remember, Captain Jackle, similar and by coincidence but not named after the great pirate Jack Sparrow nor Jackie CHAN, and I am a card game enthusiast for decades. I've been playing for many years and have had the pleasure of competing in several tournaments. Although I have had some successes, I consider myself to be always a bucko of the game, always learning and trying to improve my skills. I've been playing card games for many a moon, with a particular fondness for games like Yu-Gi-Oh and somehow Digimon. I am excited to be a part of this community and look forward to ready to hoist the sails and navigate the rough seas of strategy.

My Deck: Purple Kaido

I used the OP02 prison city series to fortify me defences. Hannyabal be a mighty fine crew member, takin' care of scallywags like Nami, Bonny, and Momosuke during battles against red and green teams. I also use cards like the event 2-don Hell’s Judgment; blocker Domino and Sadi for defence. Recently, I added Shiryu to me crew, specifically for countering red/green 1-don key card, and also to amplify King similar board control effect in some cases.

Check out this link for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks.

For my offensive strategy, I still mostly rely on Purple Kaido King's system for its powerful destructive capabilities and strong attack abilities, as well as its leader's skill to deal extra damage.

During this SEA Championship, I had almost given up after losin' two games in Swiss 5, but I managed to qualify in 4th place and went on to defeat the two mateys I lost to in Swiss in the Top Cut and score the championship. It is a surprising and fortunate turn of events.

In the early stages of OP02, I used Kinemon Green Deck conquering the rough seas, eventually changed back to Kaido for this SEA Championship, and won with the deck of evil purplish crew I was most confident in and with no regret. It is a feelin' that's hard to describe, but let's just say it be pretty amazin'. I want to thank me crew, the MEHvolutionary Army, especially Ivan Carlos Xuan. Thank ye.

Last but not least, I be blessed with a wife that be always by my side, always supportin' me and cheerin' me on. She be meh first mate, meh confidante, and meh rock. She be the one who keeps me steady when the seas be rough, and she be the one who celebrates with me when we reach port. She be the one who believed in me, even when I doubted myself. She be the reason why I keep pushin' forward and strive for greatness. Her love and support be the treasure I treasure most. I be forever grateful for havin' such an amazin' wife by my side.


One Piece Southeast Asia Area Final

Deck:Purple Kaido-MY

R1:Red Zoro-SG: L
R2:Red Zoro-ID: W
R3:Purple Kaido-PH: W 
R4:Red Zoro-TH: W
R5:Green/Red Law-TH: L

Swiss Result:4th

Green/Red Law -TH: Won

Red Zoro-SG: Won

The SEA Championship began with 5 rounds of Swiss and unfortunately, my first round did not go as well as I had hoped. I had ONIGASHIMA as my starting hand and thought that I could control the opponent's field with KING, but I couldn't draw into KING or KAIDO even though I had 2 QUEEN played to draw up 4 cards. To make matters worse, one of the Queens was Jetted, and by the time I finally got a 7-Don King, the opponent already had Whitebeard in the field. I was still trying to fight aggressively and take down the opponent's life, but I was defeated flatly and hopelessly. In the first round, I was defeated by Zoro, and in the second round, I faced Zoro again. This time I had Onigashima as my starting hand, and the strategic pressure of kings continued. The opponent had no characters to attack and no cards to counterattack. In the end, double down KINGS left the opponent with no chance. Victory.

Luck was still on my side in the third round, a mirror match, and I had Onigashima as my starting card. This made it difficult for the opponent to start, and towards the end, I put down a 10-don Kaido and blew up the opponent's field, but the opponent also counter blew up my field. However, I had the advantage of Onigashima and counterattacked with another 10-don blow up. In the end, both of us managed to blow up each other’s 10-don Kaido, but I got the last hit and won the game.

In the fourth round, I faced Zoro again and had a starting hand with a King. I was able to defend and attack smoothly and successfully, resulting in a victory. In the fifth round, I had Onigashima as my starting card, thinking it was only one round left and victory goddess standing on my side, but it ended up as a bad ending. I didn't manage to draw any KING or KAIDO throughout the entire game. The opponent's leader's pressure suppressed my hand size, my biggest character was Shiryu, and I was completely unable to continue fighting. Defeated.

Despite being disappointed with the 3-2 final score, I was fortunate to secure a spot in the top 4 cut. This was my last chance, but with the help of god, I hope to continue to navigate the challenging world of strategy.

In the top 4, I faced against R/G LAW-TH whom I met 5th round swiss and had Onigashima as my starting card. I chose to play kings and was able to get the advantage I wanted. My opponent had bad luck and didn't draw any fetcher characters. I continued to play kings to create pressure and my opponent was unable to use their leader's effect. Eventually, my opponent drew Bonny and I knew I had won as I had a 10-don Kaido. I was able to take out all the characters on the field with it, leaving my opponent with 4 cards and no health. My opponent was unable to draw any blockers and I won. This was a successful comeback for me.

In the FINAL round, I faced against Red Zoro-SG, who had defeated me in the first round. I did not have Onigashima as my starting card and did not have a king in hand. I had 1 10-don Kaido, 1 Thunder Bagua, 2 Hannyaba, and 1 blocker. I chose to play all of the Hannyaba and searched for Judgment of Hell and blocker Domino. I continued to defend and take damage to my leader. I sacrificed all blockers when I had 2 health left, and my opponent chose to attack my leader with Thunder Bagua. I was able to play a sleeping don and then take out all the characters on the field with 10-don Kaido. I then attacked with 4-don Shiryu and 2-don event, and my opponent was unable to defend against Kaido's attack, resulting in my victory.

[EN] SakuraKingdom: Swimming to Become Dragons: 1st of 44 with Purple Kaido

Invited Author: Sakura Kingdom
Country: USA

What’s up, everybody?!

My name’s Cody (a.k.a. KCodes or Sakura Kingdom), and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to write about my tourney win with Purple Kaido! I’m a big fan of this site (I visit it at least twice a day to see what new lists are up and get some data going with them), so getting to do this is amazing. I’ve been a fan of One Piece since 2004, and I got into competitive TCGs in 2017, hopping from Pokemon to Yu-Gi-Oh and back for a bit before OPCG got announced, at which point I was all in.

All I’ve wanted since Spring was to play One Piece in tournaments, so once the game came out in Japan, I spent a lot of time looking at Japanese tournament results (sadly I didn’t know about this site yet) and started a YouTube channel called Sakura Kingdom, where I discussed my findings just as OP01 came out internationally! If you enjoy what I have to say in this article and want more info as we finish this format and head into set 2, check it out – if what I’ve found so far helps you out, that would make me incredibly happy!

On Thursday, January 5, I had just returned to LA from a trip home, and was looking for a locals to play with my buddy. We found out that Table 1 Gaming had a tournament scheduled that night with a decently sized player cap at 32, so we decided to head over there. When we arrived, the store was packed – It turned out that they had gone past the cap and ended up with 43 players!!

Deck Choice

Before the tournament, I had been looking at how the documented wins had been distributed between different Leaders over the past week, and that told me that Kid was BY FAR the most successful deck at the moment. We all know how much power Kid has in the OP01 format, but he had twice the number of wins as the next most successful deck by that metric, and 1.5 times as many as the next if I narrowed the sample down even further and looked at the last 30 reported wins.

I also have a ridiculous spreadsheet that tracks matchup winrates using data I collected from online tourneys, so plugging the numbers in there put two choices at the very top: Kid and Kaido. If I felt the last week was a better representation going in, that gave Kaido more weight. If I went with the last 30 days, Kid was more likely to succeed.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love data and math. Data does a lot to help me find a starting point when I make a big decision with a card game, but to truly make a choice, I need to give that data context and weigh it against the factors that affect myself as a player specifically. It makes sense that these two were the choices I arrived at: Kid has an amazing matchup spread thanks to its versatility, and Kaido has a great matchup against Kid itself, but it can struggle against certain decks, especially Zoro. I knew that Kid would be a popular choice either way, but I was still unsure about how much Zoro I would see, especially without the context that playing at a store I had actually been to before would have given me.

And that leads into the final factor that influenced my deck choice: experience. I’m in a place where I want to get a good range of testing in against every matchup with a deck before I play it in a tourney. Kaido was the first set 1 deck I started playing, and at this point I have at least twice as many games in with it as I do with any other deck. While I do have enough games with Kid (and Doffy) in to the point that I can say I have a good idea of how the deck itself works, I still think there’s a good deal more I can do to learn certain matchups. As Kaido, playing the Zoro matchup feels stressful because it’s unfavored, but playing the Kid mirror feels worse for me because it’s territory that I’ve barely navigated in comparison. Since I figured I’d be more likely to play against Kid as Kid than against Zoro as Kaido, and especially due to where my own testing experience has been allocated, Kaido felt like the right choice for that night.


The list I took to the tournament is pretty similar to one I made a video about just before set 1 dropped internationally, but playing in tournaments made me realize there were some updates to be made. Here's the list I arrived at:

Check out this link for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks.

I'll go into specifics about my card choices very soon, but I wanted to talk quickly about how I like playing Kaido (thanks again to a player names vampoch who gave me a lot of insight and inspiration to this end): even though Kaido has some of the strongest offensive effects in the game, its DEFENSIVE capabilities are what truly allow it to thrive. A hefty counter and blocker package is what lets it survive to the point where it can take an opponent from 2 Life to losing the game in one turn after accruing enough resources and pressure. In the early game, I'll usually counter any 5000 or 6000 attacks on my Leader if I can do so with one card, and potentially block something 7000 or higher IF I think there's a chance of my blocker getting removed the next turn, or if my opponent is far ahead on setup. But for the most part, I'm okay with losing my first 3 life as long as they have to put a significant amount of resources into making that happen – keeping a strong board up without using too many resources to defend my stronger characters is my priority in this phase. This is, of course, a general guideline: while I do find myself sticking to it in most games, there are definitely weird situations that pop up where I need to diverge a bit.

Once I get to 2 life (or 3 in the mirror), I go all in on defense, only choosing to let a hit in if defending it would be an inefficient use of my resources (eg. Blast Breath on a 6000 hit). My goal is to control the board to the degree that I'm getting more swings in and put as much pressure on my opponent with big bodies to run them out of Counter. Once my opponent is at 2 life and I have at least one big attacker in addition to my Leader (plus one more for each blocker my opponent has on the field) I evaluate how much counter they likely have in hand, and if I'm very confident it will work, put 7 DON on my Leader (or additional characters), swing to get rid of the second to last life, use my leader effect, and then swing with my big character for game. Again, I only do this if I’m very confident that it will give me the win, and there are a surprising amount of games where I just attack into their last Life because it ends up being the more efficient option in the long term. But this Leader effect is VERY strong, especially when used wisely.

4 Higurashi, 4 Black Maria (ST04)

Cheap blockers are obligatory in Kaido. Near the end of the game, there's a good chance you'll have one, maybe two decent sized characters on the board to try and get your kill turn in, so they can put in a lot of work to preserve your board or stop THEM from killing you while saving your DON to put pressure on. Oftentimes if I reach the point where I'm at 7 DON and have the option to go for the 2-life finisher play but don't feel extremely confident in whether my opponent could counter it, I'll attach 5 to my Leader and use the other 2 on a chump blocker to whittle down their resources while keeping them at bay to the degree I can.

3 Jack (ST04), 1 Who's-Who (ST04)

These cards have helped the deck so much not just because of their effects, but also because they can function as small attackers in a deck that has a tendency to only swing with its Leader the first couple of turns. I was initially running a 2-2 split of these, but decided to switch a Who's-Who for a Jack because I felt the need for one more ramp card AND an extra 1K counter. It’s not a huge boost for the deck’s TOTAL counter power, but so many of the Counters that get played in Kaido are +2000 that overusing them (ESPECIALLY using 2 when you only need to add 3000) can be pretty painful in the long game. Who’s-Who’s biggest issue is that it has no counter, so even though I love the utility he gives, I had already gone from 4 to 2 and then to 0 copies, but since I tried upping him to 1, he’s helped out in some pretty tight spots, especially when I’m trying to close out the game.

4 Sasaki (OP01), 4 Ulti (ST04), 4 X Drake (OP01)

Purple has lots of 2K counter options, and they’re a big part of the defensive package that lets him stay alive until he can close out the game. I don’t run Page One in mono-Purple Kaido, so Ulti is only used as a counter, but Sasaki and X Drake sometimes hit the board if I don’t get a ramp card at the start of the game for the former, or if I need another attacker, want to rip a potential counter from my opponent’s hand, AND have enough defensive options already for the latter. If I wanted, I could run Orochi as well, but right now I feel like 12 2K’s is the magic number.

4 Queen (ST04), 2 Black Maria (OP01)

More blockers! Queen is one of the most essential cards in the deck since it gives you a +1 (or in those occasional games where you end up with multiple Onigashima, what ends up being a +2) in hand advantage, blocks small attacks easily, and can function as an attacker if you find yourself needing to go fully offensive. I’ll even play him down before King if both are an option sometimes since he’s such a proactive card. My previous build struggled a LOT against Zoro, and while he’s still my most difficult matchup, adding more Blockers in the form of the set 1 Black Maria helped (and the +1000 counter she has is a huge boon as I discussed when I talked about Jack). When I first looked at Japanese tournament results, Kaido looked to be the most promising deck to me, but not having the Uta from the Film Starter Deck brings him down a bit – Black Maria is a decent substitute, but she’ll be slotted out (along with a couple other cards) once we have ST05 at our disposal.

3 King (ST04), 2 Brachio Bomber (ST04), 1 King (OP01)

Now we’re getting into removal, which is what Kaido does best. The combination of these three cards let the deck handle a variety of boardstates. ST04 King is obviously a great card, and a turn 2 Onigashima or Jack lets you play him on turn 3 going first. I’ve played around with a full 4-count, but 3 feels like enough at the moment. My build between the video and this tournament ran 2 of the set 1 King and only 1 Bomber, but I changed these around when I decided I needed more options to get rid of higher-cost Characters. Brachio Bomber specifically is a card that I’ve grown to love more and more with each game I play, especially in the mirror – even though it doesn’t give me a body on board, the ability to KO 6-cost characters like Rush Luffy, Blocker Law, Vergo or even a Queen or King in the mirror match is a huge boon, and the ramp it gives isn’t too shabby either. Since Law jumped up in popularity after the tournament in question, I’ve gone back to the previous counts for OP01 King and Brachio Bomber, but could easily go back to the ratio in the heading.

3 Kaido (ST04), 3 Kaido (OP01)

The stars of the deck – these are the big bodies you want to make your final swing with. At the start of the format, some people expressed surprise at how many of these cards I run, but I think 3 of each is essential – and from the way the data looks, most winning decklists share this ratio. This feels like just the right amount to make sure that you have a big body to clear threats and build toward by the time you need it without seeing too many a significant amount of the time – and if you do have an extra that you won’t need, that makes the decision of what to bin off of Queen that much easier! The 10-cost is the reason that the Kid matchup is so highly favored, and the 9 cost has been the deciding factor that closed out multiple hard games against Doffy (after they cleared my 10 cost and built their board up again).

4 Blast Breath, 4 Onigashima

The only Counter Events I run are 4 copies of Blast Breath. With it only costing 1 (and Onigashima getting that DON back on the next turn), there's no reason not to play a full set. I used to run 2 Thunder Bagua, but I found that by the end of the game I wanted to put more DON toward my attacks and squeeze resources out of my opponent's hand, or in certain games, play a cheap Blocker that could absorb more than 4000 Power. I was a bit apprehensive about giving up its ramp effect, but the additional copies of Jack and Brachio Bomber have me feeling good about the decision. And Onigashima is Onigashima – obligatory 4 copies, not much to exposit upon here!

Overall, I'm still feeling very good about this list. There are a few other cards that have seen play like Babanuki and Fukurokuju that I haven't played around much with, but at this point I wouldn't want to play more top end and already like the options I have. Ulti-Mortar could be worth a try, but I'll only go that route if there's a shift in the way other decks are constructed that necessitates it. For a quick second I considered playing a Kyoshiro or two to help with draw and consistency, but I abandoned that idea pretty soon after considering it.


R1 vs Doflamingo – I was a little apprehensive going into this one because the tournament data I have for this matchup says it’s unfavored, but the game went all right. This player was running set 1 Jinbe, which I didn’t want to, but it didn’t set me back TOO far. Against Doffy I like to control the board until the mid-late game, and then focus on swinging at Life, even if they have their Mihawk or 7-cost Doffy out (as long as I have enough defense in hand to not lose), and that’s exactly how this game went. At the end they had at least two of their bigger Characters on board – one was the set 1 Crocodile, so the 1 cost Love Love Beams got a bit annoying, but my Kaido and King were able to stick, so they eventually ran out of steam.

R2 vs Kaido – This one was wacky – NEITHER of us saw our 10 costs the entire game. We did, however, both draw our 9-costs, so this game was a war of attrition as we defended against a LOT of big hits. Brachio Bomber and Who’s-Who came in extremely handy for this one – I was able to get rid of the Queen my opponent played on turn 3, and popping a Higurashi at the very end was what allowed me to close the game out. My opponent had a lot of DON open at the very end, but I looked at the number of 2k counters and events he had in the discard and after a long think, I figured that I had a DECENT chance to win that turn, but didn’t use my Leader effect – and it paid off!

R3 vs Kaido – This was the first game I’ve had that went to time (though it did end on turn zero). Both of us used a lot of defenses – my opponent’s Queen stuck to the board for multiple turns and refused to leave, and we both kept countering each other’s 9-cost Kaido swinging at each other. He also ran Babanuki and Fukurokuju, so his bodies had a little more power on average, but I knew that if I could draw my 10 cost before he closed the game out I’d be able to take it, and it was all I thought about for about 5 turns. At the very end, my opponent had SIX DON open, so I played two Blockers in case he wasn’t bluffing, put enough on my Leader to be able to use his effect after attacking and won! This one was a nail-biter.

R4 vs Kid – This is the matchup I’m always okay with seeing – the 7 cost Blocker can be frustrating, especially if the Kid player pairs it with a Paradise Waterfall, but as long as Kaido keeps the pressure and defense up, the 10 cost will come in to clear the board eventually. In this game however, the 9-cost was my bread and butter. My opponent was able to keep his 8-cost Kid on the board for a couple turns, but I was able to get multiple 9-costs on the field that he couldn’t clear, so I King’d his Blocker and swung into the Kid until he didn’t have enough counter to justify defending him, and cleaned up the game from there.

R5 vs Zoro – Strap in for this one. I knew that my final opponent would be playing Zoro as soon as round 4 ended, and I was anxious the whole time before the game started. Zoro is able to swing so wide so fast that Kaido can have a hard time keeping up in the early turns and runs the risk of falling too behind to come back, so this game in particular was STRESSFUL, especially since my opponent was playing the 2-cost vanillas that just swing for 5000 and make countering optimally harder – Jack and Black Maria came in VERY handy here. What helps me most against Zoro is paying very close attention to how much DON my opponent is using for each attack to gauge when the best time to counter will be, and timing my Blockers effectively. This is the one matchup where I don’t feel terrible about using a Black Maria or Higurashi to defend against a relatively small attack – it still doesn’t feel GOOD, but I’ll take it over waiting a turn and having Robin pop them, or having a Luffy render them useless. I prioritize board control over swinging at Life even more in this matchup than others since Zoro runs less counter than other decks, and as long as I can survive for enough time, a turn will come where their defenses are low and we can close it out. Once I get down to 2 Life, I become VERY wary of a Rush Luffy coming down and hitting me hard, so I try to save enough counter for that and make sure he has to keep using DON to re-establish his board. As I got my opponent down to zero Life (without the Leader effect), he had two cards in hand, and my Queen was still active. Part of me wanted to attack with Queen, but I had to be careful. He had two cards in hand, and if he had 2000 Counter, I wouldn’t be able close it out or use Queen to Block his Leader attack, which would be key to not losing the next turn. I looked through his discard to see how much counter he’d used and estimate how much he had in hand from that and the number of unknown cards he had left between his deck, hand, and Life, and 2000 Counter seemed likely, so I passed with Queen active. He tried attacking with the board he had, but in the biggest relief of my time playing OPCG, he extended his hand at the end of his turn. He showed me his hand, and it turned out to have less than 2000 Counter, but in hindsight I’m still glad that I kept Queen active instead of attacking since I didn’t know at the time.


All this resulted in my first win at a One Piece tournament! All of my opponents were so much fun to play against, and the shop along with its patrons gave a wonderful atmosphere to play in. If you made it to the end of this article, I’d like to thank you again for reading it!!! If you have any questions about what I’ve talked about here, feel free to reach out! I’ll put the links to my One Piece YouTube channel and Instagram below, along with the Twitch channel where I hope to find time to stream future gameplay – if you want to hear more of my thoughts as I continue testing for the Treasure Cup and beyond, be sure to check them out!

I hope that this article has been informative, whether you play Kaido or find yourself playing against him. I’m itching to get to a point where I feel comfortable playing other decks, but I have a feeling he’ll stay as my favorite deck of the OP01 format. Thanks again and have a great one!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5MlxPtaLa81RL43LrnP6ZQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sakura_kingdomop/

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kcodes16

[EN] Marcelo with RedGreen Law Control

Invited Author: Marcelo Patino
Country: Mexico


Hi everyone, I’m Marcelo Patiño from Monterrey, Mexico, I'm a YuGiOh player and now I’m trying OPCG because when I participate in the demo day it looked intersting for me this new type of game (and also that I like the anime hehe).

So I have been playing my last 2 tournaments Law control and had been working really good.

This is not my own build, this is the build that won one of the tournaments at Singapore, I wanted to try the build because I was searching in the Law deck something less aggressive that could control more as the kid Green deck.

So far maybe for me I will do some adjustments like 1 of them like cutting round table (maybe add another zoro/bege/brook 4 (the one who reduce life) / Luffy 5) and see if I can add the brook 4 or the last bege.


The matchups I have been playing this last 2 tournaments were:

Red Zoro
Blue & purple crocodile
Red Zoro
Green Kid

Purple Kaido
Blue Doflamingo
Red Luffy
Purple Kaido
Purple Kaido

All these matchups the deck won.

I think you should know how to play against each deck, for an example , against a Kaido you will look to see the Rush and really quick damage with 5k attacks. These matchup is difficult if you can’t make quick damage or get the Jet Pistols for removing the Queens. (And as everyone knows, it will become more difficult if the opponent open with Onigashima)

Against red Zoro/Luffy, you will have to protect yourself if you can until late game and see how can you avoid your opponent's pistols and Otamas. These matchups are really difficult if you can’t prevent for the fast damage that the red decks normally do. (Here is where the cost-1 Characters will shine like a diamond)

Against Green Kid you should try to keep your Pistols and Otamas for Hawkins and 8-cost Kid. I think this matchup is not that difficult if you found the way to save those cards.

Against blue Doflamingo you can play until you reach the 8-cost kid and know how to protect and not rushing in attacking. Also, I think the Doflamingo deck have a tough time against Kid 8.

Against the crocodile bio-color, I don’t really have a way to play since my opponent didn’t open with the Robins but maybe one advice could be is attacking with 7k to waste their events quickly .

The deck is really really fun and it is also a deck that makes you really think your plays what to put up (since maybe one wrong move you wouldn’t be able to have a come back in some cases), when to attack, when to defend, etc.

Perhaps this is one of the most difficult or interesting decks that I have played.

[JP-OP2] Alejandro: 1st Place PH 3rd Round Prelims with Kaido.

Invited Author: Abiel Austria Alejandro
Country: Philippines


Abiel Alejandro here and I'm from the Philippines.

Currently the Meta in the Philippines is so diverse. In December 2022, most people were using Zoro and Kinemon but due to the result of the 2nd Prelims tournament everything changed. Most Kinemon users started using KID LEADER after that tournament. 

I was contemplating on which deck to use for the 3rd Prelims. I'm choosing between Zoro,Kid,Kaido or WhiteBeard.

I didnt choose Zoro Leader because it just wasnt my playstyle even though its the tier 0 of the META. For WhiteBeard,I just dont like the stress of having 0 life and with 1 wrong move could end the game.
While Kid is one of the strongest LEADER in the game it is still one of the most grindy deck to use, so thinking it would be a 7-8 rounds tournament with a cutoff of top 16 it would surely drain you. I opted to use Kaido in the end because for me the only bad matchup for the Kaido is Zoro.

Check out this link for the decklist in One Piece Top Decks.

In the above image, there are only 4 copies of 10-cost Kaido. (I put 8 copies to take picture is just for fun)


Animal Kingdom pirates didn't get any love from OP02. But having an Impel Down engine surely helped the deck cope up with the rush meta right now. In any TCG, any card that helps you thin out your deck works great to increase the consistency of the deck. This is why Hannyabal is really good in the Kaido deck right now. Being able to search a Domino or Judgement of hell in crucial moments can make a great impact in any game.

The engine basically lets you set up a Kaido-10 play without getting too much damage in early games but still lets you  play a little bit more aggresive than the usual play style of Kaido.


Kid Matchup : In General Kaido has the upperhand against Kid deck just because of the clear board potential of Kaido-10.

What I try to do is push Kid to use his Kid-8 before casting Kaido-10 even if i have to cast a King-6/King-7 without any effect.

Being Able to summon a King-6/King-7 is really crucial because in turn 4 of Kid they will surely cast a Kid-7 which is really hard for Kaido to kill unless you have a Kaido-10 waiting in your hand. Having a beat down King in board can really push your opponent to cast his Kid-8. After Kid-8 just use Kaido-10 to clear the board. 

WhiteBeard Matchup: Going 2nd turn against WhiteBeard is crucial since WhiteBeard is super dependent with hand card size. Doing a turn 2 Onigashima with a 6000 attack Kaido leader is one of the best play against WhiteBeard in the early game. Whether he chose to counter the 6000 attack or take damage it would be in your favor. 

I always try to push to cast Queen and X.Drake. Queen because it is a 6000 attacker while X.Drake discards 1 card from the opponent. Since most of the time by mid game the WhiteBeard will have 0 life, having a 6000 Queen will surely have a great impact. It will force the WhiteBeard to always discard 1 card just to counter the attack.

One of the most crucial card in Kaido is also the Judgement of Hell.I only attack my Queen if im sure I can counter the attack with Judgement of hell or any 2k Counter.

Having a tapped Queen in field will surely tempt your opponent to over extend his Don management just to kill 1card. In a sense even though the Queen is tapped he is still acting as a blocker since WhiteBeard is forced to attack the queen.

Zoro Matchup: After practicing Kaido against Zoro for 1 week I was able to conclude if you are able to wipe out the board of Zoro in mid game you can surely win the game.

My main goal in keeping a hand card is either it has a Onigashima or a KING-7 (even without Onigashima).

Going 2nd turn  is still the best option in my opinion against Zoro. Being able to cast in your first turn a Domini/Hannyabal/Shiki/Kurozumi Higurashi could surely help you clear the board early. Having a King-7 in hand but no Onigashima is okay to keep cause for turn 3 since you have 6 Don you can use Judgement of hell to delay the Zoro for two attack and set up for a King-7 for your Turn 4.

Round 1 WhiteBeard-WIN

Round 2 WhiteBeard-WIN

Round 3 Zoro-WIN

Round 4 Ivankov-WIN

Round 5 Kaido-WIN

Round 6 Zoro-WIN

Round 7 WhiteBeard-WIN

Eighth-finals Kinemon-WIN

Quarterfinals Kid-WIN

Semifinals Zoro-WIN

Finals Zoro-WIN


Kaido is still a threat in the META right now and maybe even after the release of OP03.Kaido being the only deck who has access to both a board wipe card and Don Manipulation.

Hopefully we will get some more love to Animal Kingdom Pirates in OP03.


I would like to give thanks to Team Asiong and Team Arken for supporting me in the 3rd Preliminary Championship Tournament. All the restless grind and practice really paid off.

[EN] xraiden15: Tempo Doflamingo in OP01 Meta

Invited Author: xraiden15
Country: Germany


Hey everyone,

My name is xraiden15 aka Moe, I live in Germany and used to play TCG like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! in my youth. I haven’t played any TCG beside some Online ones for a while, after I heard Bandai is planning to release a new One Piece TCG I was hyped.

So now im here, played already a couple of Tournaments (Locals) and I wanted to introduce you my Blue Doffy Deck, which I used on my 2nd Tournament, which I also won (I shared first place with Eddy so shoutouts to him too).

Idea behind Doflamingo-Leader

So first we look at Doffy. So his effect which need 2xDons on him and also 1 extra Don lets us play a Seven Warlords of the Sea Character with a cost of 4 or less and we also will swing at the opponents Leader or Character with at least 7k which is pretty important too.

But of course, we need other cards to control our Deck draw, so we know for sure that we have a good 4 cost Warlord that gets played.

Perona is a very important card, which preferably should be on your Starting Hand and to play it on your very first turn.

The other MVP of this Deck is none other than Doflamingo himself, which combines Peronas ability + Blocker ability.

Now Talking about the Key-Cards for the Doffy Tempo Effect:

Bartholomew Kuma is one of the 4-Cost 5K Blocker that can most of the times bring you a free Pacifista On K.o and helps a lot against Kaido’s 10 Drop, so you have at least one Character still standing after a board wipe. Combine him with at least 2-3 Pacifista, I think 3 is a very good amount.

Boa Hancock draws you on Don x1 On Block/When attacking cards, very nice you always want card advantage in this game. 4 Cards per Deck is recommended

Gecko Moria revives basicly a 4-Cost or lower Seven Warlords or a Perona if you need one. Very versatile and being a 5k hitter also helps, he should be always at 4 Cards per Deck

Dracule Mihawk (4Cost) is also a nice target, if you cant find any other 7Warlord or you want to mill your current hand to find better cards. Other than that he will be used a lot as a 2k Counter which also can be brought back by Gecko Moria.

Marshall D. Teach, after a while playing with this Deck I am going to raise the numbers of Teach to 4, because he guaranties you almost every time a free swing on your 2nd Round (3Don or 4) because he tosses every low cost blocker card back to the owners Hand. He also helps you on the Kid Matchup, if 8Cost Kid drops with a Blocker. Other good targets for example to give back are Nico Robin, Okiko and Raizo.

Now to the big Drops:

Vergo I like him, because he is an early 5 Cost 7k Hitter that can pressure cards like Kid if you drop him early.

Crocodile he cannot be played as early but still if you get him out there, you can play your Events -1 Cost, which combos very nice with desert spada. Plus his swings to leader trashes a life card, which helps to control the match or pressure the opponent. Only playing 1 atm, because I feel like him being a 7 Cost is not always to play out.

Donquixote Doflamingo If you manage to target a 6 or 7 Cost Card with him and bring him on the field, you pretty much will swing for Tempo-Control.

Dracule Mihawk is an absolute Beast of a Card but also very hard to bring on the Field if the opponent is careful. You don’t want to Bottom Deck any small cards with him.


Kaido: Kaido Decks are mostly playing a Onigashima on their 2nd Turn (if they have been lucky enough to draw it) you want to focus on lots of early hits + bring out a Seven-Warlord with Doffy, that on your next Turn can also help you swing to Kaido. Its most of the time recommended to protect your 4-Cost Warlord with Counters so you can hit Kaido more. The faster you get him to 2 or 1 Life before he is able to play a potential 10-Cost Kaido the better. At this matchup you are also looking for the Kuma + Pacifista play, so even if your board gets wiped, you got at least a 6k hitter for next turn.

Kid: Kid is very interesting and also not that easy. If you got an careful Kid player, he most likely will never drop his 7-Cost King, since your Doflamingo or Mihawk can deal with him. The card you wanna look out is 8.Cost Kid. General this match will be really slow, because it’s a game of control and you don’t want him to keep his draw engines Momosuke or Bonny (Respect those cards). 

What really helps if for example you are the first player is to have a Perona and a Vergo on your Starting hand. Perona lets you hit at least one 7Warlord (Preferably a 5k) so you get a good early board presence. On your turn 3 (5Don) you want to play Vergo to apply pressure.

Okiku is a tough card in this matchup, try to clear her as soon as possible.

Law: Law is another tricky matchup, because he plays a lot of Onplay effects or Rush Zoro.

Those cards are not good targets to give back to the players hand, so most of the time your bounce cards like Teach or Doflamingo 7-Cost wont see a lot of play at this matchup. Since Law needs 5 Characters on the Field to activate his effect, you want to minimize his Field or you want to have early lots of 4-Cost or Vergo, to control the board. Be careful with Rush Luffy, since he can ignore Blockers, so have maybe a Love-Love Mellow on your sleeve. I didn’t have the chance to play a lot against Law player so Im still figuring things out.

Ruffy or Zoro: Those Decks are most of the time aggressive and try to rush you down. Also if Doffy swings with 7 and activate his effect to get a 7Warlord, it can happen that one of the Life Triggers can be a Jet Pistol, which most of the time will be played immediately on your 4-Cost 7 Warlord.

 Red Decks also have couple of 2k Counters, but in my experience they have also some “Dead” cards on hand, if you swing 7k at leader. I think key is just apply pressure with your 7 Warlords 4-Cost Card, bring out an early Vergo, keep your Key-Cards like Boa Hancock alive and you should be able to win against Red.

With that said, have fun on your matches, you always can swap some cards if your not confident with the amount, but stick with the Keycards for this deck.

[EN] Helcias Ribeiro: Zoro Rush in OP1 Romance Dawn Meta.

Invited Author: Helcias Ribeiro
Country: UK


Hello everyone, my name is Helcias Ribeiro and I am from the UK. I spent a majority of my teenage years playing Yu-Gi-Oh!. During covid I made the switch to Digimon, and recently I started playing the One Piece TCG. After reading through all the cards, I was instantly drawn to red as I love the Straw Hats and the Rush mechanic.

Why Zoro
Funnily enough, I first had the intentions of playing red Luffy. I liked the idea of having a good Kid match up and I liked the control aspect of Luffy while also having Rush. However, when the game first came out and I started playing Luffy, I came across many flaws that I did not like; this took me to trying Zoro. I instantly fell in love with the deck. Before playing it, I thought it was a very “helmet”, auto pilot deck. There are definitely some helmet aspects to the deck (it isn’t very hard to attach a Don to Zoro and start swinging), but the way you play it, and the choices you make, can have a big impact. I managed to win a couple of tournaments with this deck and it’s the deck I have played the most since the release of the game.

The decklist and key cards

The decks biggest strength is how fast it does damage. I play 11 cards that have Rush (Sanji, Zoro, Luffy), with 4 cards (Nami) that can also search any of them, so effectively 15 copies of Rush cards. This means that you should often see these Rush cards to help you push for damage. Zoro’s ability is beyond broken, you may not think that 1k makes a difference, but it allows 4k characters to hit a leader, it allows 6k characters to ask for 3k counter when attacking the leader, it quickly adds up. The decks biggest weaknesses are defence and the late game. The late game is difficult due to the lack of defence, so the two are connected. None of the Rush cards have counters, and I only play 4 blockers, so the gameplan is usually to win as fast as possible. I will explain below when this might change.
I will discuss card choices that may not be obvious individually, but first let me just highlight the “obvious” MVPs of the deck. Rush Luffy is insane, being unblockable is beyond broken. Your opponent can’t let you take them to 0 life, because one Rush Luffy ends the game. The same goes for Diable Jambe, I have won countless games where I took my opponent down to 0 life in one turn then the turn after I used Diable Jambe + 9 Dons to win. Robin is crazy against decks such as Law that require board presence. The 2 Cost 4k vanillas are amazing because for 2 cost you have a 5k attacker, and they can’t be naturally killed by Robin. Note that Sanji is technically a 2 Cost 4k card, so even if you can’t give him Rush, don’t be afraid to play him as you would a Vivi or Sai.

I will be honest, Yasopp hasn’t come up for me as much as I expected. The idea behind Yasopp is that you can play him on curve against green so that when they drop 8 Cost Kid you have a base 9k attacker (with Zoro) that you can use to get rid of Kid. That has yet to come up for me against the Kid match up, however a 9k attacker for a mere 6 Cost is always nice to have against any match up. The idea behind Law was originally for it to be 2 more copies of Otama (giving minus 2k on play) to pair with Jet Pistol and get rid of 8 Cost Kid. 

However, the more I played, the more I realised that this card has many more applications outside of being a second Otama. First of all, he has a body which is the big difference with Otama. It feels really bad playing an Otama because she is not really going to do anything for you aside from her On Play effect and you lose a 2k counter in hand. Law however will be a 6k body with Zoro so he starts to apply pressure from the following turn. Law also pairs really well with Robin. Unless deeply necessary, you don’t want to drop Otama so Robin kills something 5k or less, but dropping Law to aid Robin always feels good

Uta is INSANE. There is so much versatility with Uta. Do you need another 2k counter? Drop Uta. Do you need a Rush Zoro or Sanji? Drop Uta. Do you need a blocker? Drop Uta. Do you need to dig for something that is a Straw Hat with Nami? Drop Uta. You get the point. Uta recurs you most of the deck and you can grab anything you need depending on the scenario. Amazing. Oh, and with Zoro she is also a 5k body, so not only does she recur you something, she will also start swinging next turn.

In theory, this card is pretty nuts. He only costs 3 and with 2 Dons he becomes 7k, with Zoro he becomes 8k, so you see where this is going (hi 8 Cost Kid). On top of it all he is also a 2k counter. However, I have only ever dropped him once, he did put in work, but he was easily KO’d since he only has a 3k base which you are not going to protect realistically. So I mostly use him as a 2k counter. These 4 slots could be anything else, but I would stick to 2k counters to keep the ratio at 10. If I had to, I personally would cut him for 2 more Sanji 2k counters and 2 Brook 2k counters.

Most popular matchups

Kaido – From my experience of playing against Kaido, it is Zoro’s best matchup. Kaido takes a while to set up, whereas Zoro just goes in guns blazing. I wouldn’t really board control and just swing into life unless they have something annoying you want to get rid of. Use your Jet Pistols on Queen. Get a Robin out early to make their little blockers irrelevant. Save Luffy/Diable Jambe for the late game when they’ve put up blockers to save themselves. You’re laughing if they kill your stuff with Kaido/King since you just play down a Rush card again and swing anyway. I’ve won many Kaido games before even getting to 10 Don, that’s how much faster Zoro is. Mulligan for Rush cards.
Kid – This is possibly your hardest matchup. Make sure you save your Jet Pistols and Otamas/Laws for the 8 Cost Kid. As mentioned above, dropping Yasopp on curve is great too. Same principle as above, don’t worry if they board control you since you just play Rush cards again. Try to rush them as much as possible to waste their counters in hand for when they drop the 8 Cost Kid. Luffy/Diable Jambe are MVP as well vs the vast number of blockers they play. Mulligan for Jet Pistol and Otama/Law.
Law – Law is an interesting matchup; they only have 4 life so if you just rush them down then they struggle (this also applies to other dual colour leaders). They do however play a lot of 2k counters, and they have a lot of blockers, so it can sometimes feel 50/50. Law is also very good at board controlling, which as mentioned before is fine but gets annoying. You do have 1 card that is MVP against Law though, and that is Robin. If you play Robin early on curve and you have something like Chopper to protect her, you are pretty set. Rushing them down while killing their board will mean a quick victory for you. Mulligan for Robin.
Doflamingo – Surprisingly, this is actually a very tough matchup. Mingo can consistently drop blockers from hand and with its effect. You can’t aggro with loads of blockers. Don’t try to board control them because they can fill their board so quickly anyway. In this matchup I have found that it’s best to just go full aggro and swing life as much as possible. Use Luffy and Diable Jambe to finish the game. Use your Jet Pistols on Hancock or maybe Pacifistas. If they open Perona you’re in for a bad time, but it’s not unwinnable. Mulligan for Rush and/or
Jet Pistol.
The Mirror – This is where things get interesting. You could play the mirror by seeing who can outrush the other, but that is a bit of a gamble. As mentioned earlier, Zoro’s weakness is its lack of defence. So when playing the mirror, that will be their weakness too. So sure, you can just swing life all the time and just try to outrush them. But that is 50/50. Another approach you can take is board control. Just how you don’t have many counters in hand, they also won’t, so chances are that if you swing into their board they won’t counter. Zoro can’t aggro if they don’t have a board. Now this sounds contradictory to what I was saying earlier for other match ups (oh it’s fine if they board control you since you have Rush), however I have really found that in the mirror if you just focus on having a better board presence than your opponent and don’t worry about swinging life until the late game, you will often win. Mulligan for Robin and Chopper.


If you are still reading, thank you for your patience, I know I wrote a lot. I hope you have found this informative whether you are thinking of playing Zoro or simply wanting to find out how to counter it. The deck is strong, it puts a lot of pressure early game but struggles late game. The deck is easy to be good with but hard to be great with. There will be a lot of tricks here and there that you will learn as you play (such as when to board control or the order of playing certain cards) and you will realise Zoro’s true potential (and that it’s not straight helmet as you may think). I highly recommend this deck; I would be very surprised if I didn’t take Zoro to the Treasure Cups. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

[EN] Wusel: Red Green Law with Yamato (OP1)

Invited Author: Wusel
Country: Germany


As a Yamato fan and lover I wanted to create my own version of the Law Red/Green hybrid deck. I thought that Yamato is kinda underrated due to her 5 cost and 5000 Power but the "Double Attack" "Banish" brings in so much spice! She perfectly fits in with Law`s Leader ability so you can get her out a lot cheaper and you can get Characters like Nami with her search "On Play" back to hand.

When you play Yamato your enemy is kinda forced to play at least 1 blocker, if they do can just rest it by using Neko or Izo "On Play" effects. If there is any blocker with higher cost or power you got Jet Pistol and Otama to remove them so that Yamato is free to go all in! I love the deck cause i can play the character i like the most and it also works in a competetive way.


Kaido Matchup: Since Kaido Decks are tempted to play Onigashima to gain Don!! cards faster you can focus on attacking to pressure your opponent’s gameplan by the risk of early damage to their life. Use cards like Zoro or Robin to be able to kill Sasaki if they choose to play him to generate Don!! cards even faster. I prioritize getting Law into play very quick to use Law and Zoro to bounce my opponent’s characters The opponent might be forced to play King which will result in a tempo loss for them but the biggest concern in the late game is the 10 Cost Kaido card who can K.O. the whole board except for himself. To secure your win keep at least one 5 cost Luffy or Jet Pistol in hand to not get blocked by Queen or other blockers for the final attack.

Zoro Matchup: The Zoro matchup is the most comfortable matchup for the Deck because they tend to use a lot of cards to generate pressure but also run out of cards quick. You must clear the board to control the game which makes it nearly impossible for you to lose since they will run out of cards fast. The efficiency of playing blocker in my Law hybrid deck makes it easy to stay in the game and the Law Leader/Character ability further enables to play cards cheaper.

Kid matchup: The Kid matchup is very tough because they can slow down the game and ultimately will overwhelm you with high-cost blocker cards and the 8 cost Kid which sets him as the only attack target if rested with a Don!! card attached. If you are lucky enough to generate early pressure with Zoro and Law or surprise them with Yamato as they might not expect her to be played in your Deck, there is a good chance you will lose the game. One of the key cards in this matchup is the 5 cost Luffy, he can disable the ability to block him by attaching two Don!! cards which makes him the perfect finisher against Kid’s army of blocker cards and might do the crucial damage to your opponent’s life that will help you to win the game.

Played vs Kaido, Zorro, Zorro and Kid. I lost in the game with Kid

A Straight-Forward Ivankov Impel Down Deck.


In OP2 meta, the only blue deck that can stay noteworthy in this meta is Ivankov Impel Down deck. It is rather a straightforward but fun deck to play. Here is my version of Impel down, and I prefer to go first if possible.

The main combo

The main combo of the deck is, of course, play 7-cost Ivankov then got Luffy summoning for free.

Why do I want to go first turn?
I guess going first or second is quite important for the game strategy, especially in the current Zero-rush meta. If I go first, I will play 1-cost Buggy to search for an Impel Down card then in the turn-2 I would use 3 DON!! attached to this character to attack the Leader for Life. Opponent's can choose to counter or let it go through, I usually will rush in turn-2 for 2 attacks (Buggy and Ivankov Leader) when opponent don't have many cards in hand or no powerful characters on board.
The Ivankov can be played in my turn-4, with Luffy summoned for free hopefully we can have a little control on the game's situation. Luffy can return 1 opponent's character with 4 cost or less to its owner's hand, we can use it to return blocker or any character with potential threat. Getting "double attack" from this character for the next turn would make opponent move to their defensive strategy, 7000 power for both Ivankov and Luffy are totally save and cost less power to protect them. I included 4 copies of the 0-cost event card Gum Gum Rain to protect Luffy mostly. 
In my turn-5, if the opponent played the 5-cost Law blocker then I will play 7-cost Doflamingo to return it to hands to allow Luffy's attack to go through. Law blocker is used a lots in both green/red Zoro or mono green Oden decks. 
Even though Ivankov "On Play" effect can draw up to 3 cards, but I rarely got the card I want with that little draw power, so I will always keep 1 copy of Luffy and Ivan in my hand if I draw them early. Else I have to play 3-cost blocker Doflamingo or 1-cost Perona to search or sort the cards I want to draw next.
So I consider my best first 5-card draw would be: 1-cost Buggy, Doflamingo blocker or Perona, Ivankov and Luffy, the last is 7-cost Doflamingo. 
Ivankov leader is the element that (I think) makes the deck fun to play. 
Originally I used the event card New Kama Land instead of Gum Gum Rain, but then I noticed the feeling of trashing too many cards is bad because you don't know what you will draw next when we trigger Ivankov Leader effect. 
But when Luffy is played, as long as he stays on board, you will tend to trash 2 cards to trigger his effect, so Ivan's effect becomes very useful after turn-4. 

Impel down blockers

There are 2 Impel Down blockers, Galdino and Inazuma. People normally likes to use Inazuma but I always prefer Galdino. Simply because I can use Galdino to attack then I make him active again at the end of the turn (by trashing 1 card from hand).

Galdino and Ivankov leader have the "End of Your Turn" effect which is same timing. There is the time when I have no card to trash to trigger Galdino effect, then I will use the Ivankov's effect to draw 2 cards then trash 1 to set Galdino active. 

[EN] Giancarlo Abreu: The OP1 Red Green Luffy Deck.

Invited Author: Giancarlo Abreu
Country: Puerto Rico


My name is Giancarlo Abreu, and I’m from Puerto Rico. I started playing the One Piece TCG because I am a MASSIVE One Piece fan, and I have a knack for games (of any kind), so naturally this was a match made in heaven. I chose to play the dual colored Luffy deck, despite it not being meta, for no reason other than I absolutely love the art in the alternate art version of the card. Luffy’s outfit in the raid on Onigashima is my favorite outfit he’s worn in the series! So I figured out a way to make my deck work based on the leader and able to stand against the current meta, and I continue to make small tweaks as I discover new things during my match ups.

Playing this Deck

So this deck is primarily a board wipe with some flexibility to it in case you either get a bad match up or you just don’t draw what you want. The main stars of the deck are actually Robin and Brook, despite Zoro, Law, and Kid being there. Robin pops cards with 3000 power or less when attacking, and Brook lowers -2000 from two characters when attacking. You combine this with the leader Luffy’s skill and you have an incredibly powerful combo.

To give an example: Suppose your opponent has two rush Zoro’s on the field. You can attack to leader with Brook and lower both of them to 3000 power. Then attack leader with Robin and pop one, restand Robin with leader skill, and attack leader again and pop the other one. Or if your opponent has a 7000 power character, you can attack leader with Brook and bring it to 5000, restand Brook, attack with Brook to leader again bring it to 3000, and then attack with Robin to leader and pop it.

So not only does the deck board wipe, but it does so while attacking the leader specifically and it adds a lot of pressure to the opponent. You can also lower cards powers with Round Table or Otama. In fact, when rush Kaido comes into play, all you do is play round table, attack with Robin to leader, and he’s gone.

When playing off against a control deck, setting up your combo might be difficult, which is when you’re gonna want to change your strategy over to focusing on Zoro, Law, and Kid. The deck runs x11 2k counters, and x9 blockers, so the deck gives that Kid a significant staying power.

Purple Kaido will be your hardest match up with this deck. The best strategy is to focus on bringing 1 or two cards on the field most of the time, and spamming your leader skill to attack 3-4 times on a turn. And once the 10 coast board wipe Kaido comes in, you’re going to want to use Round Table followed by Jet Pistol, so that you can get rid of it immediately since he does not attack and remains active after coming in, therefore you can’t just target him with a big attack.

Acoi: Black Smocker Deck Review

Invited Author: Acoi
Country: Brunei


My name is Acoi and I am from Brunei Darussalam, the main agenda for this article is about my Black Smoker Deck from the newly released OP02 booster box.

Since the One Piece card game is kind of a new card game, I'm still learning many ways and tactics on how to play the game. I had doubts on using black deck way before the booster came out, because I kept on thinking that the deck would be slow and since they have a lot of high cost characters.

Since there are delays on the booster box we had to wait for it to arrive in Brunei for a while. So it came on the 25th of November on Friday.

Deck Building

So for every One Piece Deck, I usually put in at least 10 event cards in this case, to reduce opponent's character costs and removal. My main goal for this deck is always to remove opponents' boards and try to control their tempo. I use 8 event cards from the Black starter deck because those events are crucial in making the deck work, especially the large eruption card. I think of it as a draw engine and an easy way to reduce the opponent's character cost. Also, I put in 4 of the Impact Wave event cards as a defensive event. I put in 4 copies mainly because of the good guarding effect and also the trigger effect which lets you destroy a cost 4 character that can be clutch against rush decks. I also play 2 copies of the Meteor Volcano event for removals.

For the big costs, I play 4 copies of 10 cost Kuzans for late game board wiping and heavy attacks. So playing 3 copies of him was a risky move because I have to endure the game until late game to play him, and since he is a 10 cost, I cant play anything else or boost up dons to my attackers it means I have no choice but to give my opponent a turn to build up their board. I played 4 copies of Kuzan cost 4 mainly for the draw engine. Also, 4 copies of Sakazuki for removal. For blockers, I play 14 blockers in my deck for defense. I don't wanna play 4 Borsalinos because it can be countered against green or blue decks so I think playing 3 copies is a fair amount. I also play 3 copies of the Hina blocker mainly to stop my opponents from rushing me especially the meta right now is the Zoro 1 cost deck. The rest of the blockers are the 2 cost ones. Not to forget, 4 copies of Koby from the booster. I also play 1 of the stage card for the starter deck.

In this deck, I play 11 characters that have 2000 shield which are 4 copies of Monkey D Garp, 3 copies of Vine and 4 copies of Tashigi. I usually keep them in my hand for guarding but whenever I had the chance to play the 2 cost Garp, I would play him especially when I go second because to avoid wasting Don!!.


So here are my tournament results on 2nd November 2022 (BO1):

1st Game – Purple Kaido

2nd Game – Black Smoker (Mirror Match)

3rd Game – Green Oden

4th Game – Purple Kaido

I won't talk about all my games that night but I'll share some of the highlights.

I would say the 2nd game and 4th game were the toughest for me. The mirror match had me thinking a lot because my opponent Terry had a better build up than me, I remember that game he put out 3 of the Borsalinos on the field and managed to keep them alive for some times. So I had a rough time facing him mainly because of the blockers and I had to endure the game and kept pushing until I could play Kuzan 10 cost and swarm my board with attackers.

The last game was against Dane, one of the Purple Kaido users in Brunei. I had a rough time against Purple decks because of the 9 cost Rush Kaido. It has Rush and a 10k attacker. I had a hard time trying to KO him because of its big cost but luckily I managed to pump my Leader with 8 dons and won the game. 


To summarize this article, I am still learning how to play the game with the other players since One Piece Card Game is still new. There are a lot of things that I still need to learn in order to improve my playstyle. I also want to take this opportunity to thank my friends that are always around to help, especially the One Piece Card Game Community and a special shoutout to Gamer’s Tavern Brunei for bringing in OPCG products for us locals to play and enjoy the game.

Moving forward, my wish is for us to go global with this game. I also want to try to participate in tournaments outside of Brunei to showcase our talents and potential, hoping to achieve outstanding results along with my friends in the future.

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