Andres Sempere: 1st Place Deck Limited Battle with blue Crocodile.


Hi, my name is Andres Sempere. I’m the winner of the DLB tournament of 29 October.

I win with Crocodile deck; I choose Blue because I feel is the most solid deck. Only have one bad matchup, but blue can win against Kaido. The event was Bo3 at 1h time limit, 8 of 9 rounds I win 2-0 and the time doesn’t affect me, but one round I win for life in the third game. I thinks is difficult to play bo3 in a swiss tournament make the tournament so long, I start to play and 10:00 and finish at 23:00 11h of tournament.

This is my list that I play in the tournament:

Click into the image to view deck in declklist

matchups and strategy

My list, I decided to play 2 pad cannon. I think is not a bad card in this format. You can play against 3 cost vainilla or similar of the opponent or you can play in your 1 cost Law blocker. I decided to only play 3 sables because I think is not that good to play 4 copies, in the only matchup that this card is so good is against Kid

In the tournament, I play 2 times against green, 2 times against purple, 5 times against blue.

Green: Is a very good matchup with Blue, Doflamingo is so strong against Kid, and the pressure of Sentomaru and Pacifistas is incredible.

Purple: The worst matchup but I think is 40-60% for blue. Against purple you want to start first and play sentomaru in turn 2. Kaido can play who is who, but this play would make Kaido play more slower and the next turn he can´t play King one of the best cards of his deck. Vs Kaido you want to make pressure and play a lot of characters like weevil jimbe etc…

Mirror Match: The key of the mirror matchup is Doflamingo. If your rival play Doflamingo to return your doflamingo you must play again Doflamingo to return his Doffy. Against blue you must be patient and manage your resources well.

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