[ST-11] Uta FILM deck (7Oct23)
ST12 Zoro and Sanji Stater Deck
[ST-13] 3 Brothers


Aug, 2023 | Japan Asia

New Flagship Battle Prize Cards!

Winner: OP1 Kaido new art.

Top-8: ST7 Bigmom new art.

Jul 1, 2023 | Japan Asia

The Flagship battle help from July 2023 onward, Shanks with new alternative art (Secret Rare in OP1) with serial number (0~1600).

OP2 Koby new art is for top-8.

Mar 12 2023 | Japan Asia

One Piece Card Game 2023 Area Championship Qualifier

  • Top 32: Sakazuki (final tournament)
  • Top 16: Borsalino (1st Preliminary)
  • Top 8: Kuzan (1st Preliminary)
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